Unveiling the Festive Etsy Haul: Buying and Selling Christmas Trees!

Unveiling the Festive Etsy Haul: Buying and Selling Christmas Trees!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. West Bend Hot Cold Ice Bucket
  3. Vintage Paper Box Ice Cream Maker
  4. Vintage Devil/I Figure
  5. Ceramic Christmas Tree
  6. Novelty Planter with Squirrels
  7. Hand-Painted Ceramic Fish Plate
  8. Retro Glitter Glasses by Hazel Atlas
  9. Blue Birds of Happiness by Leo Ward
  10. Antique Abacus with Red Beads
  11. Hand-Painted Noritake Bowls
  12. Unique Plush Toy


Welcome to another exciting haul video! In this video, I will be showcasing a variety of vintage and quirky items that I recently picked up. From retro kitchenware to collectible figurines, there's something for everyone in this haul. So grab a cup of tea and let's dive into the treasures I found!

1. West Bend Hot Cold Ice Bucket

First on the list is the West Bend hot cold ice bucket. These chrome serving dishes with bakelite handles are always a hit, especially during holiday events like Christmas and Thanksgiving. With its shiny exterior and fun penguin design, this hot cold server is not only functional but also a stylish addition to any home. I've already sold several of these on my Etsy store, and this latest find is sure to be a popular item as well.

2. Vintage Paper Box Ice Cream Maker

Next up is a charming vintage paper box ice cream maker. While I'm unsure of its exact age, it has a delightful retro look, reminiscent of the 50s or 60s. This paper box, with its whimsical illustrations and instructions, adds a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen. Although I'm tempted to hold onto it for my own collection, I'll likely put it on display in my basement diner area. Priced at just a dollar, this unique find was a steal.

3. Vintage Devil/I Figure

Now, let's take a look at a truly unique and slightly quirky vintage find. I came across a devil/I figure that caught my attention immediately. With its mischievous expression and playful design, this devil/I figure is sure to be a conversation starter. I did a bit of research and found that similar items are selling for around $50. Considering I paid $22 for this one, I may price it a bit higher due to its uniqueness and my personal fondness for it.

4. Ceramic Christmas Tree

No holiday season is complete without a ceramic Christmas tree, and I was lucky enough to find a fantastic one during my shopping trip. This particular tree, with its white color and intricate texture, is a standout piece. While it doesn't have a star on top, it still exudes a vintage charm that makes it a must-have for collectors. I paid $30 for this ceramic tree, which is a great price considering its quality and popularity.

5. Novelty Planter with Squirrels

Adding a touch of kitsch to my collection, I stumbled upon a delightful squirrel-themed planter. This ceramic planter features adorable squirrels climbing a tree trunk and is made by the collectible brand Norcrest. With its anthropomorphic design and cartoon-like eyes, this planter is a whimsical addition to any home. I bought it for just $5 and believe it can fetch around $25, considering its uniqueness and potential collectibility.

6. Hand-Painted Ceramic Fish Plate

If you're a fan of ceramic pottery, you'll appreciate this hand-painted fish plate. With its intricate detailing and textured scales, this plate resembles the renowned Belleek pottery. It's signed by the artist, Tom Williams, and showcases a beautifully colored fish. Given its craftsmanship and appeal, I estimate this fish plate could sell for around $25, possibly even more depending on any additional collectibility associated with the brand.

7. Retro Glitter Glasses by Hazel Atlas

Vintage glassware always adds a touch of nostalgia to any home, and these retro glitter glasses are no exception. Made by Hazel Atlas, these glasses feature a rubberized coating adorned with glitter on the outside. They're a perfect embodiment of the mod and atomic design aesthetic of the 60s. While I have four of these glasses, I typically sell them as a set. Each glass can fetch around $10 to $12, but as a set, they may command a higher price.

8. Blue Birds of Happiness by Leo Ward

In my quest for unique collectibles, I stumbled upon two blue birds of happiness paperweights. Made by Leo Ward, these hand-blown glass creations are a beautiful addition to any home decor. Blue birds of happiness have been a popular collectible for decades, and these examples date back to 1989 and 1990. While each bird could potentially sell for $6 individually, I plan to sell them as a set to maximize their appeal, possibly pricing them at $24 with shipping included.

9. Antique Abacus with Red Beads

For those with a passion for vintage educational instruments, this antique abacus is a real gem. Made by the Lotus Flower brand, this abacus features black lacquer and red beads. While its exact age is uncertain, similar abaci from the 1920s and 1930s can fetch prices ranging from $20 to $30. The intricate design and craftsmanship make this abacus a great addition to any collection or purely as a decorative piece.

10. Hand-Painted Noritake Bowls

Though not typically my go-to choice, these hand-painted Noritake bowls caught my eye due to their stunning design and art deco motifs. The intricate patterns and use of colors make them reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s. While these bowls don't carry a specific year marking, they are marked Noritake and feature hand-painted designs. Priced at $3 each, these bowls can potentially sell for around $20 to $26, depending on their aesthetic appeal and the demand for Noritake collectibles.

11. Unique Plush Toy

Lastly, I couldn't resist the charm of a unique plush toy I came across during a trip with Barb. While plush toys are not my usual area of expertise, this particular one stood out due to its one-of-a-kind design. Although I'm not familiar with its specific brand or collectibility, I believe it has the potential to attract interest from plush toy enthusiasts. Further research is needed to determine its value and potential selling price.


And that concludes this haul video! I hope you've enjoyed the variety of vintage and quirky items I found during my recent shopping trips. From retro kitchenware to collectible figurines, there's something for everyone in this haul. Remember, these items will soon be available in my Etsy store, so keep an eye out for any pieces that caught your interest. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exciting hauls in the future!


  • West Bend hot cold ice bucket - a shiny and functional find for holiday events.
  • Vintage paper box ice cream maker - a charming retro addition to any kitchen.
  • Vintage devil/I figure - a unique and quirky collectible with mischievous charm.
  • Ceramic Christmas tree - a classic holiday decoration with a vintage touch.
  • Novelty planter with squirrels - a kitschy and adorable piece of home decor.
  • Hand-painted ceramic fish plate - a beautiful and textured addition to any dishware collection.
  • Retro glitter glasses by Hazel Atlas - stylish and fun glassware with a mod aesthetic.
  • Blue birds of happiness by Leo Ward - hand-blown glass paperweights with a timeless appeal.
  • Antique abacus with red beads - a vintage educational instrument with decorative value.
  • Hand-painted Noritake bowls - art deco-inspired pottery pieces with intricate designs.
  • Unique plush toy - a one-of-a-kind find that's bound to charm plush toy enthusiasts.

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