Boost Your Etsy Sales with Trending Keywords

Boost Your Etsy Sales with Trending KeywordsTable of Contents Introduction Etsy Keywords Trends Ha

Pam Duthie

Updated on Dec 19,2023

Boost Your Etsy Sales with Trending Keywords

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy Keywords Trends
    • Halloween
    • Personalized Gifts
    • Stickers
    • Kitchen Decor
    • Wall Decor
    • Furniture
    • Earrings
    • Gift
    • Full Home Decor
    • Barbie
  3. Halloween Keyword Ideas and Trends
    • Pricing and Processing Time
    • Popular Halloween Categories
    • Trending Halloween Keywords
  4. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the latest trends and popular keywords on Etsy, a platform for handmade and vintage items. By analyzing the search data from Etsy, we can gain insights into what shoppers are looking for and identify potential keywords to boost visibility and sales on the platform. We will specifically focus on the trending keywords related to Halloween and provide keyword ideas for sellers to consider. So, if you're an Etsy seller looking for ways to optimize your shop and attract more customers, keep reading!

Etsy Keywords Trends


With an impressive 238,000 searches in August alone, Halloween is undoubtedly a trending keyword on Etsy. If you're wondering whether you should start listing your Halloween items, the answer is a resounding yes! Halloween has shown continuous growth in recent years, with the search volume exceeding the previous year. So, it's time to tap into the Halloween hype and give your shop a spooky makeover.

Personalized Gifts

Another hot keyword on Etsy is "personalized gifts." If you offer items that can be customized, adding this keyword to your listings can increase your chances of getting noticed. Customers are actively searching for personalized items, making it a lucrative niche to explore. Whether it's custom dog sculptures or monogrammed accessories, leverage the power of personalization to attract more buyers to your shop.


Surprisingly, stickers continue to be in high demand on Etsy. With their versatility and affordability, stickers appeal to a wide range of shoppers. If you create unique and eye-catching sticker designs, consider optimizing your listings with relevant keywords. Despite the slight decline in search volume, stickers remain an evergreen product category with consistent sales potential.

Kitchen Decor

Etsy shoppers have shown a sudden interest in kitchen decor, making it a surprising trend to capitalize on. Perhaps people are sprucing up their living spaces after the summer season. If you offer items that can enhance kitchen aesthetics, consider incorporating the keyword "kitchen decor" into your listings. Take advantage of this unexpected peak and showcase your kitchen-themed wall decor and accessories to attract potential buyers.

Wall Decor

Alongside kitchen decor, wall decor is also popular among Etsy shoppers. With people looking to refresh their living spaces, wall decor items are in high demand. Whether it's unique paintings, art prints, or tapestries, the keyword "wall decor" can help potential customers find your products easily. Don't miss out on this trend and create stunning wall decor pieces to entice buyers.


The sudden surge in interest for furniture on Etsy indicates that shoppers are revamping their living spaces. While this trend may be influenced by Etsy's front-page showcasing or promotions, real customers are genuinely interested in purchasing furniture items. If you specialize in furniture or home decor, this is an excellent opportunity to cater to the demand. Consider optimizing your listings with relevant furniture-related keywords to capture the attention of prospective buyers.


Although the search volume for earrings has declined slightly, it remains a lucrative market on Etsy. Earrings make for popular gifts and accessories, making them a highly searched keyword. If you specialize in handmade earrings, ensure that you're using appropriate tags and keywords to maximize your visibility. With earrings being a significant gifting item, capitalize on this trend and attract potential buyers.


The keyword "gift" is a perennial favorite on Etsy, as shoppers are always on the lookout for unique and thoughtful presents. If you offer products that can be given as gifts, make sure to include the keyword "gift" in your listings. Whether it's personalized gifts, handmade jewelry, or custom artwork, positioning your items as perfect gifts can boost their appeal to customers browsing for special occasions.

Full Home Decor

The category of "full home decor" has seen a surprising spike in search volume on Etsy. This suggests that shoppers are focusing on decorating their entire living space, rather than just specific areas like the kitchen or walls. If you specialize in home decor items, consider incorporating this keyword into your listings. Offer a range of products that can help customers achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look throughout their homes.


While it's important to note that using the term "Barbie" in your tags or descriptions is not recommended due to copyright issues, it is interesting to see that the concept of Barbie still intrigues shoppers. If you sell items that complement the Barbie theme without infringing on any trademark rights, consider optimizing your listings with relevant keywords. Find creative ways to associate your products with a Barbie aesthetic, as long as you comply with legal requirements.

Halloween Keyword Ideas and Trends

With Halloween being a prominent trend on Etsy, let's dive deeper into the specific keywords related to this popular holiday.

Pricing and Processing Time

Analyzing the top 100 listings for the keyword "Halloween," we can gather valuable insights. The average price for Halloween-related items on Etsy is around $11, indicating that customers are looking for affordable options. Additionally, the processing time for these items is relatively quick, as many listings offer digital products that can be delivered instantly. Consider pricing your Halloween items competitively and offering fast processing times to attract more buyers.

Popular Halloween Categories

To understand the products that are performing well in Halloween searches, we can analyze the most popular categories within the top 100 listings. Digital drawing, illustration prints, party decor, and decorative trays, ornaments, and accents are some of the categories that rank high in Halloween searches. These categories provide valuable insights into the types of products that customers are interested in during the Halloween season. Consider creating or optimizing your listings in these categories for better visibility and sales.

Trending Halloween Keywords

By examining the keyword ideas and search volumes, we can identify the trending Halloween keywords that are currently in high demand. Some of these keywords include Halloween shirts, sweatshirts, headbands, banners, candles, mock-ups, doormats, and more. These keywords represent specific products or themes related to Halloween and have the potential to attract a significant number of buyers. If your shop specializes in any of these products, incorporating these keywords into your listings can help you stand out in Halloween searches.


In this article, we explored the latest trends and keywords on Etsy, focusing on both general trends and specific Halloween-related keywords. Understanding these trends can help Etsy sellers optimize their listings and attract more customers. From personalized gifts to wall decor and Halloween-themed products, there are various opportunities to increase visibility and sales on Etsy. By incorporating the right keywords into your listings and staying up-to-date with current trends, you can capitalize on the ever-growing customer demand in the Etsy marketplace. So, start implementing these strategies and watch your Etsy shop thrive!

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