Discover the exciting world of Etsy Roulette with Chris, Shannon & Kelly!

Discover the exciting world of Etsy Roulette with Chris, Shannon & Kelly!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Concept of the Roulette Trilogy
  3. Personalized Gifts for Each Other
  4. Chris's Gift to Shannon
  5. Shannon's Gift to Chris
  6. Ollie's Gift to Shannon
  7. Kelly's Gift to Chris
  8. Ollie's Unique Gift for Chris
  9. Chris's Personalized Gift for Kelly
  10. Shannon's Thoughtful Gift for Kelly
  11. The Unveiling of the Gifts
  12. Conclusion

The Roulette Trilogy: A Hilarious Journey of Psychological Damage

Welcome to the third installment in the Roulette Trilogy, a series where Chris, Kelly, and Shannon embark on a mission to cause psychological damage to each other using a limited budget. In this episode, the trio decides to take a different approach by ordering gifts for everyone instead of focusing on a single target. Get ready for laughter and surprises as they unbox their presents and discover what the others have prepared.

Personalized Gifts for Each Other

With a year-long delay due to various complications, the anticipation for this video is at an all-time high. Each member of the group has taken the time to choose personalized gifts for their fellow participants. From customized music plaques to unique balance beams and themed merchandise, the presents are designed to both entertain and shock.

Chris's Gift to Shannon

Chris reveals his creative side by gifting Shannon a personalized music plaque featuring his diss track. With a Spotify code that can be scanned for immediate playback, Shannon is in for a surprise when she hears Chris's brutal verses. Will she appreciate the artistic effort or be left speechless?

Shannon's Gift to Chris

Shannon recalls a previous video where she showered Chris with an abundance of gifts, inspiring her to take a different approach. She decides to order refreshed Sideburn merch, envisioning a hilarious reaction from JJ when he finds a mug with a shirtless picture of himself. Will Chris's gift spark laughter or embarrassment?

Ollie's Gift to Shannon

Known for his witty humor, Ollie selects a meter-long balance beam for Shannon, anticipating the entertaining content that will ensue. Not only does he expect a comical reaction, but he also suggests alternative uses for this unique gift. Will Shannon embrace the challenge or find a different purpose for the meter-long shaft?

Kelly's Gift to Chris

Kelly, being single and basing her gifts on that fact, aims to convey her thoughts through a personalized couple's portrait. Although currently not in a relationship, she has the perfect idea of who should be featured alongside Chris in the photo. Will Chris appreciate the sentiment or be taken aback by Kelly's selection?

Ollie's Unique Gift for Chris

Ollie's gift for Chris takes an unexpected turn when he decides to surprise him with custom stickers. Featuring various members of the Sidemen, Ollie imagines Chris incorporating them into his background material for his videos. Will the stickers bring a smile to Chris's face or be received with mixed feelings?

Chris's Personalized Gift for Kelly

Chris puts a twist on traditional couples' portraits by presenting Kelly with a unique artwork featuring herself and Manuel Neuer, her goalkeeper idol. However, the image raises concern as it appears more like Manuel is trying to grab Kelly rather than embrace her. Will Kelly appreciate the sentiment or find it disturbing?

Shannon's Thoughtful Gift for Kelly

Shannon adds a touch of elegance to Kelly's office setup by gifting her decorative mirrors. With the mirrors in place, Shannon hopes that Kelly will have a better filming experience without sacrificing her unique style. Will Kelly be delighted by the thoughtful gift or find it unnecessary?

The Unveiling of the Gifts

After much anticipation, the moment arrives for the grand unboxing of the gifts. Laughter ensues as the recipients discover the unexpected presents and react to the thoughtful, humorous, and at times downright bizarre items chosen by their friends. From hilarious artwork to personalized mementos, the gifts bring a mixture of joy and astonishment.


The Roulette Trilogy continues with its third and most entertaining installment yet. Through personalized gifts and unexpected surprises, Chris, Kelly, and Shannon not only manage to cause psychological damage but also create an atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie. The unboxing of the presents showcases the unique bond between the trio as they navigate the intricate world of gift-giving. Stay tuned for more hilarious content and memorable moments in the Roulette Trilogy.


  • The Roulette Trilogy: A Hilarious Journey of Psychological Damage
  • Personalized Gifts Add a Unique Touch to the Unboxing
  • Surprises, Laughter, and Astonishment Ensue as the Presents Are Revealed
  • The Trio's Creative and Humorous Gift Choices Reflect Their Unique Personalities and Relationships
  • The Unveiling Highlights the Bond and Camaraderie Between Chris, Kelly, and Shannon


Q: How did Chris come up with the idea for Shannon's gift?

A: Chris got the inspiration for Shannon's gift from a previous video where she bought numerous presents for him. He thought it would be hilarious to turn the tables and surprise Shannon with a mug featuring a shirtless picture of JJ, one of the Sidemen.

Q: What was Ollie's unique gift for Chris?

A: Ollie decided to challenge Chris's agility by gifting him a meter-long balance beam. While Ollie expected it to be entertaining content, he also mentioned that Chris could find alternative uses for the meter-long shaft.

Q: What was Kelly's gift for Chris based on?

A: Kelly's gift for Chris was based on his diss track. She chose to present him with a personalized couple's portrait featuring herself and the person she deemed would be the lucky guy next to her in the photo.

Q: What personalized artwork did Chris give Kelly?

A: Chris surprised Kelly with a piece of artwork featuring her and Manuel Neuer, her goalkeeping idol. The image showcased Manuel appearing to embrace Kelly, although it slightly resembled him grabbing her instead.

Q: What were some of the memorable moments during the unboxing?

A: The unboxing brought a range of reactions from laughter to astonishment. Moments such as the discovery of an inflatable Jake Gyllenhaal, the personalized music plaque, and the group's hilarious banter added to the overall amusement.

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