Unboxing Small Business Packages: Discover Unique Finds

Unboxing Small Business Packages: Discover Unique Finds

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing from The Joyful Co
  3. Unboxing from Anna Sophia Calligraphy
  4. Unboxing from Mackenzie
  5. Unboxing from Sofimo
  6. Unboxing from Designed by Ayla
  7. Unboxing from Third Moon Kiss
  8. Unboxing from Bee Creative Co
  9. Unboxing from Clementine and Clove Co
  10. Unboxing from Gold Stranger
  11. Unboxing from Ame Candle Co
  12. Unboxing from Bella Elf Spirit
  13. Unboxing from Simply Designed by Tracy
  14. Unboxing from Love Brand Co
  15. Unboxing from Vinay Craft
  16. Unboxing from The Artistic Giraffe Co
  17. Unboxing from Maddie Green Designs
  18. Unboxing from Upper

Unboxing Small Business Packages: A Journey of Unique Finds

Introduction: In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the experience of unboxing packages from various small businesses. Each package contains a range of products, from stickers to jewelry, that showcase the creativity and passion of these entrepreneurs. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the contents of each package and discover the hidden gems within.

1. Unboxing from The Joyful Co

Our first package is from The Joyful Co, a small business that spreads joy through their adorable stickers and notepads. Inside the package, we find a variety of super cute stickers that can be used to decorate notebooks, laptops, and more. The attention to detail and quality of these stickers is impressive. Alongside the stickers, we find a delightful notepad that features sections for daily gratitudes, self-care commitments, and more. The pages are of excellent quality, and we can't wait to start using this functional and charming notepad.


  • High-quality stickers and notepad
  • Thoughtfully designed pages for various purposes

2. Unboxing from Anna Sophia Calligraphy

Our next package comes from Anna Sophia Calligraphy, a small business owner specializing in beautiful calligraphy. Inside, we are greeted with a stunning keychain featuring Anna's intricate calligraphy. The attention to detail is remarkable, and it adds a touch of elegance to any set of keys. Anna also includes a lovely thank you card with a print on the back that can easily be displayed. Additionally, Anna has included a collection of stickers, each showcasing her unique calligraphy style.


  • Beautiful calligraphy on the keychain
  • Thoughtful thank you card with a print
  • Variety of stickers to add a personal touch to any item

3. Unboxing from Mackenzie

Our third package is from Mackenzie, who has curated a selection of items that perfectly align with the current trend of brown and neutral color palettes. Inside this super cute package, we find a keychain and a charm that can be added to a rearview mirror, adding a touch of style to any car. Additionally, Mackenzie has included a beaded garland, perfect for taking product photos or adding a boho touch to any space. To complete the package, Mackenzie adds a printed scrunchie to her collection.


  • On-trend brown and neutral color palette
  • Unique keychain and charm for car accessories
  • Versatile beaded garland for photography or decor

4. Unboxing from Sofimo

Next up, we have a package from Sofimo, a small online boutique based in Puerto Rico. Sofimo has included a light sage sweater with velvet bell sleeves, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Additionally, we find a collection of colorful earrings and necklaces with gold chain accents. The combination of unique designs and vibrant colors makes these accessories stand out.


  • Unique sweater with velvet bell sleeves
  • Colorful earrings and necklaces for a bold statement

5. Unboxing from Designed by Ayla

Our fifth package comes from Designed by Ayla, a small business owner known for her beautiful stickers. Inside her package, we find a lovely card featuring her handcrafted stickers, each showcasing a different small business. The "be beautiful" sticker and the floral sticker are particularly charming. The "good days" sticker serves as a reminder to cherish the positive moments in life.


  • Handcrafted stickers featuring small businesses
  • Inspirational "be beautiful" sticker and floral sticker

6. Unboxing from Third Moon Kiss

Our next package is from Third Moon Kiss, a small business focusing on mental health awareness. The stickers provided by Third Moon Kiss are not only cute but also spread a message of positivity and self-care. The embroidered sweatshirt, featuring empowering words, serves as a reminder to prioritize mental health. The combination of mental health awareness and unique designs make this unboxing experience truly special.


  • Mental health awareness stickers
  • Empowering embroidered sweatshirt

7. Unboxing from Bee Creative Co

Bee Creative Co is the next small business we unbox. Inside the package, we find a super cute note and a handmade necklace with beautifully colored beads. The contrast between the black and white colors in the earring set adds a unique touch, and the gold accents enhance the overall design.


  • Handmade necklace with vibrant beads
  • Unique black and white earring set with gold detail

8. Unboxing from Clementine and Clove Co

Our eighth package comes from Clementine and Clove Co, whose packaging stands out with its cute floral stems and logo stamp. Inside this adorable packaging, we find earrings in various designs. The color of the cacti earrings and the jade marble effect on the hoop earrings make them particularly eye-catching. The daisy earrings are a perfect addition to any spring outfit.


  • Cute floral packaging with logo stamp
  • Eye-catching cacti and hoop earrings
  • Trendy daisy earrings for a fresh look

9. Unboxing from Gold Stranger

Next, we have a package from Gold Stranger. The packaging itself is detailed and charming, showcasing the brand's personality. Inside, we find a collection of jewelry pieces, including a gold pendant with an eye, a crystal dainty bracelet, a dainty diamond pendant, and a chunky gold necklace. The attention to detail in these pieces makes them perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.


  • Detailed and charming packaging
  • Variety of jewelry pieces for different styles

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