Discover the Top 13 Best-selling Jewelry on Etsy!

Discover the Top 13 Best-selling Jewelry on Etsy!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Beaded Jewelry
  3. Baby Bracelets
  4. Personalized Men's Leather Bracelets
  5. Supplies for Jewelry
  6. Personalized Engraved Jewelry
  7. Lettered Necklaces
  8. Wristlets
  9. Crystal Car Charms
  10. Sun Catchers
  11. Ankle Bracelets
  12. Gothic Style Jewelry
  13. Crystals and Crystal Jewelry


13 High-Selling Jewelry Products on Etsy: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to making jewelry, Etsy is a platform that offers endless possibilities for entrepreneurs. With its wide reach and dedicated customer base, selling jewelry on Etsy can be a lucrative venture. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which jewelry products are in demand and will sell well. In this article, we will explore 13 high-selling jewelry products on Etsy that you can consider for your store. Whether you're a jewelry maker or a supplier, this guide will help you identify the most profitable niches and provide valuable insights into each product category.

1. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is an excellent starting point for beginners in the jewelry-making industry. With minimal equipment required, you can create beautiful beaded bracelets that cater to specific markets. One niche within beaded jewelry that is particularly popular is college and game day themed bracelets. These bracelets utilize colors representing different universities and are often worn by students, alumni, and fans during game days and graduation ceremonies. By targeting specific college keywords, you can create various listings with just one type of product, maximizing your reach and potential sales.

2. Baby Bracelets

Baby bracelets offer a unique opportunity to cater to a specific audience. By focusing on personalized baby bracelets, such as baptism bracelets or ankle baby bracelets, you can tap into a market of parents searching for special keepsakes for their little ones. Engraved bracelets are especially popular in this category, as they allow for customization and personalization. By investing in a laser engraver, you can create intricate designs and fonts that add an extra touch of elegance to your baby bracelet collection.

3. Personalized Men's Leather Bracelets

Personalized men's leather bracelets have gained popularity in recent years, making them a profitable niche to explore. These bracelets often feature engraved messages or monograms, making them an excellent choice for groomsman gifts, Father's Day presents, or birthday surprises. Investing in a laser engraver and an axle for engraving cylindrical shapes like rings will enable you to offer a wider range of customized options. By providing various personalization options, such as different fonts and metal finishes, you can cater to a broader customer base.

4. Supplies for Jewelry

If creating jewelry from scratch isn't your primary interest, consider supplying materials and tools for other jewelry makers on Etsy. Silicone beads, alphabet beads, and a variety of colors and shapes can attract customers looking for unique materials for their jewelry projects. By offering a wide selection of supplies, you increase the likelihood of appearing in search results for various keywords. This niche allows you to cater to a specific market while minimizing the need for extensive technical skills.

5. Personalized Engraved Jewelry

Personalized engraved jewelry offers a higher level of customization, making it a sought-after product on Etsy. There are several types of personalized engraved jewelry to explore, including coin necklaces, bar necklaces, and monogrammed pendants. These pieces are often used as bridesmaid gifts, birth flower gifts, or sentimental keepsakes. Laser engravers are essential for creating precise engravings that add a touch of individuality to each piece. By leveraging the popularity of personalized jewelry and providing a range of options, you can attract customers looking for meaningful and unique pieces.

6. Lettered Necklaces

Simple yet stylish, lettered necklaces are a hit among jewelry enthusiasts. These necklaces feature single letters as pendants, allowing customers to showcase their initials or a significant letter. There are two main approaches to creating lettered necklaces: cut-out names and individual coins. By purchasing a complete alphabet or coin set, you can assemble necklaces with ease. Alternatively, you can invest in letter stamps and hammer each letter yourself onto a blank pendant. Lettered necklaces are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, making them an in-demand accessory.

7. Wristlets

Wristlets, although not technically jewelry, offer a unique avenue to explore within the jewelry category. Made from fabric or yarn materials, these handy accessories are easy to make and offer endless possibilities for customization. Wristlets can be matched with other jewelry items, such as dog collars or themed bracelets. With a bit of creativity, you can create wristlets that cater to different styles and preferences, providing customers with unique options to accessorize their outfits.

8. Crystal Car Charms

Crystal car charms are a popular accessory among car owners who want to add a touch of elegance and personalization to their vehicles. These charms often feature crystals, beads, or decorative elements that catch the light and enhance the car's interior. If you already have the tools and supplies for jewelry making, venturing into crystal car charms can be a lucrative addition to your product lineup. By offering a variety of designs and colors, you can attract customers searching for specific styles or themes to match their cars.

9. Sun Catchers

Sun catchers are highly underrated jewelry items that can add a unique touch to any space. These decorative pieces often feature crystals or beads that catch the sunlight and create beautiful reflections. While the creation of sun catchers might require more craft skills, the results are stunning and worth the effort. Consider creating crystal sun catchers to tap into the demand for home decor and gift items. By designing captivating designs and incorporating various crystals, you can attract customers looking to beautify their living spaces.

10. Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, are a popular accessory that has stood the test of time. By offering ankle bracelets with names or monograms, you can cater to a specific niche market. These bracelets can be personalized using a laser engraver or by assembling individual letter charms. Ankle bracelets are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, making them a must-have accessory for those seeking a touch of personalization.

11. Gothic Style Jewelry

Gothic style jewelry has gained a devoted following among those who appreciate its dark and unique aesthetic. By exploring this niche, you can offer a variety of vintage, metal, and gothic-inspired pieces to customers craving something different. Whether it's statement necklaces, skull-shaped pendants, or intricately designed rings, gothic style jewelry allows you to stand out in a crowded market. Consider sourcing antique jewelry or creating your designs that capture the essence of this subculture.

12. Crystals and Crystal Jewelry

Crystals have undeniable allure and a dedicated following within the jewelry community. Selling crystals or incorporating them into your jewelry pieces can attract customers who seek their energy and healing properties. By offering a wide range of crystal options, such as quartz, amethyst, or citrine, you can cater to different preferences and intentions. Consider creating crystal pendants, earrings, or rings that showcase the natural beauty of these gemstones. The popularity of crystals ensures a steady demand for crystal jewelry on Etsy.

In conclusion, Etsy offers a wealth of opportunities for jewelry sellers. By identifying high-selling products and exploring specific niches, you can carve out a profitable business. Whether you choose to make jewelry from scratch or supply materials for other makers, understanding customer preferences and following the data will be key to your success. Invest in the necessary tools and equipment, stay updated with current trends, and always strive to provide unique, high-quality jewelry that resonates with your target audience. With dedication and creativity, your Etsy jewelry shop can thrive in this competitive market.


  1. Explore the 13 high-selling jewelry products on Etsy
  2. Find profitable niches and customer preferences
  3. Personalize jewelry for specific occasions and audiences
  4. Offer supplies for other jewelry makers
  5. Utilize crystals and gothic-inspired designs


Q: How can I start a successful jewelry shop on Etsy? A: To start a successful jewelry shop on Etsy, it's important to identify high-selling products, research niche markets, and personalize your offerings. Understanding customer preferences, investing in the necessary tools and equipment, and staying updated with current trends are essential. Additionally, providing unique, high-quality jewelry and excellent customer service will help your shop stand out from the competition.

Q: What are some popular jewelry niches on Etsy? A: Some popular jewelry niches on Etsy include beaded jewelry, personalized engraved jewelry, lettered necklaces, men's leather bracelets, and gothic style jewelry. Additionally, crystals and crystal jewelry, ankle bracelets, wristlets, and sun catchers have gained traction among customers. By tapping into these niches and offering unique and high-quality products, you can attract a dedicated customer base.

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