Craft Business Update: Changes and Etsy Sales

Craft Business Update: Changes and Etsy Sales

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Snowy start to February
  3. Transition to spring
  4. Enjoying the garden and nature
  5. Monthly makes and PDFs
  6. Collaboration with Crafty Fibers UK
  7. Developing Patreon
  8. Managing tax accounts
  9. Advertising on YouTube
  10. New merchandise and figures
  11. Summary and future plans


In this article, we will explore the month of February and the contrasting weather and activities that took place during this time. From snowy beginnings to the arrival of spring, we will delve into the experiences and accomplishments of the author. Topics of discussion will include the creation of new PDF patterns, collaboration with a fellow creator, the development of a Patreon community, and the management of tax accounts. Additionally, we will explore the author's approach to advertising on YouTube and the introduction of new merchandise. With detailed insights and figures, this article provides an engaging glimpse into the month of February.

Snowy Start to February

The month of February commenced with a transformation in weather, as snow blanketed the surroundings. The author's companion, Bella, reveled in the white landscape and found joy in playing amidst the snow-covered terrain. Notably, the presence of small holes in the walls served as shelters for rabbits and lambs, creating a whimsical atmosphere. As the days progressed, the wind picked up, creating a week-long period of blustery conditions. Despite the strong gusts, the author and Bella embraced the weather and continued to find enjoyment amidst the elements.

Transition to Spring

A sudden shift occurred, marking the arrival of spring. The once frigid outdoors transformed into an inviting garden, bathed in warm sunshine. The author, along with the animals, seized the opportunity to revel in the newfound pleasant weather. Delightful walks through wooded areas allowed Bella to admire the presence of ducks, further accentuating the beauty of nature. The author even ventured to take a dip in the reservoir, albeit brief due to the icy temperatures. Capturing footage of a hunting barn served as a testament to the profound inspiration drawn from the surrounding natural world.

Monthly Makes and PDFs

Within the month of February, the author embarked on various creative endeavors, resulting in the completion of several PDF patterns. These patterns, meticulously crafted and designed, garnered significant success and popularity among the felting community. Buoyed by this achievement, the author sets forth the objective to expand their collection of PDFs in the coming months. While juggling a few custom orders, an exciting collaboration with Crafty Fibers UK unfolds, wherein the author creates a stunning piece centered around a highland cow. This creation will be accompanied by a comprehensive video tutorial, enriching the crafting experience for individuals seeking to delve into the world of felting.

Developing Patreon

Recognizing the need for a more tailored and focused platform, the author reveals their plans to develop a Patreon community. Aimed at providing invaluable resources and guidance to individuals interested in furthering their felting businesses, the Patreon venture seeks to foster a smaller, more dedicated network of like-minded individuals. With exceptionally low subscription fees, the author aims to make this opportunity accessible to all. Exciting features and exclusive content will be unveiled within the Patreon community, ensuring a rewarding and intimate experience for its members.

Managing Tax Accounts

In acknowledgment of the financial aspect of running a creative business, the author diligently undertakes the task of organizing and managing their tax accounts. Through meticulous record-keeping and planning, both the current and future tax obligations are effectively addressed. Outlining the process and providing insights into the financial figures, the author provides useful information for fellow creators seeking to navigate the often complex world of tax management.

Advertising on YouTube

With the significant growth of their YouTube channel, the author deliberates on the approach to advertising. Deliberately keeping the number of adverts low and ensuring skippable options for viewers, the author prioritizes a seamless and enjoyable watching experience. While acknowledging the potential for additional revenue through more intrusive adverts, the author remains conscientious of their audience's viewing preferences and strives to strike a balance between financial viability and viewer satisfaction.

New Merchandise and Figures

In a bid to cater to their own preferences and the desires of their audience, the author introduces new merchandise featuring needle felting slogans. By developing print-on-demand products, such as mugs and tote bags, the author aims to fill a gap in the market and provide fellow felting enthusiasts with unique and stylish creations. The positive response thus far has affirmed the author's decision to expand their merchandise offerings and continue providing quality items to their dedicated following.

Summary and Future Plans

As the month of February draws to a close, the author reflects on the achievements and progress made. A comprehensive overview of the figures and revenue generated demonstrates the consistent growth of the author's creative endeavors. With plans to release more PDF patterns, further collaborations, and the development of Patreon, the future holds exciting prospects for the author and their felting business. By continuing to adapt and innovate, the author is poised for further success in the ever-evolving world of needle felting.

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