Unlocking Pinterest for Etsy Sellers in 2023

Unlocking Pinterest for Etsy Sellers in 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Evolution of Pinterest and E-Commerce
  3. The Previous Ability to Claim Etsy Shops on Pinterest
  4. The Discontinuation of Claiming Etsy Shops
  5. The Implications for Etsy Sellers
    • Loss of Attribution and Analytics
    • Slow Ranking of Pins
  6. The Reason behind Pinterest's Change
    • The Shift towards E-Commerce
    • The Introduction of Catalogues
  7. The Limitations for Etsy Sellers
  8. The Good News: Etsy Becoming a Verified Merchant
  9. Is it Worth Building Your Own Website?
  10. How to Continue Using Pinterest to Promote Your Etsy Shop

The Evolution of Pinterest and E-Commerce

In recent years, Pinterest has been directing more of its focus towards e-commerce. This shift has brought about several changes that have left many Etsy sellers frustrated, particularly regarding the ability to claim their Etsy shop on Pinterest. In this article, we will delve into what this change means, why Pinterest made the decision, and whether Pinterest is still worth using for your Etsy shop.

The Previous Ability to Claim Etsy Shops on Pinterest

For a long time, Etsy sellers were able to connect their Etsy shop to their Pinterest account by claiming their Etsy account. This allowed attribution of the content shared on Pinterest, ensuring that the seller's information appeared alongside their products. However, this feature has been discontinued, leaving sellers unable to claim their Etsy account on Pinterest. This change has raised concerns and has left sellers wondering how to proceed.

The Implications for Etsy Sellers

The discontinuation of the claim your account feature for Etsy shops on Pinterest has several implications for sellers. Firstly, their content on Pinterest will no longer be attributed to them. This means that even if a pin leads people to an Etsy listing, the seller's Pinterest profile information will not appear on that pin anymore. As a consequence, sellers also lose the ability to track the performance of their Etsy shop pins through Pinterest analytics, as these pins are no longer officially linked to their account. Additionally, pins that are not attached to a claimed domain tend to rank slower on the platform.

On top of these frustrations, the ability to upload a catalogue of products, a requirement to access the full suite of shopping features on Pinterest, is not possible for Etsy sellers. Catalogues allow Pinterest to sync with a website and automatically add its products as pins, complete with shopping features, prices, and stock information. Etsy, being a rented space on the Etsy website and not the seller's own website, does not allow for this functionality. However, there is a glimmer of hope as Etsy is in the process of becoming a verified merchant with Pinterest. This means that even though sellers' products may not be directly attributed to them, they will be displayed as product pins on Pinterest with all the e-commerce features and advantages that come with it.

The Reason behind Pinterest's Change

The decision to discontinue the ability to claim Etsy shops on Pinterest stems from Pinterest's increasingly strong focus on e-commerce. The platform aims to encourage e-commerce sellers to utilize their catalogue feature to optimize their online presence. Catalogues provide a streamlined way for Pinterest to display and promote the products sold on a website, using them as product pins automatically. However, as an Etsy seller, this feature is unavailable unless you have your own website. Despite this limitation, many top search results for products on Pinterest are from Etsy stores.

Is it Worth Building Your Own Website?

The question arises whether it is worth the effort to build your own website solely to access all the features and advantages that Pinterest offers to e-commerce sellers. While having your own website is beneficial for various reasons, it is not recommended to go through the trouble solely for the sake of using Pinterest. Building and maintaining a website requires considerable effort, and it is crucial to evaluate if it aligns with your overall business plan and goals. If you already planned on having your own website, then incorporating Pinterest features can be an added bonus. However, it should not be the sole driving force behind creating a website.

How to Continue Using Pinterest to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Despite the changes between Etsy and Pinterest, it is still possible to effectively promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest. While you can no longer claim your shop on Pinterest, you can still link all your pins to your Etsy shop. Additionally, Etsy's catalogue feature ensures that product pins from Etsy sellers appear on Pinterest with e-commerce functionalities. Although some adjustments need to be made in terms of pin ranking and analytics tracking, Pinterest remains a valuable platform for promoting your Etsy shop.

In conclusion, the discontinuation of claiming Etsy shops on Pinterest may be disappointing, but it does not render Pinterest useless for Etsy sellers. By understanding the implications, exploring alternative options, and adapting your Pinterest strategy, you can still utilize Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to your Etsy shop. With careful planning and a focus on maximizing the available features and advantages, Pinterest can continue to be a valuable marketing tool for your Etsy business.


  • Pinterest has discontinued the ability to claim Etsy shops on its platform, leaving many sellers frustrated.
  • With a strong focus on e-commerce, Pinterest encourages sellers to use catalogues to display their products as pins automatically.
  • Etsy products can still appear on Pinterest as product pins, but attribution and analytics may be affected.
  • Etsy is in the process of becoming a verified merchant with Pinterest, enabling its products to be displayed with e-commerce features.
  • Building your own website solely for Pinterest may not be worthwhile unless it aligns with your overall business plan.
  • Despite the changes, Pinterest can still be utilized effectively to promote Etsy shops through strategic pinning.


Q: Can I still promote my Etsy shop on Pinterest without claiming it?\ A: Yes, you can still link your Etsy shop to your pins on Pinterest, although the attribution may be lost. Product pins from Etsy will still appear on Pinterest due to Etsy's catalog feature.

Q: Is it worth building my own website to access Pinterest features?\ A: It depends on your overall business plan and goals. While having your own website can offer advantages, building one solely for Pinterest may not be worth the effort. Evaluate whether it aligns with your long-term objectives.

Q: How can I track the performance of my Etsy shop pins on Pinterest?\ A: While Pinterest analytics may be affected, it is still possible to manually filter your content to check your stats. By pinning only your own content, you will have clearer visibility of the performance metrics.

Q: Are there any advantages to using Pinterest for my Etsy shop besides the attribution?\ A: Yes, Pinterest offers e-commerce features such as shopping results, stock information, and price display for product pins. This can enhance the visibility and reach of your Etsy listings.

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