Unlocking Profit with Free AI Tools

Unlocking Profit with Free AI Tools

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of AI Tools
  3. PatternedAI: A Seamless Pattern Generator
  4. Selling Seamless Patterns as Digital Products
  5. Selling Seamless Patterns as Physical Products
  6. Print-on-Demand Apps for Selling Phone Cases
  7. Deep AI: Creating and Editing Images
  8. Recolorization Tool for Vintage Photos
  9. Finding Old Photos in the Public Domain
  10. Other AI Tools for Recoloring Photos
  11. AI Image Enlarger: Enhancing Image Quality
  12. Conclusion

The Power of AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we create and design products to sell. While popular AI tools like ChatGPT often steal the spotlight, there are many other free and amazing AI tools that can help users earn money every day. This article explores the untapped potential of these lesser-known AI tools and highlights how they can be used to start lucrative businesses.

PatternedAI: A Seamless Pattern Generator

One of the remarkable AI tools that often goes unnoticed is PatternedAI. This seamless pattern generator allows users to create beautiful patterns just by typing in their desired pattern description. Users don't need any pre-existing images; the AI can generate a seamless pattern solely from text. These patterns can be used to create various products, including digital paper packs for DIY crafts, origami paper, and even phone cases.

Selling Seamless Patterns as Digital Products

Etsy is a popular platform for selling digital products, such as digital paper packs. These packs contain square image files that customers can print and use for their DIY projects. By selling unique seamless patterns as digital products on Etsy, entrepreneurs can tap into a lucrative market. These digital downloads offer passive income as Etsy automatically delivers the purchased files to the customers.

Selling Seamless Patterns as Physical Products

Seamless patterns don't just sell well in digital format; they can also be highly sought-after as physical products. Phone cases, for example, provide an excellent opportunity to showcase attractive patterns. By incorporating seamless patterns into phone case designs, sellers can attract customers and generate substantial profits. Platforms like Etsy, integrated with print-on-demand apps like Printify, make it easy to create, print, and ship phone cases to customers automatically.

Deep AI: Creating and Editing Images

Deep AI offers a range of powerful AI tools for creating and editing images. While its image editor is well-known, the recolorization tool is a hidden gem. This tool allows users to upload black and white images and use AI technology to recolor them automatically. Vintage photos, particularly those from the public domain, can be turned into highly desirable products by applying AI-powered recolorization techniques.

Finding Old Photos in the Public Domain

To legally remaster old photos with AI technology, it's crucial to use images that are in the public domain or have expired copyrights. Although automated AI processes do not assist in finding such photos, searching on platforms like Google, Wikimedia Commons, Free-Images, and Rawpixel can lead to a wealth of public domain images. By exploring these databases, entrepreneurs can discover unique vintage photos that haven't been widely sold, offering them a chance to stand out in the market.

Other AI Tools for Recoloring Photos

Apart from Deep AI, there are additional AI tools that specialize in recoloring photos. Each tool has its own style and approach to recolorization, resulting in distinct aesthetic outcomes. Exploring these different AI tools, such as Colorize and Vance, allows users to experiment with various recoloring styles and find the one that best suits their artistic vision and target audience.

AI Image Enlarger: Enhancing Image Quality

When utilizing free AI tools, one common limitation is the small size of the generated images. However, AI Image Enlarger comes to the rescue by allowing users to increase the size of images without compromising quality. This tool uses intelligent technology to redraw and enlarge the image, ensuring it retains its clarity and sharpness. With AI Image Enlarger, creators can print their designs in high resolution, avoiding pixelation issues that may arise from low-resolution images.


AI tools have immense potential for generating income and creating unique products. By exploring lesser-known AI tools like PatternedAI, Deep AI, and AI Image Enlarger, entrepreneurs can tap into unexplored markets and leverage AI technology to their advantage. Whether selling digital or physical products, recoloring vintage photos, or enhancing image quality, these AI tools offer endless opportunities for innovation and success in the business world. So, don't limit yourself to ChatGPT; discover the power of these free AI tools and unleash your creativity.


  • Discover the untapped potential of lesser-known AI tools that can help you earn money.
  • PatternedAI: Create seamless patterns using just text and explore various business opportunities.
  • Sell seamless patterns as digital products and leverage the passive income potential on platforms like Etsy.
  • Explore the market for physical products like phone cases adorned with attractive seamless patterns.
  • Deep AI: Utilize the recolorization tool to transform black and white vintage photos into desirable products.
  • Find old photos in the public domain and use AI tools to recolor them, creating unique products.
  • Experiment with different AI tools like Colorize and Vance to achieve diverse recoloring styles.
  • Overcome the limitations of small images with AI Image Enlarger, ensuring high-quality prints.
  • Unleash your creativity and tap into the potential of AI tools to start innovative and profitable businesses.

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