10 Best Products to Sell on Etsy in 2022 and Make Money with Digital Downloads

10 Best Products to Sell on Etsy in 2022 and Make Money with Digital Downloads

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What are digital downloads and how do they work on Etsy?
  3. The benefits of selling digital products on Etsy
  4. Choosing the right digital product niche
  5. Top 10 best digital products to sell on Etsy in 2022
    • 5.1. Mock-up photos
    • 5.2. Labels for businesses
    • 5.3. Thank you cards and business cards
    • 5.4. Branding kits
    • 5.5. Printable cards
    • 5.6. Resume templates
    • 5.7. Pantry and organization labels
    • 5.8. Airbnb welcome guides and kits
    • 5.9. Photography prints
    • 5.10. SVG cut files
  6. How to create and list digital products on Etsy
  7. Marketing and promoting your digital products on Etsy
  8. Tips for success in selling digital products on Etsy
  9. Common challenges and how to overcome them
  10. Conclusion


Top 10 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2022

Are you looking to start an online business selling digital products? Etsy is a great platform to showcase and sell your digital downloads to a wide audience. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best digital products that you can sell on Etsy in 2022. From mock-up photos to SVG cut files, we will cover a range of popular and profitable options for your online store.

1. Mock-up Photos

Mock-up photos are perfect for print-on-demand businesses and online entrepreneurs. These photos feature blank items, such as mugs or t-shirts, against a themed background. Customers can purchase these photos and add their own designs or logos to create unique products for their businesses. With the growing popularity of print-on-demand, selling mock-up photos can provide a steady stream of income.

2. Labels for Businesses

Labels play a crucial role in branding and product packaging. From cosmetic jar labels to candle labels, businesses are constantly in need of custom labels. Many entrepreneurs prefer to create their own labels rather than paying high prices at print shops. By offering label templates that can be easily edited and personalized, you can cater to this demand and establish yourself as a go-to seller for business labels.

3. Thank You Cards and Business Cards

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong brand presence is vital. Thank you cards and business cards are essential marketing tools that businesses can use to leave a lasting impression on their customers. Designing and selling these cards on Etsy allows business owners to save time and money while still offering a professional touch to their packaging.

4. Branding Kits

A well-designed branding kit can make a significant difference in creating a cohesive and memorable brand. Whether it's a social media branding kit or an Etsy brand kit, businesses are always looking for ways to enhance their brand image. As a talented designer, you can create branding kits that include banners, logos, highlights, and other essential elements, helping businesses establish a strong and consistent brand identity.

5. Printable Cards

Printable cards are versatile digital products that have year-round demand. Whether it's a get well soon card, a thank you card, or a birthday card, people are always looking for unique and personalized cards for various occasions. By offering printable card templates, you provide an easy and cost-effective solution for individuals who prefer to print their own cards or send digital greetings.

6. Resume Templates

In a competitive job market, having a standout resume is crucial. Many individuals struggle with creating an impressive resume that captures their skills and experiences effectively. By offering professionally designed resume templates, you can help job seekers make a strong first impression. With the right marketing strategies, selling resume templates on Etsy can be a profitable venture.

7. Pantry and Organization Labels

With the rise of home organization trends, pantry and organization labels have become highly sought after. People are looking for aesthetically pleasing labels to organize their kitchen, spices, and household items. If you have a knack for aesthetics and design, creating attractive and functional labels can be a lucrative niche on Etsy.

8. Airbnb Welcome Guides and Kits

As the travel industry continues to recover, more people are opening their Airbnb properties. Creating Airbnb welcome guides or kits can be an excellent opportunity to tap into this market. These guides provide guests with essential information about their stay, local recommendations, and contact details. Customizing and selling pre-made welcome guides or editable templates on Etsy can cater to the needs of Airbnb hosts.

9. Photography Prints

If you are a talented photographer, selling high-quality digital prints can be a lucrative venture. From beach scenes to nature landscapes, people are always looking to adorn their homes with beautiful art. You can sell your photography prints as digital downloads, allowing customers to print and frame the images according to their preferences.

10. SVG Cut Files

Crafting and DIY projects are more popular than ever. SVG cut files are designs that can be used with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette. Customers can purchase your SVG files and use them to create personalized crafts, decals, or other projects. Whether it's a 3D card or a vinyl design, SVG cut files offer endless possibilities for creativity.

Selling digital products on Etsy can be a rewarding business venture. It allows you to create passive income streams while leveraging your creative skills. Remember to conduct thorough market research, optimize your product listings, and market your products effectively. With dedication and strategic planning, you can build a successful online business on Etsy.

Pros of Selling Digital Products on Etsy:

  • No inventory or shipping required
  • Passive income potential
  • Global customer reach
  • Minimal startup costs
  • Flexibility in product creation and customization

Cons of Selling Digital Products on Etsy:

  • Competitive marketplace
  • Intellectual property concerns
  • Need to continuously create and update products
  • Potential for copyright infringement


In conclusion, selling digital products on Etsy is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creativity and earn passive income. The top 10 best digital products mentioned in this article offer a range of options for different skill sets and interests. Consider your strengths and the market demand when choosing the right product to sell. With the right strategies, consistent effort, and a focus on customer satisfaction, you can build a successful online business on Etsy.


  • Mock-up photos and SVG cut files are ideal for print-on-demand businesses.
  • Labels for businesses, thank you cards, and business cards are always in demand.
  • Printable cards for various occasions provide a cost-effective solution.
  • Branding kits help businesses establish a strong and consistent brand presence.
  • Pantry and organization labels cater to the rising trend of home organization.
  • Airbnb welcome guides and photography prints offer niche opportunities.
  • Resume templates provide job seekers with professionally designed resumes.
  • Crafters and DIY enthusiasts appreciate the versatility of SVG cut files.


Q: Can I use Canva templates to create and sell digital products on Etsy? A: While Canva can be a great resource for inspiration and designing, it's important to note that most Canva templates cannot be directly downloaded and sold on Etsy as they may infringe copyright. However, you can use Canva graphics and elements to create your own unique designs.

Q: What are some marketing strategies to promote digital products on Etsy? A: Some effective marketing strategies for promoting digital products on Etsy include optimizing product listings with relevant keywords, utilizing social media platforms, creating eye-catching product mockups, offering discounts or bundles, collaborating with influencers or bloggers, and actively engaging with your target audience through comments and messages.

Q: How can I protect my digital products from being illegally shared? A: To protect your digital products, you can consider watermarking your files, using encrypted files or PDFs, setting limits on the number of downloads, or implementing secure delivery methods through platforms like Etsy or third-party services.

Q: Do I need to have professional photography equipment to sell photography prints on Etsy? A: While professional photography equipment can enhance the quality of your prints, it is not a requirement to start selling photography prints on Etsy. High-resolution images captured with a good quality camera or smartphone can also produce excellent results. Focus on capturing captivating compositions and subjects that resonate with your target audience.

Q: What are some common challenges when selling digital products on Etsy? A: Common challenges when selling digital products on Etsy include standing out in a competitive marketplace, addressing customer support inquiries, maintaining a consistent flow of new products, and navigating intellectual property concerns. Ensuring the uniqueness and quality of your products, providing excellent customer service, and staying up to date with Etsy's policies can help overcome these challenges.

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