Transform Your Bedroom with a Stunning Etsy Headboard

Transform Your Bedroom with a Stunning Etsy Headboard

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Arrival of the Headboard
  3. Background Story
  4. Plans for Hanging the Headboard
  5. Preparation and Painting
  6. Putting the Headboard Together
  7. Decorating the Back of the Headboard
  8. Moving the Bed and Hanging the Headboard
  9. The Final Result
  10. Conclusion

Putting Together Our New Headboard: Finally Completing Our Bedroom Update


In this article, we will share the exciting journey of putting together our new headboard. After months of waiting for it to arrive, we are finally able to complete our bedroom update. From the moment the headboard arrived to the final result, we will take you through each step and share our experience with you. So, let's dive in and see how we transformed our bedroom with this gorgeous piece.

The Arrival of the Headboard

After patiently waiting for our headboard to arrive, we were thrilled when it finally showed up at our doorstep. We had purchased it from Etsy, and it came in three separate pieces. As we unboxed it, we couldn't contain our excitement. This headboard had been on our wishlist for a long time, and now we were ready to put it together and see how it would enhance our bedroom décor.

Background Story

Our bedroom had been missing a headboard for quite some time. We had recently updated our bed, but finding the perfect headboard proved to be a challenge. After extensive research, we stumbled upon this beautiful piece on Etsy. It captured our attention instantly, and we knew it was the missing element in our bedroom. We ordered it and eagerly awaited its arrival.

Plans for Hanging the Headboard

Although the headboard came with its own hardware, we wanted to ensure it was securely attached to the wall. We didn't want any mishaps or wobbling, so we devised a plan to hang it up as one solid piece. To achieve this, we decided to place the headboard on the floor and assemble it there. This way, we could easily lift it up and hang it on the wall without any complications.

Preparation and Painting

Before putting the headboard together, we took some time to prepare the area. We cleared the living room, which had become a temporary storage space, and laid out all the necessary tools and materials. Additionally, we painted the side of the headboard that wouldn't be visible with the same color as our bedroom walls. This ensured a seamless look and prevented any visible discrepancies.

Putting the Headboard Together

With all the preparations done, we began putting the headboard together. Each piece was carefully aligned and fastened according to the instructions. We made sure everything was secure and tight, guaranteeing the headboard's stability once it was hung on the wall. It was a moment of anticipation as we saw the headboard take shape before our eyes.

Decorating the Back of the Headboard

To add a personal touch, we decided to decorate the back of the headboard. We grabbed a marker and started brainstorming what to write. In the end, we settled for a simple yet meaningful message that captured our love and the imperfection of it. It was a small detail that made the headboard even more special to us.

Moving the Bed and Hanging the Headboard

After assembling the headboard, it was time to move the bed and hang it on the wall. We carefully lifted the bed, making sure not to bump it into anything, and positioned it in the desired spot. Then, with the help of our trusty tools, we hung the headboard securely on the wall. It was a moment of triumph as we saw the headboard in its rightful place, completing our bedroom update.

The Final Result

The final result exceeded our expectations. The headboard added a sense of elegance and sophistication to our bedroom. Its unique design perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the room. From the moment we completed the headboard, we knew it was worth every bit of the waiting and effort. It truly transformed our bedroom into a cozy and stylish sanctuary.


Putting together our new headboard was a thrilling experience. From the arrival of the package to the final result, we witnessed the transformation of our bedroom. The headboard became the focal point, adding a touch of luxury and completing our bedroom update. We hope our journey inspires you to bring your own vision to life and create a space that reflects your personality and style. Remember, the right piece can make all the difference in transforming a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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