Discover Unique Vintage Finds on Etsy!

Discover Unique Vintage Finds on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Drinking Set with Caddy and Ice Bucket
  3. Neat Set of Tupperware Bowls
  4. Medieval Knight Bookends
  5. Scotch, Bourbon, and Gin Decanter Set
  6. Mid-century Candlestick Holders
  7. Old-school Clock
  8. Lefton Lustre Deer and Gold Pheasants
  9. Porcelain Koala Bear Music Box
  10. Golden Crown E&R Italy Pansy Figurine
  11. Large Porcelain Pheasant Planter
  12. Conclusion

Drinking Set with Caddy and Ice Bucket

In this article, we will discuss the first item that sold in the month of April on Etsy, which is a really awesome drinking set with a caddy and an ice bucket. This unique set was sold for a total of $82.50, with Etsy charging a fee of $4 (5% of the selling price), and shipping costing approximately $26. The net profit for the seller after considering the purchase cost of $10 was around $43. The drinking glasses in this set are adorned with black and white diamond patterns, making them a visually appealing and stylish addition to any home. Despite the slight hassle of shipping, the seller believes that the selling price justified the effort.

Neat Set of Tupperware Bowls

Moving on to the next item that sold in April, we have a neat set of Tupperware bowls. These colorful mixing bowls, part of the Wonderleer Tupperware set from the 70s, were sold for a total of $54. The seller purchased these bowls for just $2, resulting in a profit of approximately $37 after considering fees and shipping costs. The lightweight nature of the bowls made shipping them hassle-free and cost-effective. The seller even found a creative way to showcase the bowls by placing a boomerang pattern as the background in the listing photos.

Medieval Knight Bookends

Next up on our list are the medieval knight bookends. These intricately designed bookends, featuring knight heads, were sold for a total of $65. The seller acquired these bookends for the bargain price of $6 at an auction. After factoring in fees and shipping costs, the total profit from this sale was $32. Despite a small chip on one of the knight's medallions, these bookends made for a fantastic vintage find. Crafted in the 70s, these bookends showcase the beauty of glazed pottery and add a touch of history to any bookshelf.

Scotch, Bourbon, and Gin Decanter Set

Now, let's discuss the scotch, bourbon, and gin decanter set. This set was sold for a total of $158 to one lucky buyer. The set includes a scotch, bourbon, and gin decanter, as well as a pair of mid-century candlestick holders in an hourglass shape. The seller initially purchased these items for just $6 at an auction. After accounting for fees and shipping, the net profit for the seller was approximately $101. This means that each item in the set can be valued at around $50, making it a great deal for the buyer. The unique design and vintage charm of these items make them an excellent addition to any home bar.

Mid-century Candlestick Holders

Speaking of the mid-century candlestick holders, let's dive deeper into this item. These candlestick holders, shaped like an hourglass, perfectly complement the scotch, bourbon, and gin decanter set mentioned earlier. The seller purchased these holders for $6 at an auction. After considering fees and shipping costs, the profit from this sale was $101. These candlestick holders add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to any tabletop or mantle.

Old-school Clock

In this section, we will explore an old-school clock reminiscent of the ones found in classrooms or industrial settings. With this clock, the seller decided to replace the internal mechanism to make it functional once again. The clock, purchased at an auction for a mere $3 or $4, was fitted with new quartz movement. After selling for $160 (including shipping), the profit for the seller, after fees and shipping costs, was $115. This unique clock allows for accurate timekeeping and adds a vintage touch to any space, whether it's a classroom or a home.

Lefton Lustre Deer and Gold Pheasants

Moving on to the Lefton Lustre deer and gold pheasants, we find another multi-item sale. In this sale, the buyer purchased four items, including the deer and pheasants. The deer, adorned with rhinestone eyes and a shiny, shimmery splendor effect, sold for $95 (shipping included). The seller acquired the deer for just $5 at an auction. Along with the deer, the gold pheasants were included in the same sale, selling for $74 (shipping included). After considering fees and shipping costs, the profit from this sale was $150. This means that each item, the deer and the pheasants, contributed to a profit of approximately $75. These charming figurines, with their unique designs and eye-catching accents, are truly a treasure for collectors.

Porcelain Koala Bear Music Box

Now we come to the porcelain koala bear music box. This lovely figurine features a koala bear and plays a sweet tune. The seller purchased this cute item for around $3 or $4 while on vacation in Florida. The music box was sold for a total of $38, resulting in a profit of $24 after considering fees and shipping costs. This adorable koala bear figurine is a delightful addition to any collection and brings joy with its melodic charm.

Golden Crown E&R Italy Pansy Figurine

Next up is a beautifully crafted figurine from E&R Italy. This pansy figurine, adorned with gold accents and purple flowers, was purchased as part of a larger grouping at a flea market. With an average cost of $1 per figurine, the seller acquired this delicate piece for approximately $1. The pansy figurine was sold for $30 (shipping included), resulting in a profit of $22 after considering fees and shipping costs. The intricate details and shimmering effect of this figurine make it a captivating and elegant decorative piece.

Large Porcelain Pheasant Planter

Last but not least, we have a large porcelain pheasant planter from Italy. This exquisite planter measures 17 inches in length and 6.5 inches in height. The seller obtained this stunning piece for just $3 at an auction. After selling for $95 (shipping included), the profit from this sale was $77. The intricate craftsmanship and the pink interior of this planter make it a standout piece of vintage decor. Its size and beauty make it a statement piece that demands attention.


In conclusion, the month of April brought numerous successful sales on Etsy for this seller. From unique drinking sets to vintage figurines, each item showcased in this article proves that there is value in vintage and antique items. With careful sourcing, strategic pricing, and attention to detail, the seller was able to turn their passion for vintage treasures into a profitable venture. Each item had its own story and appeal, attracting buyers from all over the world. The seller's dedication to finding and sharing these unique items demonstrates the enduring popularity of vintage collectibles and home decor.


  • Unique vintage items sold on Etsy in April
  • Profitable sales with net profits ranging from $22 to $115 per item
  • Versatile items suitable for various home decor styles
  • Carefully sourced from auctions and flea markets
  • International shipping and fees included in the selling prices


1. Can I find similar vintage items on Etsy? Yes, Etsy is a great platform to discover and purchase a wide range of vintage items. The marketplace is home to numerous sellers specializing in unique and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

2. How can I ensure the safe shipping of fragile items like porcelain figurines? When shipping fragile items, it is crucial to use proper packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and sturdy boxes. Securely wrap the item to protect it from damage during transit, and clearly label the package as fragile.

3. Are vintage items more valuable if they are in pristine condition? While vintage items in pristine condition may command higher prices, there is also a market for items with a certain patina or signs of aging. Some buyers appreciate the authentic look and feel of vintage items, even with minor imperfections.

4. How can I determine the authenticity of vintage items? Authenticating vintage items can be challenging, but conducting research and consulting experts in specific fields can provide valuable insights. Look for well-known markers, signatures, or stamps on the item, and consider the item's design, craftsmanship, and age when assessing its authenticity.

5. Can I negotiate the price of vintage items on Etsy? Each seller on Etsy has their own policies regarding negotiations and pricing. Some sellers may be open to negotiating prices, while others may not. It is always worth reaching out to the seller and making an offer, especially if the item has been listed for some time.

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