A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner and Content Creator

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner and Content Creator

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizing a Shipping Station
  3. Bath and Body Works Haul
  4. Morning Routine on Vacation
  5. Filming Videos and Planning
  6. Unboxing the YouTube Gift
  7. Setting Up the Record Player
  8. Packing Orders and Catching Up
  9. Summary of the Day
  10. Upcoming Videos and Conclusion


In this article, we will take a closer look at a day in the life of a content creator and small business owner. From organizing a shipping station to unboxing gifts and packing orders, we will dive into the details of each task and see how it contributes to the overall success of the business. So, let's get started!

Organizing a Shipping Station

The first task of the day is to organize the shipping station. As a content creator and online business owner, it is crucial to have a well-structured and easily accessible area for all the shipping supplies. This ensures smooth and efficient order fulfillment. The author shares her process of organizing the shipping station every Friday, creating a clutter-free workspace that allows her to easily keep track of inventory and supplies.

Bath and Body Works Haul

Next, the author shares her recent Bath and Body Works haul. She purchased a candle for her home, along with hand soaps and a room spray. Additionally, she bought body spray, lotion, and shower gel for her daughters. The author explains her love for these products and how they make great gifts.

Morning Routine on Vacation

Even though the author is working during the holiday break, she still considers herself in vacation mode. She shares her morning routine, starting with a cup of coffee followed by a delicious breakfast treat from Starbucks. The author mentions how she indulges herself on New Year's Eve to make her workday more enjoyable. It's all about finding those little moments of self-care and treating yourself.

Filming Videos and Planning

The author discusses the tasks she needs to accomplish, including filming a December flip-through video and a January reset video. She acknowledges being behind schedule due to a busy period but emphasizes the importance of meeting deadlines. The author plans to film these videos while continuing to work in her office and print orders. She highlights the significance of proper planning and daily to-do lists to stay organized.

Unboxing the YouTube Gift

A surprise package arrives from YouTube, and the author is excited to open it. Inside, she finds a beautifully designed box with a note expressing gratitude for being a content creator. The box includes a unique drawer that holds personalized stats and quotes from viewers. The author is thrilled by this thoughtful gesture and appreciates the recognition of her channel's top videos.

Setting Up the Record Player

The author shares her excitement about finding a spot for her record player. She describes it as a handmade modular piece with endless possibilities for customization. The author spends the rest of her afternoon setting up the record player and exploring different combinations of add-ons to create a fabulous look.

Packing Orders and Catching Up

The author dedicates time to packing orders, including cash envelopes, planners, and sticker orders. She expresses the importance of catching up as quickly as possible, especially after a busy period. The author asks for feedback from readers on whether they find these vlogs interesting and valuable.

Summary of the Day

After finishing work in the shop, the author checks off her tasks in her planner and moves on to home chores. The evening concludes with a simple dinner of burger and fries. The author teases upcoming videos where she will showcase how she resets and organizes her planner. She concludes by encouraging readers to keep organizing in their lives to achieve their dreams.

Upcoming Videos and Conclusion

The author hints at upcoming videos that will provide insights into her planner organization and resetting techniques. She expresses excitement about sharing these tips and ideas with her audience. In conclusion, the article highlights the importance of organization and self-care in managing a successful small business and content creation journey.


  1. Get a glimpse into the day of a content creator and small business owner.
  2. Learn about the importance of organizing a shipping station for efficient order fulfillment.
  3. Explore a Bath and Body Works haul, including gift ideas and product recommendations.
  4. Discover the author's morning routine on vacation and how she treats herself on workdays.
  5. Find out how the author plans and films videos while managing her business tasks.
  6. Experience the excitement of unboxing a surprise gift from YouTube.
  7. Learn about customizable record players and how the author sets up hers.
  8. Gain insights into the process of packing orders and catching up on business tasks.
  9. Get a summary of the day's activities and a glimpse of upcoming videos.
  10. Embrace the importance of organization and self-care in achieving success.


Q: How often does the author organize her shipping station? A: The author organizes her shipping station every Friday as part of her studio and office organization routine.

Q: What products did the author purchase from Bath and Body Works? A: The author bought a candle, hand soaps, a room spray, body spray, lotion, and shower gel from Bath and Body Works.

Q: What did the author receive from YouTube? A: The author received a surprise gift from YouTube, which was a personalized box containing stats, quotes, and a Stevie Wonder album.

Q: What tasks did the author need to catch up on? A: The author needed to catch up on packing orders, filming videos, and organizing her planner.

Q: What is the overall message of the article? A: The article emphasizes the importance of organization and self-care in managing a successful small business and content creation journey.

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