Inside the Life of a Thriving Etsy Seller

Inside the Life of a Thriving Etsy Seller

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Systems and Processes
  3. A Day in the Life of Wendy from Flannel Board Fun
  4. Quarterly Review and Goal Setting
  5. Content Creation and Marketing
  6. Bookkeeping and Inventory Management
  7. Scheduling Recurring Tasks
  8. Breaking Down Projects into Sub-Tasks
  9. The Benefits of Organized Time Management
  10. The Importance of Taking Time Off
  11. Conclusion

A Day in the Life of Wendy from Flannel Board Fun

In today's article, we will take a closer look at what a typical day in the life of Wendy, the creator and owner of the Flannel Board Fun Etsy shop, looks like. Wendy has successfully grown her handmade business, which specializes in creating felt sets for kids and felt board stories for teachers and librarians. Through her experiences, we will explore the importance of systems and processes, quarterly reviews and goal setting, content creation and marketing strategies, bookkeeping and inventory management, scheduling recurring tasks, breaking down projects into sub-tasks, the benefits of organized time management, and the importance of taking time off. So, let's dive in and discover how Wendy manages the daily operations of her thriving handmade business.


Last summer, we had the pleasure of interviewing three of our Tizzit HQ members, Wendy, Gwen, and Milena. They shared fascinating insights into their handmade businesses and how they have successfully grown them. One of the questions we forgot to ask during the interview was about a day in the life of their handmade businesses. Today, we will focus on Wendy and her Flannel Board Fun shop. Wendy's approach to managing her business is unique, as she has developed systems and processes tailored to her specific needs. Let's explore how Wendy tackles her busy schedule and keeps her handmade business running smoothly.

The Importance of Systems and Processes

Wendy emphasizes the significance of having systems and processes in place to increase efficiency and productivity. While each handmade shop owner's day may differ, implementing effective systems allows for better organization and focus. By streamlining tasks and breaking down projects into manageable steps, Wendy demonstrates how she maximizes her productivity. These systems not only help her stay on track but also provide a structure that allows her business to thrive. Let's delve into a day in the life of Wendy and discover the power of well-implemented systems.

A Day in the Life of Wendy from Flannel Board Fun

When asked about a typical day in the life of her handmade business, Wendy emphasized that her daily routine is subject to continuous improvement and adaptation. Instead of focusing on individual days, she finds it helpful to describe her weeks or months, as they encompass the dynamic nature of her business. Wendy acknowledges that no two days are alike, and her schedule evolves based on the changing needs of her business. This flexibility allows her the freedom to optimize her productivity and discover new strategies along the way. Let's explore Wendy's insights and learn from her unique approach to managing her handmade business.

Quarterly Review and Goal Setting

At the beginning of each quarter, Wendy dedicates time to conduct a comprehensive review of her business. This involves evaluating her achievements, analyzing her goals, and identifying areas for improvement. By using the Maker's Roadmap Planner and accompanying review videos, Wendy gains clarity on her priorities and maps out her goals and projects for the upcoming quarter. This intentional planning ensures that she remains focused and motivated throughout the quarter, giving her a clear roadmap to follow. Let's explore how Wendy's quarterly review helps her maintain organizational efficiency and achieve her business goals.

Content Creation and Marketing

As an avid content creator, Wendy allocates specific weeks or even months to focus solely on content creation. During this dedicated time, she prepares and schedules her Pinterest pins, films and schedules her YouTube videos, and writes and schedules her newsletters and blogs. By batching her tasks, Wendy ensures a consistent flow of engaging content for her audience. She understands the importance of remaining visible and active on various platforms to effectively market her products. Let's delve into Wendy's content creation strategies and discover how she maintains a thriving online presence.

Bookkeeping and Inventory Management

To maintain an efficient and organized business, Wendy sets aside dedicated time each month for bookkeeping, inventory management, and ordering materials and office supplies. These tasks may seem mundane but are crucial for the smooth operation of any handmade business. By scheduling these recurring duties, Wendy prevents them from falling through the cracks and ensures accurate financial records and well-stocked inventory. Let's explore how Wendy manages her bookkeeping and inventory management efficiently and effectively.

Scheduling Recurring Tasks

One aspect that sets Wendy's daily routine apart is her dedication to scheduling recurring tasks. Make Day is a prominent fixture in her week, specifically set aside for creating and restocking products. Additionally, she designates certain weeks or periods each month for specific activities, such as content creation and administrative duties. By implementing this structured approach, Wendy ensures that essential tasks are completed consistently, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity. Let's delve deeper into Wendy's scheduling techniques and understand how they contribute to her business's success.

Breaking Down Projects into Sub-Tasks

Wendy emphasizes the importance of breaking down larger projects into manageable sub-tasks. By doing so, she avoids feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the project and can work with more efficiency and focus. This technique allows her to approach each sub-task systematically, ensuring that no details are overlooked. Whether it is creating new design pins for Pinterest or organizing inventory, Wendy's ability to break down tasks enables her to work more efficiently and effectively. Let's explore her approach to breaking down projects and learn how we can implement this technique in our own businesses.

The Benefits of Organized Time Management

Wendy's dedication to organized time management yields numerous benefits for her business. By carefully planning her schedule and creating systems, she optimizes her daily routine and achieves greater productivity. Through effective time management, Wendy ensures that no tasks are forgotten or overlooked, and that she remains focused on her goals. The ability to work efficiently and purposefully allows her to consistently achieve desired results and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Let's dive deeper into the advantages of organized time management and explore ways to implement it in our own businesses.

The Importance of Taking Time Off

Amidst the hustle and bustle of running a handmade business, Wendy recognizes the importance of scheduling time away from work. While being passionate about her business, she acknowledges that a balanced life is key to long-term success. By allowing herself time off, she avoids burnout and retains her enthusiasm for her work. Balancing work and personal time not only benefits her well-being but also improves her productivity and overall business performance. Let's explore Wendy's insights on the significance of taking time off and how it contributes to a thriving handmade business.


Wendy's journey as a handmade business owner offers valuable insights into effectively managing the daily operations of a successful venture. By implementing systems and processes, conducting regular reviews, and creating a well-structured schedule, Wendy ensures optimal productivity and growth. Her approach to content creation, bookkeeping, and inventory management exemplifies the importance of organization and efficiency. Additionally, her emphasis on balancing work and personal time highlights the significance of self-care in sustaining a thriving business. As we reflect on Wendy's experiences, we can incorporate her valuable insights into our own handmade businesses. So, let's apply these lessons and continue to grow and thrive in our creative endeavors.

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