Success and Failure: My Journey with 2 Etsy Shops

Success and Failure: My Journey with 2 Etsy Shops

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Unsuccessful T-Shirt Shop
  3. The Successful Digital Downloads Shop
  4. Why the Second Shop Was Successful
  5. Background of the Digital Downloads Shop
  6. Comparison of Sales and Visits Over the Years
  7. The Decision to Change Products
  8. Challenges and Considerations
  9. Future Plans for a New Etsy Shop
  10. Conclusion

The Journey of My Etsy Shops

In this podcast episode, I want to share with you my experience of running two Etsy shops - one that was unsuccessful and another that gained significant traction. Each shop had its own unique characteristics and ultimately led me to make important decisions regarding my business. By exploring these two contrasting experiences, I hope to provide valuable insights into the world of e-commerce and the factors that contribute to a shop's success.

1. The Unsuccessful T-Shirt Shop

Let's start by discussing my first Etsy shop, which focused on selling t-shirts. Initially, I thought that utilizing drop shipping services for fulfillment would streamline the process. However, due to a lack of promotion and marketing efforts, the shop failed to generate any significant sales. I neglected to run advertisements or leverage social media platforms to increase awareness. In hindsight, it became evident that without active promotion, the shop's potential remained untapped. This experience raised crucial questions about the importance of strategic marketing in the success of an online business.

2. The Successful Digital Downloads Shop

Contrasting with the underperforming t-shirt shop, my second Etsy venture focused on selling digital downloads. This shop gained traction because it aligned with my professional expertise and the work I did in my day-to-day job. Customers visiting the shop found reassurance in my credibility, which translated into sales. Digital downloads offered advantages like ease of creation, updates, and no shipping concerns. The absence of physical products and the simplicity of the process made it an appealing venture. Over the years, this shop experienced steady growth and provided invaluable lessons about leveraging expertise for business success.

3. Why the Second Shop Was Successful

The success of the digital downloads shop can be attributed to various factors. The primary reason lies in the alignment of the shop's products with my professional background. Customers perceived the shop as a reliable source of knowledge and quality digital products, which instilled confidence in their purchasing decisions. Unlike the t-shirt shop, the second shop had a clear value proposition and resonated with the target audience. This success highlighted the importance of finding a niche and capitalizing on expertise to establish a strong market presence.

4. Background of the Digital Downloads Shop

My digital downloads shop was initiated in 2021 and primarily offered products related to my profession. The shop witnessed 1,929 visits and had 73 orders in its first year, despite not being operational for the whole year. As the shop expanded its product offerings in 2022, the number of visits increased to over 5,000, resulting in 247 orders. This growth showcased the potential of the shop and paved the way for further expansion. However, in 2023, I decided to pivot and explore new avenues, leading to a decline in orders and visits.

5. Comparison of Sales and Visits Over the Years

Analyzing the sales and visits data from both years, it becomes evident that 2022 was the most successful year for the digital downloads shop. With 247 orders and over 5,000 visits, this year marked significant growth. However, it is essential to acknowledge the role of marketing efforts and in-depth promotional campaigns in achieving these numbers. The comparison between 2021 and 2023 shows a decline in orders and visits due to my decision to shift focus towards new endeavors.

6. The Decision to Change Products

After successfully running the digital downloads shop for several years, I reached a pivotal moment where I decided to change the product offerings. The driving force behind this decision was the need for personal and professional growth. While the shop's performance was promising, I wanted to explore new avenues and challenge myself creatively. This shift required careful consideration and preparation to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining a sustainable income.

7. Challenges and Considerations

Transitioning from an established shop to a new venture comes with its challenges. While maintaining the digital downloads shop's presence, I had to design and introduce new products to attract customers. Managing the influx of orders from both shops presented logistical obstacles that required careful consideration. Additionally, maintaining clarity and coherence in the Etsy shop's identity became crucial to avoid confusion among potential buyers.

8. Future Plans for a New Etsy Shop

As I embark on a new chapter in my Etsy journey, I plan to launch another shop with a fresh focus. Leveraging the lessons learned from my past experiences and considering the evolving e-commerce landscape, I aim to create a shop that combines my expertise and passion. The goal is to establish a strong market presence while maintaining consistent growth and customer satisfaction. Although the specifics of the new shop are yet to be announced, I am excited about the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

9. Conclusion

My journey as an Etsy shop owner has been a rollercoaster ride of successes, failures, and crucial decision-making. The contrasting experiences of my two shops highlighted the importance of strategic marketing, niche alignment, and leveraging professional expertise. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and continually evolve in pursuit of their own Etsy success. The world of e-commerce offers immense potential for growth, and with dedication, creativity, and adaptability, anyone can carve their path to prosperity.


  • Two contrasting experiences of running Etsy shops
  • The importance of marketing and promotion in achieving sales
  • Aligning products with professional expertise for success
  • Analyzing sales and visits data to gauge shop performance
  • The decision to pivot and explore new business avenues
  • Overcoming challenges and considerations when transitioning shops
  • Future plans for launching a new Etsy shop
  • Embracing challenges, failures, and lessons learned

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