Boost Your Bakery Supply Business with Online Reselling

Boost Your Bakery Supply Business with Online Reselling

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Market for Baking and Food Supplies
  3. Selling on Etsy
  4. Where to Source Baking and Food Supplies
  5. Pricing and Profit Margins
  6. The Benefits of Bundling
  7. Creating a Home-Based Business
  8. Selling on eBay
  9. Selling on Your Own Website
  10. Private Labeling and Repackaging
  11. Conclusion


Hey guys, it's Damien from Marketing Food Online. In this video, I want to show you a different type of food business - selling baking and food supplies. This business focuses on equipment, supplies, baking sheets, and more, rather than selling actual food products with expiration dates. I'll explain the basics of how this works and how you can incorporate it into your own website if you have a food business. One of the best places to sell these types of products is on Etsy, and I'll show you how to list them as supplies on the platform. But before we dive into Etsy, let's first explore where you can source these baking and food supplies, the pricing, and how to break them down and resell them.

The Market for Baking and Food Supplies

The market for baking and food supplies is vast, and there's a great potential to profit from selling these products. Companies like Wilton, a baking supply company, offer a wide range of pans, utensils, and equipment used in baking. The good news is that you can get these products inexpensively from well-known sources like Walmart. The markup potential for these items is considerable. For example, I sell a particular product for two and a half times its price on my website, and I receive constant orders for it. The key is in the packaging and presentation of these supplies, which could make them more appealing to customers.

Selling on Etsy

Etsy, a handmade marketplace, may not seem like the obvious choice for selling baking and food supplies. However, many sellers on Etsy categorize their products as supplies, making it a great platform for this type of business. When you list these items on Etsy, you open up a new avenue for selling and reaching potential customers. In a separate video, I will provide specific examples and guide you on how to create listings for baking and food supplies on Etsy.

Where to Source Baking and Food Supplies

To successfully sell baking and food supplies, you need reliable sources. is an excellent option for purchasing these supplies. Not only are their prices competitive, but they also offer free shipping on orders over $35. By meeting their minimum order requirement, you can get your supplies quickly and at a lower cost. This is not drop shipping, as you will need to have inventory on hand. However, the margins on these products are considerable, making it a viable business opportunity.

Pricing and Profit Margins

When determining the pricing and profit margins for baking and food supplies, it's important to consider the market and competition. Start by researching similar products and their prices. Based on that information, you can determine a suitable markup for your products. I typically aim for a markup of around two and a quarter to two and a half times the cost price. Additionally, don't forget to factor in shipping costs when setting your prices. By calculating your profit margins accurately, you can ensure a profitable venture.

The Benefits of Bundling

One effective strategy for selling baking and food supplies is bundling complementary products together. By creating bundles, you can increase the perceived value of your offerings and generate more sales. For example, if you're selling a tip set for baking, consider bundling it with piping bags. Customers who purchase the bundle will have all the necessary items, and you can charge a higher price for the convenience. Bundling is an excellent way to differentiate your listings and increase your sales potential.

Creating a Home-Based Business

One advantage of selling baking and food supplies is that it can be done from home. Unlike selling actual food products, which often require specific licenses and permits, selling supplies falls into a different category. Before diving into this business, you should check with your local authorities for any specific regulations. However, in most cases, you can operate this type of business from home without significant restrictions. This opens up opportunities for you to create a home-based business that can be managed conveniently and efficiently.

Selling on eBay

Alongside Etsy, eBay is another platform where you can successfully sell baking and food supplies. Opening a store on eBay gives you access to a large customer base and allows you to reach buyers who may not be actively searching for these supplies. By optimizing your listings and using targeted keywords, you can attract interested buyers and generate sales. eBay offers a simple and straightforward way to start selling these supplies, providing you with another avenue for growing your business.

Selling on Your Own Website

Having your own website is a valuable asset for any business, including selling baking and food supplies. When you have a website, you have complete control over your listings, branding, and customer experience. You can create dedicated sections for equipment, supplies, and other non-food items. This allows you to build a cohesive brand identity and offer a comprehensive range of products to your customers. By promoting your website effectively and investing in search engine optimization, you can establish a strong online presence and attract a loyal customer base.

Private Labeling and Repackaging

Another aspect of selling baking and food supplies is the opportunity for private labeling and repackaging. Many of these supplies come in generic packaging, making it possible for you to create your own branded products. By relabeling and repackaging these supplies, you can differentiate your offerings and build a unique brand identity. Private labeling allows you to establish yourself as a trusted supplier and potentially charge premium prices for your products.


In conclusion, selling baking and food supplies is a profitable business venture that offers multiple streams of income. By sourcing products from reliable sources like Walmart and utilizing platforms like Etsy and eBay, you can tap into a large market and reach customers who are interested in these supplies. Remember to focus on pricing, profit margins, bundling, and optimizing your own website for maximum sales potential. With the right strategies and a strong business model, you can establish a successful business selling baking and food supplies.

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