Unveiling the Enchanting Pullip Allura

Unveiling the Enchanting Pullip Allura

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Brief Overview of Pullip Dolls
  3. The Creation of Pullip Allura
  4. The Unique Face Up of Pullip Allura
  5. Detailed Analysis of Allura's Eyes
  6. The Intricate Details of Allura's Hair and Wig
  7. The Fashion Design Collaboration in Allura's Outfit
  8. Outfit #1: The Blouse, Corset, and Skirt Ensemble
  9. Outfit #2: The Little Black Dress
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will be discussing the enchanting world of Pullip dolls, with a focus on the captivating Pullip Allura. Designed with a dark gothic theme and an adorable charm, Allura is a doll that has captured the hearts of many collectors since her release in 2015. We will delve into the intricate details of Allura's face up, eyes, hair, and fashion, providing a comprehensive analysis of this unique doll. So let's embark on this journey and discover the magic that Pullip Allura embodies.

A Brief Overview of Pullip Dolls

Before we delve into the world of Pullip Allura, it is essential to understand the origins of Pullip dolls. Pullip was created by the collaboration between Groove, a doll manufacturer, and various artists. These dolls are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and remarkable customization options. Each Pullip doll has its own distinct personality, style, and theme, making them highly collectible for doll enthusiasts worldwide.

The Creation of Pullip Allura

Pullip Allura was designed by the talented British photographer Pure Embers, also known by her real name Laura. Pure Embers has also created other notable Pullip dolls such as Laura and Sarah. Allura's face up, created by Mitsuba G at Baby Bee, showcases a fresher and more youthful appearance compared to her sister dolls, Laura and Sarah. Her face features a beautiful combination of lilac hues, rosy lips, and enchanting eyes, bringing out a unique charm in this doll.

The Unique Face Up of Pullip Allura

Pullip Allura's face up is a masterpiece of intricate details. With a blend of white and black eyeliner, complemented by a hint of brown eyeshadow, her eyes captivate with a mysterious allure. The slight kitten flick in her eyeliner adds a touch of playfulness to her gaze, while the rosy color on her waterline gives her a vibrant and lively expression. Allura's lips, with their bitten effect, add a subtle sensuality to her overall look. The beautifully applied blush on her cheeks enhances her youthful and sweet appearance.

Detailed Analysis of Allura's Eyes

One of the standout features of Pullip Allura is her mesmerizing eyes. Groove, the creators of Pullip dolls, used a unique technique for Allura's eye chips, printing the iris and layering it with a clear coat. This approach gives her eyes a naturalistic and reflective look, resembling the mesmerizing beauty of tiger eyes. Up close, you may notice slight pixelation in the eyes, but overall, they add to the realism and charm of Allura.

The Intricate Details of Allura's Hair and Wig

Pullip Allura's hair is a major highlight of her overall charm. With a black wig featuring various random lengths, her hair has a playful and whimsical quality. The wig's glossy finish adds a touch of elegance to Allura's appearance. While some collectors have experienced issues with box hair or kinks, the wig can be styled to showcase its full beauty. Allura's wig reflects light, giving it a purple hue at certain angles, adding to the doll's captivating aura.

The Fashion Design Collaboration in Allura's Outfit

Pullip Allura's outfit was designed by the renowned Japanese doll fashion designer MooMoo Lita. This collaboration resulted in a stunning ensemble that perfectly complements Allura's dark gothic theme. The outfit consists of a blouse, corset, and skirt, all adorned with exquisite details.

Outfit #1: The Blouse, Corset, and Skirt Ensemble

Allura's first outfit features a beautifully detailed blouse. From the delicate embroidery to the ruffles and voluminous sleeves, this blouse adds an elegant touch to the doll's overall look. The red corset, with its wine red and golden fabric and beaded details, provides a striking contrast. The skirt, with its diamond fabric print, fringe, and plush elements, adds texture and vibrancy to the ensemble. The black plush fabric ears on the skirt further enhance its uniqueness and charm.

Outfit #2: The Little Black Dress

In her second outfit, Allura dons a little black dress that exudes a charming simplicity. The high Peter Pan collar, along with the puffy sleeves and cute cuffs, adds a touch of playfulness to the dress. The skirt, with its voluminous ruffles and delightful fringe, offers a delightful contrast to the sleek black fabric. Allura's manicured hands, featuring a bronzy nail polish, harmonize with the overall look of the dress.


Pullip Allura is a truly captivating doll that seamlessly blends dark gothic elements with an irresistible charm. From her meticulously designed face up, enchanting eyes, and whimsical hair to her meticulously crafted outfits, Allura embodies the perfect combination of sweetness and darkness. Collectors and doll enthusiasts alike are drawn to the allure and magic that Pullip Allura brings to their collections.

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