Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio // DIY Socks and Wrapping Paper!

Behind the Scenes of a Creative Studio // DIY Socks and Wrapping Paper!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Happy Mail from Danielle Illustrates
  3. Stickers from Martolina
  4. Change in Studio Backgrounds
  5. Dealing with Insomnia and Fatigue
  6. Taking Time Off and Shop Update
  7. New Designs for Socks and Tote Bags
  8. Printing and Cutting Stickers
  9. Printing Notebook Covers
  10. Wrapping Paper Designs
  11. Product Photography
  12. Decision on Shop Update
  13. Conclusion

New Adventures in the Studio

The mailman just dropped off a package filled with goodies, and I couldn't wait to share them with you all! I received a lovely package from Danielle Illustrates, and let me tell you, her work is absolutely adorable. I'm in love with the vibrant colors and charming characters she creates. The quality of her products is top-notch, and I'm grateful for the extra goodies she included. Among the items I received, my favorites are these two adorable little guys. Their cuteness is off the charts! The attention to detail in Danielle's characters is truly remarkable.

Additionally, I was thrilled to receive some stickers from Martolina, a talented Spanish illustrator. Her style is stunning, and every design is incredibly beautiful. The level of detail in her work is awe-inspiring. I can't wait to add these stickers to my collection and even consider putting some on my walls.

Happy Mail from Danielle Illustrates

Danielle Illustrates has quickly become one of my favorite artists, and I couldn't contain my excitement when her package arrived. From the moment I opened it, I was greeted with an explosion of cuteness. Danielle's art style, with its vibrant colors and adorable characters, always brightens my day. The attention to detail and the quality of her work are outstanding. The extra goodies she included in the package made me feel truly appreciated as a customer. I can't express how much joy I felt when I laid my eyes on the two little guys she sent. They are absolutely precious and brought a smile to my face instantly. I have fallen head over heels in love with Danielle's work, and I'm grateful to have these delightful pieces added to my collection.


In this week's studio vlog, I received some delightful happy mail from Danielle Illustrates and Martolina. Their artistry and attention to detail are truly remarkable. I also made some changes to the studio backgrounds to keep things fresh and exciting. However, I have been struggling with insomnia and fatigue recently, which has affected my ability to concentrate. As a result, I decided to take some time off to rest and recharge. Nonetheless, I am determined to get the new collection ready and have already begun printing stickers and notebook covers. I also plan to design new wrapping paper and take product photographs. The next shop update is approaching, and I am facing a decision on whether to wait for the arrival of the washi tapes or release products that are ready now. With everything going on, I am hopeful that the new collection will be a success and bring joy to my customers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thank you for joining me on this journey.


  1. Exciting happy mail from Danielle Illustrates and Martolina.
  2. Delightful artwork and attention to detail in the received products.
  3. Changing studio backgrounds for a fresh look.
  4. The struggle with insomnia and fatigue affecting productivity.
  5. Taking time off to rest and recharge.
  6. Getting the new collection ready for the upcoming shop update.
  7. Printing stickers and notebook covers.
  8. Designing new wrapping paper and preparing for product photography.
  9. Decision on whether to wait for the washi tapes or release products that are ready.
  10. Looking forward to the new collection and bringing joy to customers.


Q: Where can I find Danielle Illustrates' work? A: You can find Danielle Illustrates' adorable artwork on her website or social media platforms such as Instagram.

Q: Are Martolina's stickers available for purchase? A: Yes, Martolina's stickers can be purchased from her online store or through her social media platforms.

Q: Will the new collection include any holiday-themed products? A: Yes, the new collection will feature holiday-themed products such as wrapping paper, decorations, socks, and mugs.

Q: Will the addition of the wrapping paper be an eco-friendly option? A: Yes, the wrapping paper is printed on paper without any coating, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Q: Can I expect more tutorials and behind-the-scenes content in future studio vlogs? A: Yes, future studio vlogs will continue to provide tutorials and insights into the creative process, making it an enjoyable experience for viewers.

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