Master Etsy Keyword Research with Everbee

Master Etsy Keyword Research with Everbee

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up an Account with Everbee
  3. Different Membership Tiers and Pricing
  4. Connecting Everbee to Etsy
  5. Product Research on Everbee
    1. Searching for Products and Listings on Etsy
    2. Analyzing Product Analytics
    3. Filtering and Customizing Search Results
    4. Checking Visibility Score and Conversion Rate
    5. Viewing Detailed Data of Product Listings
  6. Keyword Research on Everbee
    1. Accessing the Dashboard and Keyword Research
    2. Analyzing Search Volume and Competition for Keywords
    3. Customizing Keyword Research Results
    4. Selecting Keywords with High Scores
    5. Improving Your Own Listings
  7. Utilizing the Favorites Tab
    1. Saving Listings and Analyzing Tags
    2. Customizing Favorites and Analyzing Tags
  8. The Benefits of Using Everbee
    1. Enhanced Product and Keyword Research
    2. Time-saving Tool for Etsy Store Owners
    3. Free Plan with Accessible Interface



In this article, we will explore how to effectively use Everbee for your Etsy store. Everbee is a powerful tool that enables you to perform product research and keyword research on Etsy. By linking Everbee to your Etsy account, you can gain valuable insights and data to increase traffic and optimize your product listings. Whether you are new to Everbee or an experienced user, this article will guide you through the steps to maximize the benefits of this tool.

Setting Up an Account with Everbee

The first step is to create an account with Everbee. Visit their main website,, and sign up using your email or Etsy account. You can also find a link in the description of this video to easily access the registration page. Everbee offers different membership tiers with various plans and pricing options. The free plan, known as the hobby plan, provides essential features with no monthly cost. However, there are also Pro and Growth plans available for advanced users.

Connecting Everbee to Etsy

Everbee is a Chrome extension, and the best way to use it is by connecting it to your Etsy account. By doing so, you can seamlessly perform product research while browsing the Etsy platform. After signing in to your Etsy account, you will notice the Everbee extension on the left-hand side of the screen, represented by a puzzle piece logo. Activate the extension to access the full functionality of Everbee.

Product Research on Everbee

To begin your product research, enter a product's name in the Etsy search bar while having Everbee opened. The search results will display a small "B" logo, indicating the monthly searches for each item. The higher the monthly search volume, the more popular the product. Select a product with high search volume and click on it to explore further.

By accessing the product analytics section on Everbee, you can gain comprehensive insights into the selected product. This includes pricing information, monthly sales, revenue, reviews, and more. You can customize the data by applying filters and choosing specific categories to focus on.

In addition to the product analytics, Everbee provides a visibility score, which indicates how well a product performs in Etsy searches. A higher visibility score implies better visibility and popularity among potential buyers. Pay attention to the visibility score and conversion rate when analyzing product performance.

For a more detailed analysis of a particular product, click on its listing to access organized data. This includes tags, search volume, competition, and trend graphs. Select keywords with high search volumes and favorable competition for your own product listings. Incorporating these keywords into your listings can improve their visibility and attract more potential buyers.

Keyword Research on Everbee

Everbee also offers powerful keyword research capabilities. Access the dashboard on the left-hand side and select the keyword research option. Enter your desired keywords in the search bar and retrieve data on their search volume and competition. Aim for keywords with high search volume and low competition to optimize your listings effectively. By customizing the keyword research results, you can filter and analyze related keywords to identify the most valuable ones for your Etsy store.

Improving Your Own Listings

Everbee allows you to view the statistics and analytics of your own listings. By selecting "My Listings" in the dashboard, you can assess the performance of your listings. Pay attention to the visibility scores of your products, as they indicate their performance and popularity. Analyze the keywords that perform well and identify strategies to improve your other products. Take notes of underperforming keywords and make necessary adjustments to boost your listings' success.

Utilizing the Favorites Tab

The Favorites tab in Everbee serves as a convenient tool to save and analyze specific listings. By clicking on the Favorites tab in the dashboard and selecting "Tag Analyzer," you can examine all the tags within your saved listings. Analyzing these tags can provide insights into popular keywords and trends related to your niche. Customize the tag analyzer results by selecting competition and keyword score options.

The Benefits of Using Everbee

Everbee offers numerous benefits for Etsy store owners and product researchers. It enhances the process of product and keyword research, saving you time and effort. With its user-friendly interface and accessible features, Everbee can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise. The free plan, available forever, provides essential functionality at no cost. By leveraging the power of Everbee, you can gain valuable insights to optimize your Etsy store and drive more traffic to your products.


  • Everbee is a powerful tool for product and keyword research on Etsy.
  • Connecting Everbee to your Etsy account provides seamless access to valuable data.
  • Analyzing product analytics and keyword research within Everbee enhances decision-making for Etsy store owners.
  • Customizable filters and data visualization options enable personalized and detailed insights.
  • Leveraging the Favorites tab and Tag Analyzer helps identify popular keywords and trends within your niche.
  • Everbee offers a free plan with essential features and user-friendly interface.
  • By utilizing Everbee, Etsy store owners can improve their product listings and drive more traffic to their products.


Q: Is Everbee free to use? A: Yes, Everbee offers a free plan that provides essential features at no cost.

Q: Can Everbee help increase traffic to my Etsy store? A: Yes, by utilizing the product and keyword research capabilities of Everbee, you can optimize your product listings and attract more potential buyers.

Q: How does Everbee's visibility score work? A: The visibility score indicates how well a product performs in Etsy searches. A higher visibility score implies better visibility and popularity among potential buyers.

Q: Can I analyze the performance of my own listings on Everbee? A: Yes, Everbee allows you to view statistics and analytics of your own listings, helping you identify areas of improvement and successful keywords.

Q: Is Everbee suitable for beginners? A: Yes, Everbee is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise.

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