Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Dream With POD & ETSY

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Dream With POD & ETSY

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Jenny's Journey: From Teacher to Successful Print-on-Demand Merchant
  3. Starting a Print-on-Demand Business During the Pandemic
  4. Tips for Success in Print on Demand and Etsy a. Be consistent in your shop b. Aim for 100 listings in your Etsy shop c. Follow the money and analyze sales trends
  5. Utilizing Mentorship Programs
  6. The Impact of the Pandemic on the Print-on-Demand Market
  7. Pricing Strategies for Print-on-Demand Products
  8. Increasing Sales and Attracting Customers a. Optimizing product descriptions and keywords b. Utilizing social media platforms
  9. Choosing the Right Products for Your Shop a. Selecting the right colors and variations b. Experimenting with different products
  10. Offering Free Shipping
  11. Custom Designs vs. Using Template Services
  12. How to Adjust Prices with Shipping Costs
  13. Managing Multiple Niches in One Shop
  14. The Importance of Free Shipping on Etsy
  15. Conclusion

The Journey of Jenny from Teacher to Successful Print-on-Demand Merchant

Printify Webinars offer valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs seeking to build a successful print-on-demand business. In this webinar, we are joined by Jenny, who shares her inspiring journey from being a teacher to becoming a thriving print-on-demand merchant. Jenny's story is a testament to the possibilities that lie within the print-on-demand industry, and she offers valuable tips and tricks for achieving success on platforms like Etsy.

Starting a Print-on-Demand Business During the Pandemic

Jenny's journey began in the spring of 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Feeling burnt out from her teaching career and seeking a way to balance motherhood with work, Jenny discovered print-on-demand as a potential solution. She researched how to create a children's book and self-published it through Amazon KDP. However, upon exploring YouTube for marketing tips, Jenny stumbled upon the world of Etsy and print-on-demand. Intrigued by the opportunity to design and sell products without the need for inventory or machinery, Jenny quickly transitioned her focus. By canceling a previous order and purchasing print-on-demand equipment, she embarked on her print-on-demand journey.

Tips for Success in Print on Demand and Etsy

Consistency is key when starting a print-on-demand business. Being willing to invest time and effort into creating listings and continuously updating your print-on-demand shop is crucial. Jenny advises aspiring entrepreneurs to aim for a minimum of 100 listings in their Etsy shop. This threshold will allow you to gather data, understand customers' preferences, and track successful trends. By following the money and analyzing sales patterns, you can build your shop around what customers are already buying.

Mentorship programs can also be tremendously beneficial for learning the ins and outs of the print-on-demand landscape. Jenny recommends seeking mentorship from experienced print-on-demand merchants who can provide guidance and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the Print-on-Demand Market

The pandemic has greatly influenced the e-commerce industry, with more people turning to online shopping for their needs. As a print-on-demand merchant, Jenny found that different niches experienced varying levels of success during the pandemic. For example, products related to social distancing and canceled events gained popularity. As restrictions lifted, traditional niches such as bachelorette parties and weddings regained prominence. Adapting to changing market demands is crucial for success in the print-on-demand industry.

Pricing Strategies for Print-on-Demand Products

Determining the right price for your print-on-demand products requires finding a balance between profitability and market competitiveness. While it is essential to cover costs and ensure a profit margin, it is equally important to make your products attractive to customers. Jenny advises avoiding pricing solely based on what others are charging. Instead, focus on developing unique positioning for your products to demonstrate their value. Experimenting with different pricing strategies can help you find the right balance.

Increasing Sales and Attracting Customers

Optimizing your Etsy listings through effective product descriptions, keywords, and mock-up images is vital to attracting customers. Remember that free shipping is highly valued by Etsy customers, as it can increase your visibility in search results and align with customers' expectations. Utilizing social media platforms can also help attract customers and generate interest in your print-on-demand products.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Shop

When selecting products for your print-on-demand shop, consider offering a variety of variations while avoiding an overwhelming number of options. Offering a few carefully selected colors and sizes allows customers to focus on making a decision rather than experiencing decision fatigue. Observe market trends and adjust your product offering accordingly.

Utilizing Custom Designs and Template Services

While custom designs can be powerful in setting your print-on-demand products apart, many entrepreneurs use template services like Canva for convenience and ease. Experiment with different graphic design tools to find the one that suits your needs and allows you to create unique designs that resonate with your target audience.

How to Adjust Prices with Shipping Costs

Finding the right balance between affordable prices and desired profit margins can be challenging. Jenny suggests using shipping profiles for determining shipping costs. By setting up specific shipping profiles for each product, you can ensure consistency and address customer expectations.

Managing Multiple Niches in One Shop

Managing multiple niches within a single print-on-demand shop is possible and can provide more opportunities for success. Aim to diversify your offerings and appeal to a broader customer base. Market research and staying updated with trends and customer demands are crucial when operating within multiple niches.

The Importance of Free Shipping on Etsy

Offering free shipping can positively impact your Etsy sales. Etsy rewards listings with free shipping by sharing them more prominently. Additionally, customers are often more inclined to purchase products when presented with free shipping options. Strategically adjusting your prices and shipping costs to incorporate free shipping can help attract more customers and boost sales.

In conclusion, starting a print-on-demand business offers significant potential for success in the ever-expanding e-commerce market. By investing in consistent shop management, utilizing mentorship programs, and adapting to market changes, entrepreneurs can achieve their financial goals and transform their passion into a profitable venture.


  • Jenny's inspiring journey from teacher to successful print-on-demand merchant
  • Strategies for success in the print-on-demand and Etsy marketplace
  • The impact of the pandemic on the print-on-demand market
  • Pricing strategies and attracting customers
  • Managing multiple niches within one shop
  • The importance of free shipping on Etsy


  1. Is it necessary to have a separate store for each niche?

    • No, you can manage multiple niches within one shop, allowing for more opportunities for success.
  2. Should I offer free shipping on Etsy to be better featured?

    • Yes, offering free shipping can improve visibility on Etsy and increase customer interest in your products.
  3. How many listings should I aim for in my Etsy shop?

    • It's recommended to have at least 100 listings to gather data, track trends, and improve your chances of attracting customers.
  4. Should I create custom designs or use template services?

    • It depends on your preference and design skills. You can create custom designs or utilize template services like Canva for convenience.
  5. How do I adjust my prices while considering shipping costs?

    • Create shipping profiles in your listings to determine shipping costs consistently. Adjust your prices to cover expenses while remaining competitive in the market.
  6. Can I run an Etsy store if I am not a U.S. citizen?

    • Yes, you can run an Etsy store regardless of your citizenship.
  7. How has the pandemic affected the print-on-demand market?

    • The pandemic led to increased e-commerce activity, providing more opportunities for print-on-demand entrepreneurs. Various niches experienced fluctuations in demand.
  8. Should I prioritize having a few great-looking products or offer designs on as many products as possible?

    • It's best to focus on quality over quantity. Starting with a few well-designed products can lead to success, and you can gradually expand your product offerings based on customer demand.
  9. How do I increase sales and attract customers to my print-on-demand shop?

    • Optimize your product descriptions, utilize SEO strategies, and offer free shipping. Actively promote your shop on social media platforms to attract customers.
  10. How do I manage multiple niches within one shop?

    • Research market trends, observe customer demands, and diversify your offerings to appeal to a broader customer base.
  11. How much profit margin should I aim for on my print-on-demand products?

    • A profit margin of around 30-40% is considered reasonable in the print-on-demand industry.
  12. Can I run a successful print-on-demand business without being an extrovert?

    • Absolutely! With print-on-demand, you can focus on product creation and utilize SEO strategies rather than relying on extensive personal interactions with customers.
  13. What graphic design tools are recommended for creating custom designs?

    • There are various options available, such as Canva, GoDaddy Studios, and Procreate. Choose a tool that suits your design preferences and skill level.

In this printify webinar, Jenny from the shop shares her inspiring journey from being a teacher to becoming a successful print-on-demand merchant. She provides valuable tips and insights into starting and running a print-on-demand business, along with strategies for achieving success on platforms like Etsy. The impact of the pandemic on the print-on-demand market is discussed, as well as the importance of pricing, attracting customers, and managing multiple niches in one shop. The importance of offering free shipping on Etsy and utilizing custom designs or template services is also explored. Overall, this webinar provides a comprehensive guide for aspiring print-on-demand entrepreneurs looking to build and grow their businesses.

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