Creative Macrame Wall Hanging Packaging Tips | Etsy Small Business

Creative Macrame Wall Hanging Packaging Tips | Etsy Small Business

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prepping the Wall Hangings
  3. Customizing Tissue Paper with No Issue
  4. Designing Your Own Tissue Paper
  5. Wrapping Up the Wall Hanging
  6. Dealing with Short Tissue Paper
  7. Adding a Twine Bow
  8. Personalizing the Packaging
  9. Sharing Your Wrapped Wall Hangings
  10. Conclusion


Welcome back to my channel! Today, I want to share with you how I wrap up my large macrame wall hangings. I often receive a lot of questions whenever I post about this process on Instagram, so I thought it would be helpful to show you my wrapping technique. If you're interested in learning how to make your own macrame wall hanging, I already have a tutorial up on my channel that you can check out.

Prepping the Wall Hangings

Before we begin wrapping, it's important to make sure that the wall hangings are prepped properly. Start by combing out any tassels and giving the piece a final trim. This will ensure that your wall hanging looks extra neat and presentable. Once you're satisfied with the appearance, we can move on to the next step.

Customizing Tissue Paper with No Issue

For this wrapping technique, I've teamed up with No Issue to design custom tissue paper. Not only does No Issue prioritize sustainability by planting a tree for every order, but their products are also environmentally friendly. They offer recycled, reusable, or compostable options. I absolutely love how the tissue paper turned out as it adds a cute and personalized touch to any packaging.

Designing Your Own Tissue Paper

With No Issue, you have the freedom to design your very own tissue paper. Simply visit their website and follow the easy instructions to upload your image. You can choose from their templates, adjust the size and orientation of your logo, and even customize the color of the tissue paper to match your brand aesthetic. Explore their wide range of options and unleash your creativity!

Wrapping Up the Wall Hanging

Now, let's get to the fun part - wrapping up the wall hanging with the custom tissue paper. Start by placing the tissue paper about 10 centimeters down from the top and fold it over the wall hanging. Keep rolling and folding until the entire piece is covered. If the tissue paper isn't long enough, don't worry! Simply add another sheet and continue wrapping. Remember to fold it in half to create a seamless look.

Dealing with Short Tissue Paper

In case you run out of tissue paper midway through wrapping, here's a neat trick. Unravel one sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half. This way, you can have the seam in the middle of the wall hanging, creating a more polished appearance. Secure the tissue paper with a sticker to ensure it stays in place.

Adding a Twine Bow

To add a final touch of charm to your wrapped wall hanging, tie a twine bow. Slide the twine under the wall hanging, cut a long length, and tie it in a simple bow. Adjust the bow until you're happy with the placement. This little addition enhances the overall look and makes your packaging even more appealing.

Personalizing the Packaging

If you want to take your packaging customization to the next level, consider adding some extra details. You can use cute washi tape to seal the ends of the wrapped wall hanging or include a beautiful handmade with love sticker to secure the tissue paper. These small touches will make your packaging stand out and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Sharing Your Wrapped Wall Hangings

Once you have mastered the art of wrapping wall hangings, it's time to show off your creations. If you use any of the techniques mentioned in this tutorial, be sure to tag me on Instagram at Luna Crafts Online. I would love to see how you wrap your wall hangings. And if you decide to order any No Issue items, share them with me too! Together, let's inspire and support the creative community.


Wrapping up your macrame wall hangings doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps and adding your own personal touches, you can create beautifully wrapped pieces that will impress your customers or loved ones. Remember to experiment with different designs and materials to find the wrapping style that best represents your unique style. Happy wrapping!


  1. Learn how to wrap up large macrame wall hangings like a pro.
  2. Customize your packaging with personalized tissue paper from No Issue.
  3. Design your own tissue paper with your logo and preferred colors.
  4. Master the art of wrapping, even with short tissue paper.
  5. Add a twine bow for a charming finishing touch.
  6. Personalize your packaging further with cute washi tape and stickers.
  7. Share your wrapped wall hangings on social media and inspire others.


Q: Can I use regular tissue paper for wrapping my wall hangings?

A: Yes, you can definitely use regular tissue paper if you don't want to customize it. However, using personalized tissue paper adds a unique and professional touch to your packaging.

Q: How can I order custom tissue paper from No Issue?

A: Ordering custom tissue paper from No Issue is simple. Just visit their website and follow the instructions to design your own tissue paper. They offer free shipping and returns worldwide.

Q: What if my wall hanging is longer than the tissue paper?

A: If your wall hanging is longer than the tissue paper, you can simply add another sheet and continue wrapping. Fold it in half to create a seamless look.

Q: Can I use a different type of bow instead of twine?

A: Absolutely! You can experiment with different types of bows or even use ribbon or fabric to add a personal touch to your wrapped wall hanging.

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