Unbelievable Gems Found at Live Garage Sale - $150 Belt Buckle??

Unbelievable Gems Found at Live Garage Sale - $150 Belt Buckle??

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Garage Sale Haul
    1. Starbucks Mug
    2. Magnifying Extension Mirror
    3. Cast Iron Napkin Holder and Paper Towel Holder
    4. Remote-Controlled Boats
    5. Stranger Things Dress
    6. Miniature Canvases and Easels
    7. Deadpool Bikini
    8. Vintage Tackle Box
    9. Silver Plate Jewelry Box
    10. Nostalgic Impressions Calligraphy Set
    11. Doctor Peepers Sunglasses
    12. Vintage Fishing Lures
    13. Art Nouveau Belt Buckle
    14. Vintage DVDs
    15. Fujifilm Camera
    16. Carhartt Jacket
    17. Miscellaneous Items

Garage Sale Haul

Garage sale season is in full swing and in today's video, we have a garage sale haul to share with you. We visited multiple garage sales in search of hidden treasures and unique finds at affordable prices. From vintage items to modern accessories, we came across a variety of items that caught our attention. Join us as we discuss each piece and its potential resale value.

  1. Starbucks Mug: One of our first finds was a Starbucks mug, priced at just a quarter. After researching its value, we discovered that similar mugs have sold for up to $20 on eBay. This made it a profitable purchase that we could potentially resell for a significant profit.

  2. Magnifying Extension Mirror: Another interesting item we stumbled upon was a vintage magnifying extension mirror. Although it was missing the mirror itself, it had potential as a collectible piece. Similar mirrors have been listed on Etsy for around $30, making it a possible item for resale or use in craft projects.

  3. Cast Iron Napkin Holder and Paper Towel Holder: A set of cast iron napkin and paper towel holders caught our eye due to their rustic charm. Although we initially considered keeping them, research revealed that similar items have sold for $15 to $28 on various online platforms. This encouraged us to list them for potential resale.

  4. Remote-Controlled Boats: We came across a set of four remote-controlled boats for only $20. These boats offer entertainment and enjoyment for both children and adults. While we plan to enjoy them ourselves, we discovered that similar boats have sold for prices ranging from $10 to $40, which indicates their potential resale value.

  5. Stranger Things Dress: Our haul had a touch of nostalgia with a Stranger Things costume dress. The dress, designed for children, presented an opportunity for reselling, especially with the release of the new Stranger Things season. Similar dresses have fetched prices ranging from $25 to $50 online.

  6. Miniature Canvases and Easels: As craft enthusiasts, we couldn't resist purchasing a set of miniature canvases and easels. These mini art supplies could be used for various creative projects. Research revealed that selling these canvases individually or as a set could fetch around $16 to $30, making them a potential item for resale.

  7. Deadpool Bikini: A unique find was a Deadpool-themed bikini, which was a bonus inclusion with our purchase of remote-controlled boats. With the continued popularity of the Deadpool franchise, this quirky item could be listed for resale at a competitive price.

  8. Vintage Tackle Box: One of our favorite finds was a vintage and rusted tackle box. While it may not be in perfect condition, similar vintage tackle boxes have sold for prices ranging from $12 to $30. This underscores the potential value and appeal of such items to collectors and fishing enthusiasts.

  9. Silver Plate Jewelry Box: We acquired a charming little silver plate jewelry box that caught our attention with its intricate design. While it may not be worth a substantial amount, similar vintage silver plate jewelry boxes have sold for prices ranging from $12 to $30, making it a potential item for resale or gifting.

  10. Nostalgic Impressions Calligraphy Set: A Nostalgic Impressions calligraphy set caught our eye at a garage sale, sparking our interest in the art of calligraphy. While we primarily purchased it for personal use, similar calligraphy sets have sold for prices ranging from $20 to $40, indicating its potential resale value.

  11. Doctor Peepers Sunglasses: We discovered a pair of Doctor Peepers sunglasses, known for their unique and quirky designs. These vintage-style sunglasses have achieved prices of $22 on eBay, making them an appealing item for potential resale.

  12. Vintage Fishing Lures: A collection of vintage fishing lures was an exciting find for our fellow fishing enthusiast. While these lures can vary in value depending on their condition and rarity, similar vintage fishing lures have sold for prices ranging from $10 to $50. This makes them a potentially profitable item for resale.

  13. Art Nouveau Belt Buckle: An intriguing find was an Art Nouveau-style belt buckle with a unique locking mechanism. We discovered that similar vintage belt buckles have sold for prices ranging from $25 to $125, depending on the design and materials used.

  14. Vintage DVDs: We also stumbled upon some old DVDs, including "Ghost in the Shell" and "Venture Brothers." While these may not have substantial resale value, they are affordable and entertaining additions to our DVD collection.

  15. Fujifilm Camera: In the free box, we found a Fujifilm camera, which could serve as a fun toy or collection item. Although we haven't researched its value, vintage cameras often have resale value or can be repurposed for crafts and display.

  16. Carhartt Jacket: A Carhartt jacket caught our attention due to its quality and brand reputation. These jackets command decent resale prices, with similar ones selling for up to $40. We plan to either keep it for personal use or sell it if it no longer suits our needs.

  17. Miscellaneous Items: Our garage sale haul also included miscellaneous items such as a bracelet, a blue enamel badge, a vintage Waterman inkwell, and an antique wood and brass box. While we haven't researched their specific values, similar items have historical and collectible appeal, indicating their potential for resale.

In conclusion, our garage sale haul provided us with a diverse range of items, from vintage treasures to modern curiosities. We explored the potential resale values of each piece and identified potential buyers with an interest in their respective niches. Whether for personal use or resale, each item holds a unique charm and possibility. Garage sales truly offer a wealth of opportunities for both buyers and sellers.


  • Starbucks mug and vintage tackle box offer potential for profitable resale.
  • Unique cast iron napkin and paper towel holders can be sold or used for home decor.
  • Remote-controlled boats provide entertainment for both children and adults.
  • Stranger Things dress presents a nostalgia-driven resale opportunity.
  • Miniature canvases and easels are ideal for craft projects or resale.
  • Quirky Deadpool bikini is a trendy item for potential resale.
  • Vintage fishing lures hold value for collectors and fishing enthusiasts.
  • Art Nouveau belt buckle showcases unique design and potential resale value.
  • Carhartt jacket offers both functionality and resale potential.
  • Miscellaneous items provide additional resale possibilities in diverse niches.


Q: How much can I sell the Starbucks mug for? A: Similar mugs have sold for prices ranging from $10 to $20, making it a potentially profitable item for resale.

Q: What is the potential resale value of the remote-controlled boats? A: Depending on the model and condition, similar boats have sold for prices ranging from $10 to $40, indicating their value in the resale market.

Q: Are vintage fishing lures worth reselling? A: Vintage fishing lures can hold value for collectors and fishing enthusiasts, with prices varying depending on their condition and rarity. They have been known to sell for prices ranging from $10 to $50.

Q: What is the potential resale value of the vintage Art Nouveau belt buckle? A: Similar vintage belt buckles have sold for prices ranging from $25 to $125, depending on their design and materials used.

Q: Is the Carhartt jacket suitable for resale? A: Yes, Carhartt jackets are known for their quality and brand reputation, making them appealing to potential buyers. Similar jackets have sold for prices up to $40, highlighting their resale potential.

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