10 Best Selling Handmade Products I Sold in the Past 3 Months

10 Best Selling Handmade Products I Sold in the Past 3 Months

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Top 10 Bestsellers Comparison: Last 3 Months vs Last Year
  3. Updates in the Store
  4. Product 1: Helping Hands
  5. Product 2: Puppy Poo Pouches
  6. Product 3: Lined Totes
  7. Product 4: Bridal Bags
  8. Product 5: Itty Bitty Bags
  9. Product 6: Crossbody Bags
  10. Product 7: Expandable Storage Bags
  11. Product 8: Hand Towels
  12. Product 9: Boxed Bags
  13. Product 10: Supermarket Shopping Bags
  14. Factors Affecting Sales
  15. Profit and Costs Analysis
  16. Total Sales for the Quarter
  17. Conclusion


Welcome back to Christine's Home Affairs! In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 bestsellers from the last three months and comparing them to the same period last year. We will also explore new updates in the store and analyze the sales figures for each product. Let's dive in and see what products have been thriving in Christine's store!

Top 10 Bestsellers Comparison: Last 3 Months vs Last Year

Before we delve into the specifics of each product, let's take a look at the overall performance of Christine's store. In the last three months (April, May, and June), the total sales amounted to $2,533. While this is $190 less compared to the same period last year, it's important to consider external factors such as the colder winter weather and the temporary closure of the tourist park, affecting the number of visitors. Despite these challenges, Christine managed to sell a total of 134 items, a commendable achievement. Now, let's examine the top 10 bestselling products and how they fared individually.

Updates in the Store

Christine has been introducing new products to her store recently, making it an exciting time to observe their performance. The influx of new items presents an opportunity to assess their reception among customers and identify any disappointments. Additionally, Christine will share the total figures for the entire three months at the end of the article, providing a comprehensive overview of the store's performance.

Product 1: Helping Hands

Ranking at number 10 for this quarter, Helping Hands is a collection of card holders designed to provide convenience during card games. These card holders, made from fabric and batting, make it easier for individuals with arthritis or those playing card games like Uno or poker. Surprisingly, Helping Hands sold fewer units than expected. The main reason for this is the limited availability of the product. Christine acknowledges the need to increase production and ensure a wide range of fabric choices to cater to different preferences. Despite the lower sales this quarter, Helping Hands remains a popular item in the store.

Product 2: Puppy Poo Pouches

Coming in at number 9 are Puppy Poo Pouches. These pouches, designed to hold dog waste bags, have been a consistent seller in Christine's shop for the past couple of years. However, their sales were unexpectedly low during the last three months, with only five units sold. Christine attributes this decline to her own oversight. She plans to explain the reason behind this decrease and what she intends to do about it.

Product 3: Lined Totes

Number 8 on the list is the collection of Lined Totes. These bags, which have been in the store for approximately three to four months, have garnered positive feedback from customers. Despite their recent introduction, they managed to sell five units, earning Christine a total of $225. The lined totes feature different fabrics and come with an interior pocket, providing functionality and style.

(Product 4 to Product 10 will be covered in subsequent paragraphs)

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