Boost Your Etsy Sales with These 5 Tips!

Boost Your Etsy Sales with These 5 Tips!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tip 1: Testing New Product Images
  3. Tip 2: Testing Different Keywords
  4. Tip 3: Bundling Items
  5. Tip 4: Doing Intense Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research
  6. Tip 5: Running Etsy Ads
  7. Tip 6: Turning off Non-Converting Keywords in Etsy Ads
  8. Tip 7: Turning off Dead Listings in Etsy Ads
  9. Tip 8: Constantly Testing New Products
  10. Conclusion

Testing New Product Images

One of the first things you should do to increase your Etsy sales is to test new product images. Many sellers make the mistake of only using one listing for their product, when in reality, they should be testing multiple listings with different product photography images. The key here is to look for the listing that gets a higher click-through rate (CTR) when running ads. This indicates that the image is more appealing to potential customers. I recommend testing at least two different images for each new product you launch.

Testing Different Keywords

In addition to testing new product images, it is also crucial to test different keywords. Etsy now prioritizes and indexes listings based on the keywords used at the beginning of the title, tags, and descriptions. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough keyword research and use the most relevant and competitive keywords. You can create multiple listings with the same product but varying keywords to see which ones perform better. By constantly testing and optimizing your keywords, you can improve your chances of ranking higher in Etsy search results.

Bundling Items

Bundling items is a powerful strategy that should not be overlooked. By showcasing multiple items in your main product image and offering a full set option, you can attract more customers. When people see multiple items in a listing, they are more likely to click on it and explore further. Additionally, by offering a bundle, you can highlight the value and versatility of your products. This can help increase your chances of making a sale and can also improve your overall store's search engine optimization (SEO).

Doing Intense Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

To stay ahead of the competition and identify new product opportunities, it is essential to conduct intense competitor analysis and keyword research. Tools like Evernote can provide valuable insights into your competitors' listings and help you identify key metrics such as reviews, favorites, and estimated sales volume. By analyzing your competitors' listings, you can uncover valuable information about the keywords they are targeting, their pricing strategy, and the marketing tactics they use. This data can inform your own strategy and help you identify opportunities for improvement.

Running Etsy Ads

Running Etsy ads is a crucial step in increasing your sales. Etsy is a third-party selling platform that favors merchants who are willing to invest in paid traffic. By running ads, you can maximize your exposure and increase the likelihood of attracting customers. It is important to optimize your listings before running ads and ensure that you have competitive products, keywords, and value propositions. Additionally, it is recommended to increase your ad budget gradually to reach the maximum allowance. This demonstrates to Etsy that you are committed to promoting your products and can help improve your overall store's visibility.

Turning off Non-Converting Keywords in Etsy Ads

As you run Etsy ads, it is important to monitor the performance of your keywords and turn off those that are not converting. Etsy ads reporting may not provide detailed insights into which keywords are driving sales, but it can give you an idea of which keywords are not performing well. By analyzing your Etsy ads search terms, you can identify irrelevant keywords that are wasting your ad budget. It is crucial to use data and common sense to determine which keywords make sense for your product. By turning off non-converting keywords, you can optimize your ad spend and focus on more effective strategies.

Turning off Dead Listings in Etsy Ads

In addition to turning off non-converting keywords, it is also important to turn off dead listings in your Etsy ads. Dead listings are those that are not generating any sales or engagement. By regularly reviewing your listings' performance, you can identify which ones are underperforming and taking up valuable ad budget. If a listing has no return on ad spend (ROAS) and no organic sales, it may be best to consider it a dead listing. However, before completely deeming a listing as dead, you can try refreshing the product photography, conducting additional keyword research, or making other improvements to see if it can be revived.

Constantly Testing New Products

To stay competitive and capitalize on new trends, it is crucial to constantly test and launch new products. While it may be tempting to rely on older listings that are performing well, the e-commerce landscape is continuously evolving. By consistently introducing new designs and products, you can stay ahead of the competition and attract more customers. Testing new products allows you to adapt to changing trends and customer preferences. It is essential to keep experimenting and refining your product offerings to ensure long-term success on Etsy.


Increasing your Etsy sales requires continuous optimization and innovation. By following these tips, including testing new product images and keywords, bundling items, conducting competitor analysis and keyword research, running Etsy ads, turning off non-converting keywords and dead listings, and constantly testing new products, you can improve your chances of success on Etsy. Remember to stay proactive, adapt to market trends, and prioritize customer needs to grow your Etsy business effectively.

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