Sustainable Packaging: Design Your Own Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainable Packaging: Design Your Own Eco-Friendly Solutions

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing the Packaging Materials
  3. Noissue: Sustainable Packaging Solution
  4. Designing Your Own Packaging
  5. Eco-Friendly Practices
  6. Ensuring Product Protection
  7. Decreasing Plastic Usage
  8. Packing Orders: Stickers
  9. Packing Orders: Prints
  10. Adding Personal Touches
  11. Addressing and Labeling
  12. International Orders and Postal Requirements
  13. Lunch Break and Self-Care
  14. Cleaning Up and Conclusion



In this studio vlog, I will take you through a typical day of packing orders for my online shop. It has been a busy week, and I am grateful for all the support from my customers. As I prepare the packaging materials and add personal touches to each order, I will also share with you my sustainable packaging practices and ways to minimize plastic usage.

Preparing the Packaging Materials

Before I start packing orders, there are a few tasks I need to complete to ensure everything is ready. I begin by prepping little thank you cards and cutting stickers. Since cutting stickers can be time-consuming, I like to multitask and do it while performing other tasks. For the backing of my prints, I cut them on a separate piece to avoid damaging my work surface.

Noissue: Sustainable Packaging Solution

I am excited to collaborate with Noissue, a brilliant company that provides sustainable packaging materials for online shops and websites. What I love about Noissue is that you can design your own packaging, making it a unique reflection of your brand. From tissue paper to mailers, they have everything you need to pack your orders exactly the way you like it.

Designing Your Own Packaging

With Noissue's user-friendly online design tool, creating your own packaging is a breeze. You can immediately see what it will look like and make any adjustments before placing your order. Plus, if you have a bit of patience, you can enjoy free worldwide shipping.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Noissue is committed to being as green as possible. They have the Eco Packaging Alliance, where customers can sign up to receive badges to showcase their use of eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, Noissue plants one tree per order to support reforestation efforts. The best part is that all their products are environmentally friendly, either compostable, recycled, or reusable.

Ensuring Product Protection

As an artist, it is crucial to ensure that my products arrive in perfect condition. For sticker orders, I use a lovely glitter tissue paper to add a touch of charm. However, to reduce plastic usage, I am exploring alternatives such as paper bags for packaging stickers. They provide adequate protection for delicate materials without the environmental impact.

Decreasing Plastic Usage

In my ongoing effort to decrease plastic usage in packaging, I am gradually transitioning to more sustainable options. While I still have some plastic bags in stock, I aim to exhaust them before fully transitioning to paper alternatives. This approach allows me to minimize waste while ensuring the careful handling of my products.

Packing Orders: Stickers

I always begin with sticker orders as they are easy to pack. I sit at my desk, cutting stickers and placing them in envelopes. To add a personal touch, I include a small sunflower sticker and a thank-you note. I love using my sunflower stamp from Noissue, which features my own design, reflecting the authenticity of my brand.

Packing Orders: Prints

Next, I move on to packing prints, which require a bit more care. My newest prints feature gold foil details, adding a touch of magic to their galaxy-themed designs. While I still use plastic bags for extra protection, I am actively seeking paper alternatives to align with my sustainable packaging goals.

Adding Personal Touches

To make each order feel special, I often wrap presents and include handwritten notes. If customers indicate that it's a gift, I take the time to ensure it is beautifully wrapped with a heartfelt message. These personal touches not only add charm but also create a memorable and meaningful experience for my customers.

Addressing and Labeling

One of the more tedious tasks is manually addressing and labeling each package. Although it can be monotonous, I remain focused to complete this step efficiently. Once the addresses are done, I print the corresponding labels. It's essential to be organized during this process to prevent any errors or mix-ups.

International Orders and Postal Requirements

For international orders, I consolidate them in postal bags, following regulations. This step ensures that these orders are properly processed and shipped. I make separate trips to the post office to drop off these packages, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and spend time in nature.

Lunch Break and Self-Care

After a morning of packing orders, it's time to take a well-deserved break. I prepare a simple quinoa salad using leftover quinoa and fresh vegetables. To add a creamy touch, I include a dollop of hummus. This nutritious and refreshing lunch provides me with the energy I need for the remainder of the day.

Cleaning Up and Conclusion

Once I have refueled, it's time to clean up the packaging materials and organize my workspace. Packing orders can sometimes be chaotic, but ensuring a tidy and organized space is essential for future efficiency. As I put away the materials and tidy up my studio, I reflect on the fulfillment I find in running my online shop and sharing my creations with customers worldwide.


A day of packing orders for my online shop is a delightful mix of creativity, precision, and mindful packaging practices. By partnering with Noissue and prioritizing sustainability, I can give my customers a memorable unboxing experience while minimizing my environmental impact. Packing orders not only allows me to share my art with the world but also empowers me to make a positive difference in the way I do business.


  1. Prepare packaging materials, including stickers, envelopes, and prints.
  2. Collaborate with Noissue for sustainable packaging solutions.
  3. Design your own packaging using Noissue's user-friendly design tool.
  4. Embrace eco-friendly practices, such as the Eco Packaging Alliance.
  5. Explore alternatives to decrease plastic usage in packaging.
  6. Add personal touches to each order, including handwritten notes and unique stamps.
  7. Carefully address and label each package to ensure accuracy.
  8. Follow postal requirements for international orders.
  9. Take a lunch break and prioritize self-care.
  10. Clean up and organize your workspace for future efficiency.


Q: Are Noissue's packaging materials customizable? A: Yes, Noissue allows you to design your own packaging, ensuring that it reflects your brand's identity.

Q: How does Noissue support sustainable practices? A: Noissue is committed to being as green as possible by offering compostable, recycled, or reusable packaging materials. They also plant one tree per order to contribute to reforestation efforts.

Q: Can I use Noissue's packaging materials for international shipping? A: Yes, Noissue's packaging materials are suitable for both domestic and international shipping.

Q: How can I minimize plastic usage in my packaging? A: Consider using paper alternatives for packaging materials and explore eco-friendly options like paper bags or compostable sleeves.

Q: Are the glitter tissue papers biodegradable? A: No, the glitter tissue papers are not biodegradable. However, they still provide an appealing aesthetic and can be used until more sustainable alternatives are available.

Q: Can I include a handwritten note in my orders? A: Yes, adding a personalized note is a thoughtful gesture that can enhance the customer's unboxing experience.

Q: What is the best way to organize the packing process? A: It is crucial to have a well-organized workspace with designated areas for packaging materials, labels, and envelopes. This organization helps streamline the packing process and minimize errors.

Q: How can I ensure the safety of delicate items during shipping? A: Consider using protective materials such as tissue paper or bubble wrap to cushion delicate items and prevent any damage during transit.

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