Crush Big Etsy Shops: Tips for Success

Crush Big Etsy Shops: Tips for Success

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Author
  3. How to Compete with Big Etsy Shops Without Competing on Price 3.1 Enable Requests for Customization 3.2 Offer Sizes that the Competition Does Not Offer 3.3 Offer Colors that the Competition Does Not Offer 3.4 Incorporate Your Own Photos and Videos 3.5 Leverage Turnaround Time to Your Advantage
  4. Bonus Tip: Pack Value into Your Listing Photos
  5. Conclusion

How to Compete with Big Etsy Shops Without Competing on Price

Introduction As a new Etsy seller, it can be daunting to compete with established shops that have thousands of sales. The key is to find ways to stand out without resorting to competing on price. In this article, we will explore five strategies to help you compete with these big shops and even gain an edge in a saturated market. Additionally, we will discuss a bonus tip that you can implement right away to improve your listing photos.

About the Author My name is Dylan Jarvis, and I have been an Etsy shop owner for over seven years. With a background in corporate e-commerce and experience selling on Amazon and Shopify, I have successfully generated over 1.4 million dollars in revenue on the Etsy platform. Drawing from my expertise, I will share valuable insights and strategies to help you compete with market leaders on Etsy.

Enable Requests for Customization

One effective way to differentiate yourself from big shops is to enable requests for customization in your shop settings. This feature allows customers to make personalized requests, which sets you apart as a flexible and accommodating seller. Unlike many market leaders who are unwilling to cater to additional customization, embracing these requests can help grow your product mix. Customization doesn't have to be extensive; even simple changes like adding a name or adjusting colors can make a difference.

Offer Sizes that the Competition Does Not Offer

Another way to compete with large Etsy shops is by offering sizes that they don't provide. By offering both smaller and larger sizes, you attract customers who may be looking for alternatives and broaden your target audience. Smaller sizes are particularly important as they allow you to list your products at a lower price point, giving you an advantage in search results. On the other hand, offering larger sizes sets you apart from competitors who are unwilling to accommodate such requests. This expansion of size options not only distinguishes your shop but also increases your average order value.

Offer Colors that the Competition Does Not Offer

In addition to sizes, offering colors that aren't available from your competitors can be a game-changer. Take a look at what colors they offer and identify trending color preferences within your target market. By adding these sought-after colors or unique combinations to your product offerings, you can cater to specific customer preferences. If the market is saturated with color options, consider differentiating yourself through patterns, fonts, or materials. Flexibility and customization options give buyers greater freedom, enhancing their experience and setting you apart from competitors.

Incorporate Your Own Photos and Videos

To stand out from big shops, move beyond using mock-up images and invest effort into taking your own product photos and videos. While mock-ups are convenient, they create a generic shopping experience and fail to showcase your brand identity. By using authentic images, you provide a sense of trust and establish a distinct identity that cannot be replicated. Showcase different angles, close-ups of textures, and up-close videos to highlight the quality and details of your products. Investing in a few samples for photography purposes can be a cost-effective way to achieve this.

Leverage Turnaround Time to Your Advantage

Competing on turnaround time is another effective strategy. While big market leaders may have longer turnaround times due to their high order volumes, you can set yourself apart by offering shorter durations. If a competitor's turnaround time is five to seven business days, consider offering a window of one to seven business days. Although your actual turnaround time may be similar, the perception of faster delivery can attract customers searching for faster shipping options. Exceeding customer expectations with prompt order fulfillment reinforces their trust in you as a reliable seller.

Bonus Tip: Pack Value into Your Listing Photos

To further compete with market leaders, it is essential to pack value into your listing photos. If competitors show one item, highlight multiple items in your photos, emphasizing the variety and value customers can expect from your shop. For digital products, clearly state the value proposition, such as the number of files or templates included, directly on the listing photo. By offering more than your competitors, you create a strong value proposition that positions you as the better choice.

Conclusion Competing with big Etsy shops does not solely rely on price. By enabling customization requests, offering unique sizes and colors, incorporating your own photos and videos, leveraging turnaround time, and packing value into your listing photos, you can set yourself apart in a saturated market. Implement these strategies and watch your shop gain a competitive edge in no time.


  1. Enable requests for customization to attract customers and expand your product mix.
  2. Offer sizes that your competitors don't provide, both smaller and larger, to cater to a broader audience.
  3. Stand out by offering unique colors or customizable options, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  4. Invest in authentic photos and videos to establish your brand identity and build trust.
  5. Leverage shorter turnaround times to compete with market leaders and exceed customer expectations.
  6. Pack value into your listing photos by showcasing multiple items or emphasizing the features and benefits.
  7. Differentiate yourself from the competition without compromising on price.


Q: How can I compete with big Etsy shops without lowering my prices? A: By enabling customization, offering unique sizes and colors, incorporating authentic photos and videos, optimizing turnaround time, and packing value into your listing photos, you can compete effectively without resorting to price wars.

Q: How can I differentiate my shop from market leaders? A: You can differentiate your shop by providing customization options, offering sizes and colors that your competitors don't have, utilizing personalized photos and videos, providing faster turnaround times, and showcasing the value you offer in your listing photos.

Q: How important is it to offer customization options? A: Offering customization options is crucial as it sets you apart from market leaders who may not be willing to accommodate such requests. By providing flexibility and personalization, you attract customers who are looking for unique and tailored products.

Q: How can I improve my listing photos to stand out from the competition? A: To improve your listing photos, pack value by showcasing multiple items or highlighting the features and benefits of your products. Use authentic photos and videos that reflect your brand identity and incorporate text to communicate the value proposition clearly.

Q: What can I do to compete with larger sizes? A: Offering larger sizes than your competitors can be a significant advantage. Many shops may not offer larger sizes due to logistical challenges, so catering to this market segment can help you capture a unique customer base and increase your average order value.

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