Turn Your Design Skills into Profit with a Sticker Business on Etsy

Turn Your Design Skills into Profit with a Sticker Business on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shifting Towards a Profitable Business
  3. Necessary Equipment for Product Creation
  4. Using Adobe Illustrator to Create Sticker Packs
  5. Printing and Cutting Sticker Sheets with the Epson ET 2800 and Cricut
  6. Photography for Etsy Shop Listings
  7. Packaging and Shipping Orders
  8. Current Product Offerings
  9. Ensuring Consistency in Product Listings
  10. Conclusion

Shifting Towards a Profitable Business

In this video, I am excited to share with you my plans for shifting the content of my channel towards a profitable business. While I will still continue to create design and illustrated content, I am now focusing on turning these skills into physical products that can be sold. This is a new direction for me, and in this video, I will show you the equipment I acquired to make this happen and take you through the process of creating and selling my first products on Etsy.

Let's dive in and see how this journey unfolds.


Hey guys! I'm super excited for today's video because I have some exciting news to share with all of you. Over the past couple of years, I've been using this channel to showcase my design and illustrated content. And while I will continue to create those types of videos, I wanted to take things a step further. Today, I want to introduce you to my new venture of turning my skills into a profitable business.

I've been working behind the scenes to develop assets and products that I can now share with all of you. Although I'm not yet certain of the exact direction this venture will take, I wanted to document my journey and take you along for the ride. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Shifting Towards a Profitable Business

Turning my creative skills into a profitable business has always been a dream of mine. And now, I'm finally taking the leap. In this section, I'll be sharing my thoughts and ideas on how I plan to make this transition, as well as the equipment I've acquired to make it all happen.

Necessary Equipment for Product Creation

To turn my designs into physical products, I needed to invest in some equipment. The two main items I acquired were the Epson ET 2800 printer and the Cricut cutting machine.

Epson ET 2800 Printer

The Epson ET 2800 printer stood out to me because of its individual fill cartridges, which allow me to save money on ink. This feature is essential because, with the volume of printing I'll be doing, saving on ink costs is crucial. This printer also delivers vibrant colors and produces high-quality prints.

Cricut Cutting Machine

The Cricut cutting machine is a game-changer when it comes to precision cutting. It enables me to create die-cut stickers, as well as kiss-cut sheets, all with utmost accuracy and professionalism. This machine streamlines the process and enhances the overall quality of the products.

With these two pieces of equipment in hand, I am now ready to embark on this new venture with confidence.

Using Adobe Illustrator to Create Sticker Packs

In order to create sticker packs, I utilize Adobe Illustrator. This software allows me to arrange and position my designs on a sheet, effectively transforming them into a cohesive product. Since I have a library of assets from previous videos, I can easily incorporate them into the sticker pack designs.

Printing and Cutting Sticker Sheets with the Epson ET 2800 and Cricut

Once the sticker pack designs are ready, I proceed to print them using the Epson ET 2800 printer. The printer's color accuracy and paper quality create vibrant and glossy prints, which are essential for high-quality stickers.

Next, I transfer the printed sheets to the Cricut cutting machine. The Cricut machine cuts out the sheet and applies a kiss-cut around each sticker. This feature allows for easy peeling of the stickers, enhancing the user experience.

There's something incredibly satisfying about seeing the finished product being peeled off the mat.

Photography for Etsy Shop Listings

To showcase my products on Etsy, I need captivating photographs. In this section, I explore different backgrounds and styles for my product photography to find what works best. Through trial and error, I aim to create visually appealing images that attract potential customers.

Packaging and Shipping Orders

Once an order is received on Etsy, it's time to package the products and ship them to the customers. In this section, I demonstrate my packaging process, including adding extra freebies and a personalized thank you card. Etsy's integrated shipping label feature makes the process seamless, allowing me to print shipping labels directly onto the envelopes.

Current Product Offerings

In this section, I showcase the current products I offer in my Etsy shop. I take a closer look at each product and highlight their top quality. I'm proud of the products I've created, and I believe they rival those found in mainstream stores. Additionally, I include a heartfelt thank you note in each package to express my gratitude to the customers.

Ensuring Consistency in Product Listings

Consistency is key when it comes to attracting customers on Etsy. In this section, I discuss the importance of consistent product photography and layout throughout my shop listings. I strive to create a cohesive and visually appealing image, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of my brand's identity.


That's a wrap for today's video! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my journey of turning my design and illustrated skills into a profitable business. This is just the beginning, and I'm excited to continue documenting and sharing this process with all of you.

If you're also embarking on a similar journey or have any tips or experiences to share, please leave them in the comments below. I'd love to learn from each other and support one another as we navigate the world of Etsy and online entrepreneurship.

Thanks for watching, and until next time, peace out!

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