Weekend Sales Recap: eBay, Etsy & Poshmark | What's Hot! #44

Weekend Sales Recap: eBay, Etsy & Poshmark | What's Hot! #44

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sales on Poshmark and Etsy
  3. Sales on eBay
  4. Retail Arbitrage
  5. Selling Cookbooks and Kitchenware
  6. Collectibles and Ornaments
  7. Fashion and Clothing Sales
  8. Electronics and Tech Sales
  9. How to Price Items
  10. Conclusion

Weekend Reselling: Exploring Profitable Sales Platforms

Welcome back to my channel! If you're new here, I'm Tina, a full-time reseller. In this weekend edition, I'll be sharing my recent sales from Friday evening until Monday afternoon. Despite a slight delay in filming due to a scheduled check-up, I had a successful weekend of sales across various platforms. In this article, we'll dive into the details of my sales on Poshmark, Etsy, and eBay, as well as discuss the world of retail arbitrage, pricing strategies, and tips for selling different categories of items.

Sales on Poshmark and Etsy

While eBay remains my primary focus and main sales platform, I also make sales on Poshmark and Etsy. Over the weekend, I had one sale on Poshmark and one on Etsy. On Poshmark, I sold a pair of Mizuno running shoes for $70, which is a fantastic deal considering they are still being sold for $124 on the Mizuno website. The shoes were new without the box but had tags attached. On Etsy, I sold an embossed Santa Christmas mug for $11.99. These sales, although light on these platforms, demonstrate the potential for profitability beyond eBay.

Sales on eBay

My eBay sales were particularly fruitful over the weekend. I sold various items, ranging from clothing and accessories to collectibles and kitchenware. Among the notable sales were a Styling Company skirt for $6.99, a pair of Biotics shoes for $34.99, and a Coach Park black pebbled leather swing pack for $49.99. These sales highlight the diversity of items that can be profitable on eBay.

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is another avenue I explore in my reselling business. I shared my experience with selling Disney Frozen waffle makers and Star Wars kid-friendly headphones, both of which I purchased at a significant discount during after-holiday clearance sales. It's important to note that retail arbitrage items often require a longer time to sell, given the oversaturation in the market for popular products. Nonetheless, with patience and strategic pricing, these items can still yield considerable profits.

Selling Cookbooks and Kitchenware

Vintage cookbooks and kitchenware are among my favorite items to sell. I recently sold a 1948 Maxwell Air Force Base cookbook for $19.99, and a Pioneer Woman napkin holder for $29.47. These items may not boast high profits individually, but they are easy to source, store, and list, making them attractive for resellers looking to diversify their inventory.

Collectibles and Ornaments

Collectibles, such as Hallmark ornaments and Jim Shore figurines, continue to be popular among buyers. I sold a Hallmark ornament for $22.99 and a Jim Shore Minnie Mouse figurine for $20.95. These sales underline the value of niche collectibles and the potential for long-tail success even with items that take longer to sell.

Fashion and Clothing Sales

Clothing sales remain a significant portion of my business, and I shared various fashion-related items that found new homes over the weekend. These included a range of items, from Ralph Lauren pants and a Henri Bendel backpack to vintage dresses and Disney-themed apparel. Through careful pricing, highlighting any flaws or imperfections, and utilizing online platforms to increase exposure, I continue to achieve consistent sales in the fashion category.

Electronics and Tech Sales

While not the main focus of my business, I occasionally list and sell electronics and tech items. This weekend, I sold a Tellarite open-front fair isle cardigan sweater for $24.99 and an Under Armour short-sleeved t-shirt for $13.99. These sales highlight the potential for success in various categories and demonstrate the importance of diversifying inventory.

How to Price Items

Pricing items competitively is key to attracting buyers and ensuring profitability. I incorporate factors such as market value, condition, demand, and any unique features or flaws to determine the best price for each item. By striking a balance between affordability and profitability, I can consistently generate sales while maximizing profits.


In conclusion, reselling offers a plethora of opportunities to earn profits and build a successful business. Whether focusing on specific platforms like eBay, exploring other marketplaces like Poshmark and Etsy, delving into retail arbitrage, or selling a variety of products, resellers can adapt their strategies to meet market demands and achieve consistent sales. By diversifying inventory, offering competitive prices, and providing accurate descriptions, resellers can thrive in the online marketplace.

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