Unleash Your Etsy Shop's Potential with Etsy Hunt

Unleash Your Etsy Shop's Potential with Etsy Hunt

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Etsy Hunt?
  3. Features of Etsy Hunt
    • Product Search
    • Etsy Product Charts
    • Keywords Research
    • Top Etsy Shops
    • Chrome Extension
  4. Pros of Etsy Hunt
  5. Cons of Etsy Hunt
  6. Using the Free Version vs. Paid Plans
  7. Accuracy of the Data
  8. Conclusion


Etsy Hunt is a tool designed for Etsy sellers to improve their rankings in the Etsy search results and increase sales. With a range of helpful features, Etsy Hunt offers sellers tools for keyword research, product analysis, and gaining insights into competitor products and shop rankings.

What is Etsy Hunt?

Etsy Hunt is a free Etsy analysis tool that also offers paid plans. It provides Etsy sellers with valuable insights into competitor products, product research, keyword research, shop rankings, and Etsy reviews. By utilizing this tool, sellers can gain a competitive edge and enhance their sales on Etsy.

Features of Etsy Hunt

Product Search

One of the best ways to start using Etsy Hunt is by conducting a product search to generate ideas. Users can input keywords related to the products they are interested in and filter the search results by category and product type (digital or handmade). This feature allows sellers to explore different product ideas and discover popular items within their niche.

Etsy Product Charts

Etsy Hunt offers product charts that showcase the top-selling and rising products on Etsy. The rising chart displays products that are increasing in popularity, providing sellers with real-time insights into current market trends. The best-selling chart, on the other hand, shows products that are consistently popular on Etsy.

Keywords Research

The keyword research feature allows users to gain valuable information for their products. By inputting relevant keywords, sellers can analyze the popularity and competition of different keywords. This data helps them understand which keywords are highly searched and identify potential product opportunities.

Top Etsy Shops

For sellers looking to gather inspiration or gain insights into successful Etsy shops, Etsy Hunt provides a list of top Etsy shops. Users can filter the results by category, allowing them to explore top-performing shops within their niche. This feature is especially useful for understanding product trends and successful marketing strategies.

Chrome Extension

Etsy Hunt offers a free Chrome extension that facilitates the generation of tag ideas. When searching for specific keywords on Etsy, the extension displays popular tags with low competition. This feature helps sellers optimize their listing tags, making their products more discoverable to potential buyers.

Pros of Etsy Hunt

  • Provides valuable insights into competitor products and shop rankings.
  • Offers keyword research tools to discover popular and relevant keywords.
  • Allows users to filter search results by category and product type.
  • Provides information about top-performing Etsy shops for inspiration and analysis.
  • Free Chrome extension helps generate tags with low competition.
  • Suitable for digital and printable product sellers.

Cons of Etsy Hunt

  • Some features are only available in the paid plans, limiting access for users on the free plan.
  • Data provided by Etsy Hunt and similar tools is estimated and not 100% accurate.
  • More advanced keyword tools may only be available in paid plans of other platforms.

Using the Free Version vs. Paid Plans

The free version of Etsy Hunt offers users a range of useful features that are sufficient to get started with keyword research and product analysis. However, for sellers looking for more in-depth analysis, advanced keyword tools, and the ability to optimize their listings, the paid plans may be more suitable. It primarily depends on the seller's goals and the scale they want to achieve on Etsy.

Accuracy of the Data

It is important to note that Etsy Hunt, like other keyword tools, provides estimated data based on algorithms and public information available on Etsy and Google. While the information regarding a shop's number of sales, prices, and shipping policies is accurate, data related to search volume and sales volume is estimated. Users should consider this when making decisions based on the data provided.


In conclusion, Etsy Hunt is a great tool, especially for sellers of digital and printable products, to conduct keyword research and gain insights into competitor products and shop rankings. The free plan offers valuable features, and the paid plans provide more in-depth analysis and advanced tools. Despite the estimated nature of the data, Etsy Hunt can be a valuable asset for Etsy sellers looking to enhance their sales and improve their shop's performance.

Etsy Hunt: Taking Your Etsy Shop to New Heights

Are you an Etsy seller looking to boost your shop's performance and increase sales? Look no further than Etsy Hunt, a powerful tool designed to help Etsy sellers improve their rankings in search results and make more sales. With its range of helpful features and valuable insights into competitor products, keywords, and shop rankings, Etsy Hunt is a must-have tool in every seller's toolbox.

Product Search: Unleash Your Creativity

One of the standout features of Etsy Hunt is its powerful product search functionality. Whether you're looking for new product ideas or conducting keyword research, the product search feature is your go-to tool. Seamlessly filter search results by category and product type (digital or handmade) to discover trending products and gain inspiration within your niche. With Etsy Hunt, creativity knows no bounds.

Etsy Product Charts: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Staying on top of the latest trends is crucial for Etsy sellers. With Etsy Product Charts, you can track the top-selling and rising products on Etsy. The rising chart showcases products that are gaining popularity in real-time, while the best-selling chart highlights consistently successful products. By leveraging these insights, you can strategically position your products and ride the wave of success.

Keywords Research: Unlock the Secret Language of Etsy

Keywords play a vital role in making your products discoverable on Etsy. Etsy Hunt's powerful keywords research feature allows you to identify popular keywords and analyze their competition. Gain valuable insights into search volume and competition to optimize your listings and attract more potential buyers. Dominate the Etsy search results by speaking the secret language of keywords.

Top Etsy Shops: Learn From the Best

Learning from successful Etsy sellers is a smart strategy to elevate your own shop. With Etsy Hunt, you can explore the top Etsy shops within your niche and gain inspiration from their products and marketing strategies. Filter the results by category to dive deep into the most successful shops in your specific field. Let the top performers guide you on your path to success.

Chrome Extension: Simplifying Your Workflow

Simplicity and efficiency are key to running a successful Etsy shop. That's why Etsy Hunt provides a free Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with Etsy. This extension helps you generate tag ideas directly within the Etsy platform, making it easier than ever to optimize your listings. Enhance your workflow and save time with this valuable tool at your disposal.

In summary, Etsy Hunt is the ultimate companion for Etsy sellers seeking to level up their shops. With its extensive capabilities in product search, keywords research, and competitor analysis, Etsy Hunt empowers sellers to make data-driven decisions and unlock new opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned seller or just starting out, Etsy Hunt is your ticket to success on Etsy. Don't miss out on this game-changing tool – give your Etsy shop the boost it deserves.

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