Maximize Sales with Strategic Shop Links

Maximize Sales with Strategic Shop Links

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding and Copying Your Shop Link
  3. Adding Links between Listings
  4. Adding Links to Sections
  5. Using Search to Generate Links
  6. Using Links in Descriptions and Social Media
  7. Using Link Shorteners
  8. Conclusion



In this article, we will explore different ways to find links in your shop and incorporate them in various ways to improve navigation for your customers. By strategically placing links, you can help customers discover additional products in your shop, increase engagement, and potentially boost sales.

Finding and Copying Your Shop Link

To get started, you need to locate and copy your shop link. On most platforms, including Etsy, you can find your shop link at the top of your shop's homepage. Copy the URL, but make sure to exclude any tracking codes or additional elements beyond the name of your shop. This link can be shared with others to direct them straight to your shop.

Adding Links between Listings

If you want to connect one listing to another within your shop, you can do so by adding a link. Simply locate the listing you want to link from and click on it. Look for the listing number in the URL. You can either copy the entire URL or just the listing number and use it to create the link. By placing this link in the description of another listing, you can encourage customers to explore related products in your shop.

Adding Links to Sections

Each section in your shop has its own unique ID. You can find this ID by clicking on the section you want to link to. Copy the entire URL, including the section ID, and use it to direct customers to that specific section. This can be useful if you have a collection of items that you want to highlight or if you want to guide customers to a particular category within your shop.

Using Search to Generate Links

You can use the search feature within your shop to generate links for specific items or keywords. For example, if you have a variety of figurines in your shop, you can search for "figurine" to pull up all the listings that contain that keyword. Copy the URL from the search results page and share it with customers who are interested in that particular category or product. This method allows you to create dynamic links that display items based on specific search criteria.

Using Links in Descriptions and Social Media

Once you have obtained the relevant links, you can incorporate them in your listing descriptions or share them on social media platforms. By including a link to a specific section or a curated search result, you can guide customers to relevant products and encourage further exploration of your shop. Create compelling calls-to-action to entice customers to click on the links and discover more.

Using Link Shorteners

If you find that your links are too long or cumbersome, you can use link shortening services like Bitly. Simply sign up for an account on Bitly and paste your long URL into the link shortener tool. This will generate a shorter and more user-friendly link that you can easily share. Although link shortening is optional, it can be beneficial for platforms with character limitations or for aesthetic purposes.


By utilizing various types of links within your shop, you can enhance the browsing experience for your customers and increase the chances of generating more sales. Experiment with different strategies, such as linking between listings, highlighting specific sections, and utilizing search results, to create a cohesive and engaging shopping journey. Remember to track the performance of your links and make adjustments as needed to optimize their effectiveness. Happy linking!


  • Easily find and copy your shop link
  • Link between listings to promote related products
  • Direct customers to specific sections within your shop
  • Generate dynamic links based on search results
  • Incorporate links in descriptions and social media
  • Shorten long URLs using link shorteners
  • Enhance the browsing experience for customers
  • Increase the chances of generating more sales


Q: Can I use live clickable links on Etsy? A: Etsy only allows live clickable links within the app, while on desktop, the links are not clickable unless they redirect to another Etsy listing or shop.

Q: How can I link one listing to another within my shop? A: To link between listings, you can copy the listing number from the URL and include it in the description of the desired listing. This allows customers to easily navigate between related products.

Q: Can I direct customers to specific sections within my shop? A: Yes, each section in your shop has a unique ID. By including the section ID in a link, you can guide customers directly to that section, highlighting specific categories or collections.

Q: How can I use search results to generate links? A: You can conduct a search within your own shop using keywords or specific criteria. Copy the URL of the search results and share it with customers to display all relevant items matching the search query.

Q: Should I use link shorteners for my shop links? A: Using a link shortening service like Bitly can make your links shorter and more visually appealing. While it's not necessary, it can be useful for platforms with character limitations or for a cleaner aesthetic.

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