The Epic Battle: KingCobraJFS Etsy Wars 2 and the Death of Teespring

The Epic Battle: KingCobraJFS Etsy Wars 2 and the Death of Teespring

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Temporary suspension of Etsy account
  3. Addressing a customer dispute
  4. The importance of providing the correct address for orders
  5. Refund request and financial implications
  6. Dealing with hate mail on Etsy
  7. Challenges of running a business on Etsy
  8. Expanding merchandise options
  9. Reinstating the Etsy account
  10. Exploring alternative platforms for selling merchandise
  11. Dealing with trolls and their impact on business
  12. Conclusion

Temporary Suspension of Etsy Account and Dealing with a Customer Dispute

In the world of online businesses, challenges can arise unexpectedly. One such challenge faced by many sellers on platforms like Etsy is the temporary suspension of their accounts due to customer disputes. This is often a result of issues related to orders, such as lost shipments or incorrect addresses. In this article, we will delve into the story of a seller who faced a temporary suspension on Etsy and explore the steps taken to address the customer dispute.


Running a business on Etsy can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Being able to share one's creations with a wide audience and connect with customers who appreciate their work is incredibly rewarding. However, it's not always smooth sailing. In some cases, sellers may encounter challenges that could potentially disrupt their business operations. This is exactly what happened to one seller who recently faced a temporary suspension of their Etsy account.

Temporary Suspension of Etsy Account

The seller, who had been successfully selling handmade wands on Etsy, was shocked to discover that their account had been temporarily suspended. The reason behind this suspension was a customer dispute regarding a pair of wands that were ordered but allegedly never received. The seller, a passionate wand-maker, was determined to address the issue promptly and get their Etsy account back up and running.

Addressing a Customer Dispute

Upon learning about the customer's claim, the seller immediately reached out to them, expressing sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and offering a solution. The seller acknowledged the possibility of a mistake in the address and requested the customer to provide their correct address. They reassured the customer that they would resend the order with a tracking number to ensure its safe delivery. The seller also emphasized the new requirement by Etsy to include a tracking number with every order.

The Importance of Providing the Correct Address for Orders

When it comes to successfully delivering orders, providing the correct address is crucial. The seller, in their response to the customer, highlighted the importance of accurate address information. They explained that shipments can be lost or delayed if the provided address is incorrect or incomplete. To ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process, they urged customers to always double-check and provide the right address.

Refund Request and Financial Implications

While the seller was willing to resend the order, they also acknowledged the customer's request for a refund. However, providing a full refund of $251.46 was financially challenging for the seller at that moment. They expressed their willingness to refund the amount once the customer provided the correct address and assured them that the refund would be made as soon as the funds became available.

Dealing with Hate Mail on Etsy

Running a business on Etsy can sometimes attract attention from trolls and individuals who engage in negative and malicious behaviors. The seller admitted to receiving hate mail on their Etsy store but didn't let it discourage them. They recognized these attempts as futile and attributed them to jealousy and the sad reality of running their own business.

Challenges of Running a Business on Etsy

While there are numerous perks to selling on Etsy, there are also challenges inherent to the platform. The seller expressed their love for selling on Etsy and the pride they took in their handmade wands. However, they acknowledged the frustrations that can arise from issues such as temporary account suspensions, customer disputes, and trolls. Despite these challenges, the seller remained determined to continue their craft and provide quality products to their customers.

Expanding Merchandise Options

In an effort to diversify their merchandise and appeal to a broader audience, the seller expressed their plans to list a praying mantis staff for sale. However, due to the high shipping costs associated with staffs, they considered pricing it at $666. They acknowledged the financial implications of the refund request on their account but remained committed to their craft and business.

Reinstating the Etsy Account

The seller expressed their regret for not receiving the wands in time and apologized to the customer for the delay. They asserted their willingness to resend the order and made it clear that they took pride in their craft and genuinely wanted their customers to be satisfied. The seller went on to inform their followers that they had contacted Etsy to resolve the suspension issue and were working towards reinstating their account.

Exploring Alternative Platforms for Selling Merchandise

While waiting for Etsy to reinstate their account, the seller started exploring alternative platforms for selling their merchandise. They announced the availability of their new merch on the "King Cobras Thing" Teespring store. The new merchandise included various designs, such as the Green Phantom Halloween costume and other unique shirts. The seller also incentivized purchases by offering customers a chance to win a free wand and receive a personal shout-out in a video.

Dealing with Trolls and Their Impact on Business

Throughout the saga of the temporary account suspension and merchandise availability challenges, trolls remained a persistent nuisance. The seller revealed that their trolls had not only reported their teespring and Etsy stores but also attempted to copy and steal their content. However, the seller remained steadfast and unbothered, recognizing the futile efforts of trolls to disrupt their business and acknowledging the support of their loyal fans.


Running a business, even in the online realm, is not without its challenges. Temporary account suspensions, customer disputes, and trolls can all pose obstacles to the success of an entrepreneur. However, it is crucial to address these challenges head-on, maintain a positive attitude, and explore alternative solutions. The seller in our story demonstrated resilience and determination, showing their commitment to their craft and the satisfaction of their customers. Despite the setbacks faced, they remained focused on finding solutions and pushing forward, ensuring the continuation of their business operations.


  • Temporary suspension of an Etsy account due to a customer dispute
  • Importance of providing the correct address for orders to avoid issues with delivery
  • Financial challenges and the seller's commitment to resolving the dispute and refunding the customer
  • Dealing with hate mail and trolls while running a business on Etsy
  • Challenges and frustrations of being a seller on Etsy
  • Expanding merchandise options and exploring alternative platforms
  • Efforts to reinstate the Etsy account and the exploration of other online selling avenues


Q: Can I cancel a refund request on Etsy? A: Yes, you can cancel a refund request on Etsy by contacting the seller and communicating your intention to withdraw the request. However, whether the seller agrees to cancel the refund is at their discretion.

Q: What should I do if an Etsy seller doesn't provide a tracking number for my order? A: If an Etsy seller fails to provide a tracking number for your order, you can reach out to them directly and request the tracking information. If they still don't provide it, you can consider opening a case with Etsy's customer support to escalate the issue.

Q: How can I protect my Etsy store from trolls and hate mail? A: To protect your Etsy store from trolls and hate mail, it's important to establish clear store policies and guidelines. Additionally, you can monitor and moderate your store's comments and messages, blocking or reporting any abusive or inappropriate behavior. Engaging with a loyal customer base and focusing on positive interactions can also help counteract the negative impact of trolls.

Q: Is it common for Etsy accounts to be temporarily suspended? A: Temporary suspensions of Etsy accounts can occur due to various reasons, including customer disputes, policy violations, or concerns about the legitimacy of the store. While this is not a common occurrence for all sellers, it can happen, and resolving the issue promptly is essential to reinstate the account.

Q: What other selling platforms can I explore if my Etsy account is temporarily suspended? A: If your Etsy account is temporarily suspended, you can consider exploring alternative selling platforms such as Bonfire, Teespring, or even setting up your own independent online store. It's important to research and compare these platforms to ensure they align with your business goals and requirements.

Q: How can I handle financial challenges resulting from refund requests on Etsy? A: Financial challenges arising from refund requests on Etsy can be managed by assessing your available funds and determining the feasibility of providing a full refund. In certain cases, communicating with the customer and offering a partial refund or a refund plan can help mitigate the immediate financial impact.

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