Top Holiday Trends for 2022

Top Holiday Trends for 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Holiday Trends for 2022
    1. Festive Entertaining
    2. Modernized Color Palette
    3. Retro Kitchen
    4. Nature Themes
    5. Refined Rustic Tablescapes
    6. Versatile Decor
  3. Style Trends
    1. Bold Colors
    2. Glitz and Glam
    3. Matching Family Sets
  4. Gift Trends
    1. Small Home Decor Items
    2. Wellness or Care Kits
    3. DIY Kits
    4. Personalized or Customized Items
  5. Bonus Tips for Success
    1. Consider Recipient's Interests
    2. Target Different Price Points
  6. Conclusion

15 Top Holiday Trends for 2022

The holiday season is here, and if you have a product-based business, it's crucial to stay ahead of the trends to maximize your sales. With more shoppers purchasing online, it's essential to offer products that are trending in terms of category and style. In this article, we will explore 15 of the top holiday trends for 2022 to help you create products that will make your Q4 and holiday season a huge success.

Festive Entertaining

One of the prominent trends for the holiday season is festive entertaining. Buyers who will be hosting and entertaining guests in their homes are looking for items that add a festive touch to their gatherings. Consider offering serving utensils, cookware, and table settings that are specifically designed for the holiday season. Adding a modern twist to traditional holiday color palettes, such as incorporating bright cheerful tones and deep jewel tones like magenta and emerald green, can make your products stand out and appeal to buyers.

Modernized Color Palette

When it comes to holiday colors, there is a shift towards a modernized version of the traditional color palette. While traditional red and green are always popular, consider incorporating modern colors like magenta and emerald green to give your products a contemporary touch. Pairing these colors with unique shades like berry or navy blue can add depth and appeal to your designs.

Retro Kitchen

Vintage and retro kitchen items are making a comeback in popularity. Think about incorporating retro dinner plates, fun cookie jars, and vintage coffee makers into your product offerings. Even if you don't sell actual vintage items, you can still incorporate retro and vintage props into your photo staging to create a unique and nostalgic vibe.

Nature Themes

Bringing nature into the home is a growing trend in home decor. Incorporate elements like dried flowers, botanical pieces, woodland themes, branches, and holiday-inspired animals like bears, moose, and deer into your products. Nature-themed products have seen a significant increase in searches on Etsy, indicating their popularity among buyers.

Refined Rustic Tablescapes

Continuing with the rustic theme, refined rustic tablescapes are gaining popularity this holiday season. Natural earthy tones, such as branches, fruit, and greenery, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, consider offering home decor pieces that can be used beyond the holiday season, ensuring that your products remain relevant throughout the year.

Versatile Decor

Versatile decor is a trend that appeals to buyers looking for home decor items that can be used beyond the holiday season. Offering items like candle holders, vases, and accent pillows that can transition from holiday decor to everyday use will attract buyers who value long-term versatility. Warm earthy shades and themes like mushrooms, stars, greenery, and dried foliage are particularly popular and can add a touch of coziness to any space.

Bold Colors

When it comes to style, bold colors are in demand. Consider incorporating warm jewel tones like magenta and emerald green into your designs. Pairing these bold colors with unique shades like berry or navy blue can create a captivating and visually stunning look.

Glitz and Glam

For those looking to add a touch of glamour to their holiday season, glitz and glam are the way to go. Shimmery fabrics and sequins are popular choices for adding sparkle and sophistication to holiday attire. Incorporating these elements into your designs can attract buyers who want to make a statement during the festive season.

Matching Family Sets

Matching family sets have always been a holiday staple, and they continue to be popular. Consider creating coordinating and matching sets for family members, including pets. Whether it's cozy pajamas or stylish outfits, offering options that allow families to celebrate together with coordinated attire can be a hit among holiday shoppers.

Small Home Decor Items

Small home decor items make great gifts, and they are always popular on Etsy. Think about offering wall art, candles, ornaments, engraved cutting boards, and ceramic mugs that can add a touch of charm and personality to any home. Modernize your offerings by incorporating unique design elements or trendy motifs to make them stand out.

Wellness or Care Kits

Wellness and care kits have gained popularity as people prioritize self-care and relaxation. These kits can include items like bar soap, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and even gratitude journals. Offering a combination of traditional spa basket items and unique self-care products can cater to buyers seeking thoughtful and relaxing gifts.

DIY Kits

DIY kits are a hit among shoppers who enjoy hands-on activities. Consider offering kits for creating ornaments, woodworking, candle making, or any other craft that can be enjoyed at home. The appeal of DIY kits lies in the opportunity for buyers to bond with their loved ones while creating something meaningful and unique.

Personalized or Customized Items

Personalized and customized items remain a top trend on Etsy. Buyers love finding unique and tailored gifts for their loved ones. Consider offering customization options such as name initials, quotes, special dates, monograms, or preferred text styles. Whether it's art prints, kitchen items, or home decor, adding a personal touch can make your products extra special and appealing.

Consider Recipient's Interests

When optimizing your product listings for SEO, consider the recipient's interests. Shoppers often browse Etsy with specific interests in mind, searching for gifts that cater to their loved ones' hobbies or preferences. Incorporate relevant keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions to ensure your products appear in relevant searches. For example, if you offer a coffee-related product, use keywords like "coffee lover gift" to attract shoppers looking for gifts for coffee enthusiasts.

Target Different Price Points

It's essential to consider different price points when pricing your products. Etsy offers price filters, and buyers often use them to find products within their budget. Ensure your products fall within popular price ranges such as under $30, under $50, under $100, and over $100. Adjust your prices accordingly to ensure your products show up in the desired price range and attract buyers with varying budgets.

In conclusion, staying updated on the latest holiday trends can give your product-based business a significant boost during the Q4 season. Incorporating festive entertaining elements, modernized color palettes, retro vibes, nature themes, and refined rustic tablescapes can attract buyers looking for unique and on-trend items. Furthermore, offering bold colors, glitz and glam, matching family sets, small home decor items, wellness or care kits, DIY kits, and personalized or customized items can cater to a wide range of gift buyers. Remember to consider the recipient's interests and target different price points to make your products more appealing to shoppers. By implementing these trends and strategies, you can make your holiday season a roaring success.


  • Festive entertaining and modernized color palettes are trending in holiday decor.
  • Retro vibes and nature themes are popular choices for adding nostalgia and a touch of nature to products.
  • Refined rustic tablescapes and versatile decor attract buyers who value long-term use and natural elements.
  • Bold colors and glitz and glam offer options for those seeking a stylish and eye-catching holiday look.
  • Matching family sets, small home decor items, and personalized/customized gifts remain perennial favorites.
  • DIY kits and wellness/care kits provide unique and memorable experiences for gift recipients.
  • Considering the recipient's interests and targeting different price points can attract a wide range of holiday shoppers.


Q: How can I incorporate the holiday trends into my digital products? A: For digital products, you can incorporate holiday themes, color palettes, and graphics into your designs. Consider creating holiday-themed digital art, wallpapers, or customizable templates that reflect the current trends.

Q: Are there any specific keywords I should use to target holiday shoppers? A: To optimize your listings for holiday shoppers, use keywords that reflect the recipient's interests or the nature of the product. For example, "coffee lover gift" or "Christmas home decor."

Q: Can I offer customization on my physical products? A: Yes, offering customization can be an excellent way to attract buyers looking for unique and personalized gifts. Consider options like name initials, quotes, special dates, or preferred text styles that can be added to your products.

Q: How can I make my products appeal to buyers with different budgets? A: By targeting different price points, you can cater to buyers with varying budgets. Consider adjusting your prices to fall within popular price ranges such as under $30, under $50, under $100, and over $100.

Q: How can I ensure my products show up in relevant searches? A: When optimizing your product listings, use relevant keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions. Be specific about the features, benefits, and themes of your products to attract shoppers searching for those specific terms.

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