Discover the Best-Selling Products on Etsy and Boost Your Shop

Discover the Best-Selling Products on Etsy and Boost Your Shop

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Best-Selling Products on Etsy
    1. Seeds and Plants
    2. Stationery
    3. Scent Supplies
    4. Baking Supplies
    5. Hair Accessories
    6. Patterns: Crochet and Knitting
    7. Embroidery
    8. Crystals
    9. Masks
    10. Weddings and Occasions
    11. Stickers
    12. Personalized Gifts
    13. Digital Clipper and Presets
    14. Fabric Supplies
    15. Jewelry
    16. Jewelry Supplies
  3. Key Observations from the Top 100 Etsy Sellers
    1. The Success of Shops Selling Supplies
    2. The Importance of Trendy and In-Demand Products
    3. Utilizing Social Media and Other Marketing Platforms
  4. Conclusion

Best-Selling Products on Etsy: Insights from the Top 100 Sellers

Etsy, the renowned online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, has become a hub for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their unique products. If you've ever wondered what the best-selling products on Etsy are and how these top sellers achieve their success, then you're in the right place. In this article, we will dive into the world of Etsy's top 100 sellers, explore the popular categories, and uncover valuable insights that can help you boost your own Etsy shop.


As a content writer and Etsy enthusiast, I have researched and analyzed the top 100 Etsy shops in terms of total number of sales to bring you a comprehensive overview of the best-selling products on Etsy. By breaking down the sales data by category, we can identify the trends and understand the factors that contribute to the success of these top sellers.

Best-Selling Products on Etsy

  1. Seeds and Plants: One shop in the top 100 specializes in selling seeds and plants. This category caters to gardening enthusiasts and offers a variety of plants and seeds for customers to grow at home.

  2. Stationery: Another shop focuses on stationery products. From notebooks and planners to pens and stickers, this category appeals to individuals who appreciate the art of handwritten communication.

  3. Scent Supplies: A niche market within the soap and candle-making industry, this shop provides scent supplies. These products allow customers to create their own unique scents for handmade products.

  4. Baking Supplies: Baking enthusiasts can find all the necessary supplies in this category. From cake molds and cookie cutters to baking tools and accessories, these shops cater to the needs of home bakers.

  5. Hair Accessories: In this category, two shops stand out for selling a wide range of hair accessories. From hair clips and headbands to hair ties and bows, these products offer style and functionality.

  6. Patterns: Crochet and Knitting: Creative crafters who enjoy crochet and knitting projects can find a variety of patterns in this category. These shops offer step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful handmade items.

  7. Embroidery: Embroidery enthusiasts can explore the offerings of three shops specializing in embroidery supplies. From embroidery threads and needles to embroidery hoop sets, these shops cater to the needs of embroidery artists.

  8. Crystals: One of the top 100 Etsy sellers focuses on selling crystals. These natural gemstones are highly sought after by individuals interested in spirituality, healing, and decorative pieces.

  9. Masks: Although some shops in this category have diversified their offerings, masks remain a popular product. With the recent pandemic, the demand for stylish and protective face masks has skyrocketed.

  10. Weddings and Occasions: This category includes four shops that specialize in products for weddings and special occasions. From wedding favors and decorations to party supplies and invitations, these shops offer everything to make celebrations memorable.

Key Observations from the Top 100 Etsy Sellers

  1. The Success of Shops Selling Supplies: One observation that stands out is the presence of shops selling supplies among the top 100 Etsy sellers. Shops offering supplies have a natural advantage due to the large number of items buyers purchase in a single order. By encouraging customers to buy more and providing personalized and niche products, these shops are able to generate significant sales.

  2. The Importance of Trendy and In-Demand Products: Several top Etsy sellers have achieved their success by capitalizing on trendy and in-demand products. By staying updated with the latest trends and creating products that align with customer preferences, these sellers attract a large customer base and experience high sales volumes.

  3. Utilizing Social Media and Other Marketing Platforms: A majority of the top 100 Etsy sellers integrate social media accounts, email lists, and other marketing platforms into their business strategies. By actively promoting their products and engaging with their target audience, these sellers are able to drive traffic to their Etsy shops and secure more sales.


Understanding the best-selling products on Etsy and gaining insights from the top 100 sellers can provide valuable guidance for your own Etsy shop. By identifying popular categories, leveraging trends, and utilizing effective marketing strategies, you can improve your chances of achieving success on Etsy. Remember, creating a thriving Etsy business requires active effort and continuous adaptation to meet the evolving needs of your target audience. As you embark on your Etsy journey, take inspiration from these top sellers and let your unique creativity shine through.

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