Unique Finds from Etsy: Wax Seals, Seam Binding, and More!

Unique Finds from Etsy: Wax Seals, Seam Binding, and More!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Wax Seal Stamp Ring
  3. Embellishment Buttons
  4. Trims and Embellishments from Shabby Horse Cafe
  5. Embossed Doilies
  6. Lace and Trims from Shabby Horse Cafe
  7. Book Haul
  8. Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die
  9. Ink Sprays
  10. Conclusion



Welcome back, crafty cuties! In this haul, I am excited to share with you the variety of items I have recently purchased. My mind has been overflowing with creative ideas, which has translated into a shopping spree. But don't worry, this means more projects and inspiration coming your way!

Wax Seal Stamp Ring

Let's start with my absolute favorite find - the wax seal stamp ring. This unique piece instantly caught my attention. It is handcrafted and beautifully designed with a three-dimensional mushroom impression. Compared to regular wax seals, the depth and detail on this ring stamp are truly remarkable. I can't wait to showcase it in an upcoming video. If you're a fan of wax seals like me, I highly recommend checking out this Etsy shop. You can use the coupon code "crafty cuties" to get a 10% discount on your purchase. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Embellishment Buttons

I stumbled upon these adorable little buttons that double as shaker charms. They are perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to any project. I was pleased with the quick delivery and quality of these embellishment buttons from the Etsy shop called "Embellishment Buttons." These charming buttons will definitely find their way into one of my future creations.

Trims and Embellishments from Shabby Horse Cafe

Looking for some unique trims and embellishments? Look no further than the Etsy shop called "Shabby Horse Cafe." I came across a fantastic deal on crinkled theme bindings - already dyed and ready to use. For just $1.75, I received six yards of high-quality trims. The variety of colors and options available in this shop makes it a must-visit for any crafting enthusiast.

In addition to the crinkled theme bindings, I also picked up two lovely trims that I have used in previous projects. These trims add a touch of elegance and charm to any craft. The shabby horse cafe also offers a wide selection of embossed doilies, which are perfect for collage projects and junk journals. I found the intricate designs and delicate appearance of these doilies captivating.

Lace and Trims from Shabby Horse Cafe

Among the various trims and laces available at the Shabby Horse Cafe, I chose a dainty lace that caught my eye. Its delicate design and intricate details make it a versatile and delightful addition to any crafting project. If you're looking for unique trims and laces, I highly recommend exploring this Etsy shop.

Book Haul

In addition to my crafting supplies, I recently indulged in a book haul. While it may not directly relate to crafting, books often serve as a great source of inspiration and ideas. Stay tuned for the upcoming video where I showcase and discuss the books I purchased.

Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die

One of my favorite crafting essentials is die-cuts, especially those featuring wildflower designs. To give myself more creative freedom and customization options, I decided to invest in the Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die. With this die, I can cut out my own wildflowers in various colors and materials. It's a fantastic addition to my die-cutting collection.

Ink Sprays

I recently acquired a set of ink sprays, which I have already showcased in a separate video. If you're interested in learning more about using ink sprays in your projects, make sure to check out that video for helpful tips and techniques.


Thank you for joining me in this haul adventure. I hope you enjoyed seeing the wonderful goodies I've collected. Stay tuned for upcoming projects featuring these items and more. Happy crafting, and until next time, happy creating!


  • Discover unique and handcrafted wax seal stamp rings with intricate three-dimensional impressions.
  • Explore a collection of adorable embellishment buttons that double as shaker charms for adding cuteness to any project.
  • Find a treasure trove of trims and embellishments at the Shabby Horse Cafe.
  • Get inspired by embossed doilies for collage projects and junk journals.
  • Delight in the elegance of dainty lace and versatile trims from the Shabby Horse Cafe.
  • Dive into a book haul for added creativity and inspiration.
  • Customize your crafts with the Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die for stunning die-cut wildflowers.
  • Learn about incorporating ink sprays into your projects for unique effects.


Q: What is the coupon code for the wax seal stamp ring?

A: The coupon code for the wax seal stamp ring is "crafty cuties," offering a 10% discount on your purchase.

Q: Where can I find the embellishment buttons?

A: The embellishment buttons can be found on the Etsy shop "Embellishment Buttons."

Q: Are the trims and embellishments from Shabby Horse Cafe affordable?

A: Yes, the trims and embellishments from Shabby Horse Cafe are not only beautiful but also reasonably priced.

Q: Can I use the embossed doilies in my junk journal?

A: Absolutely! The embossed doilies from Shabby Horse Cafe are perfect for incorporating into your junk journal and collage projects.

Q: How can I use the Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die?

A: The Tim Holtz Wildflowers Die allows you to cut out your own wildflowers in various colors and materials, adding a personalized touch to your crafts.

Q: Where can I learn more about using ink sprays in my projects?

A: You can find a separate video showcasing and discussing the use of ink sprays in your projects.

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