Unboxing a $100 Etsy Funko Pop Mystery Box: What's Inside?

Unboxing a $100 Etsy Funko Pop Mystery Box: What's Inside?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Werewolf and Godzilla Sodas
  3. Alfred E. Newman Funko Pop
  4. Etsy Funko Pop Mystery Box
  5. Marvel Studio Lego Minifigs
  6. Ghostbusters Funko Soda
  7. WWE Funko Pops
  8. Other Funko Pops
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ


Welcome back to the channel, everyone! Today, we have another exciting Funko Pop adventure in store for you. We're diving into the world of mystery boxes and exclusive collectibles, exploring everything from werewolf and Godzilla sodas to Etsy Funko Pop mystery boxes. Get ready for a thrill ride of surprises and discoveries as we unbox some amazing finds. Join us as we embark on this Funko Pop journey together!

Werewolf and Godzilla Sodas

Before we dive into the mystery boxes, let's start with a couple of cool finds from our local comic shop. We grabbed a werewolf soda and a Godzilla soda for our personal collection. The werewolf soda, although a common variant, still adds a touch of uniqueness to our collection. As for Godzilla, it's our first regular version of this iconic character. Although we didn't get the chase variants, we're thrilled to have these classic creatures grace our shelves. Their detailed designs and hefty size make them standout pieces in any collection.

Alfred E. Newman Funko Pop

Next up, we have a fantastic addition to our Funko Pop lineup—the Alfred E. Newman Funko Pop from Mad Magazine. Growing up, Mad Magazine was a beloved publication, and this Funko Pop brings back a wave of nostalgia. The common variant captures all the quirky charm of Alfred E. Newman, but we were lucky enough to also snag the chase variant. This Funko Pop combo is a true gem for any collector, especially those who appreciate the charm of vintage pop culture.

Etsy Funko Pop Mystery Box

Now, let's dive into the world of Etsy Funko Pop mystery boxes. We ordered a $100 box from one of our favorite sellers, Just Ice Collectibles. The anticipation is high as we open the box and eagerly explore its contents. Just Ice Collectibles always delivers top-quality products, making this mystery box an exciting adventure.

Marvel Studio Lego Minifigs

Inside the mystery box, we discover a delightful surprise—a collection of Marvel Studio Lego Minifigs. These pint-sized heroes add a fun twist to our Funko Pop collection. As we unbox each minifig, the excitement builds. From Spider-Man to Captain America, these minifigs bring our favorite Marvel characters to life in a new and unique way.

Ghostbusters Funko Soda

Continuing in the realm of Funko sodas, we unveil the Ghostbusters Funko Soda. Specifically, we reveal the Egon Spangler variant from the iconic Ghostbusters franchise. While we already have the common variant, we're still on the hunt for the elusive chase variant. The Funko Soda design captures the essence of the character, and the detailed packaging adds an extra layer of charm.

WWE Funko Pops

No Funko Pop adventure is complete without a thrilling lineup of WWE Funko Pops. We unbox multiple WWE Pop figures, including exciting exclusives and fan favorites. From Stone Cold Steve Austin to Ric Flair, these wrestling-themed Funko Pops take us back to the electrifying world of sports entertainment. Each figure represents a beloved wrestler and serves as a nostalgic reminder of our favorite moments in the ring.

Other Funko Pops

In addition to our WWE haul, we discover a few more surprises in the mystery box. Funko Pops from various series and genres grace our collection. From exclusives to common variants, each Funko Pop adds its own unique flair and personality to our ever-growing display. Whether you're a fan of superheroes, movies, or iconic characters, there's something for everyone in the world of Funko Pop collecting.


As our Funko Pop adventure comes to a close, we reflect on the excitement and joy that each mystery box brings. From the captivating werewolf and Godzilla sodas to the elusive chase variants and nostalgic gems, Funko Pop collecting is a journey worth embarking on. Each piece holds a story and invokes a sense of wonder and nostalgia. So, join us as we continue to explore the fascinating world of Funko Pops and uncover hidden treasures along the way.


Q: Where can I find these Funko Pops? A: You can find Funko Pops in various retail stores, online marketplaces, and specialty Funko Pop shops.

Q: Are Funko Pops limited edition? A: Some Funko Pops are limited edition, featuring chase variants or exclusives. These limited editions can be harder to find and are often highly sought after by collectors.

Q: How should I display my Funko Pop collection? A: There are various ways to display your Funko Pop collection, such as using shelves, display cases, or wall-mounted pegboards. Find a method that suits your space and showcases your collection effectively.

Q: Can I trade or sell Funko Pops? A: Yes, you can trade or sell Funko Pops through online platforms, collectible conventions, or local collector communities. Ensure you research the value and condition of the Funko Pop before making any transactions.

Q: Are there any rare or valuable Funko Pops? A: Yes, some Funko Pops are considered rare or valuable due to limited production runs, exclusivity, or unique variants. These rare Funko Pops can fetch higher prices among collectors.

Q: What makes Funko Pop collecting enjoyable? A: Funko Pop collecting brings joy through the nostalgia of beloved characters, the thrill of hunting for exclusives or chase variants, and the opportunity to connect with fellow collectors who share the same passion.

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