Stylish Summer Fashion Haul

Stylish Summer Fashion Haul

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. ModCloth: Items that didn't work out
  3. ModCloth: Items that I love
  4. Etsy: Custom-made dresses
  5. BoxLunch: Sailor Moon blouse
  6. Other random items from various stores
  7. American Eagle: Two-piece set
  8. American Eagle: Jumpsuit and pants
  9. Wrapping up summer, looking forward to autumn
  10. Conclusion

ModCloth: Items that didn't work out

One of the items I received from ModCloth that didn't work out was a denim skirt. I ordered it in a 2x, but it turned out to be too big for me. However, I plan on exchanging it for a size down because I love the style and think it will be a great transition piece for the end of summer and beginning of fall. Another item that didn't fit me properly was a dress. I also ordered this in a 2x, but the bust area was too large for me. However, I plan on getting it tailored so that it fits me better because I adore the print and color of the dress.

ModCloth: Items that I love

Now, let's move on to the items from ModCloth that I absolutely love. One of my favorites is a short-sleeve cardigan with cute cat patterns all over it. The material of this cardigan is incredibly soft, and it will be perfect for the office during the fall season. I also adore a two-piece set that I wore on my birthday. The set includes a mini skirt with prints of zebras, giraffes, leopards, and lions, and a matching t-shirt with the same print. The set gives me a fun and playful vibe, and I love how versatile it is.

Etsy: Custom-made dresses

I'm a big fan of purchasing custom-made clothing from Etsy, particularly from a specific seller based in Thailand. I love the fact that the dresses from this seller are oversized and flowy, which gives them a unique and bohemian look. The seller is very accommodating and will make custom changes to the designs upon request. I own numerous dresses from this seller, and they have become a significant portion of my wardrobe. The dresses are also reasonably priced for being custom-made.

BoxLunch: Sailor Moon blouse

I received a beautiful blouse from BoxLunch as a birthday present. The blouse features Sailor Moon designs with different magical compacts. I love the fact that the collar is in a delicate baby pink color, which adds a feminine touch to the blouse. The material is sheer chiffon, making it perfect for layering or wearing on its own. I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so that I can finally wear this blouse and show off my love for Sailor Moon.

Other random items from various stores

During my shopping spree, I also picked up a few items from random stores that caught my eye. One of them is a t-shirt with characters from "The Emperor's New Groove". I've received numerous inquiries about this shirt because it seems like many people share my love for the movie. I also explored different styles, such as oversized smock dresses from a variety of sources. These dresses are comfortable and perfect for casual wear. I also added a knitted polo shirt to my collection, which I thought would go well with a denim skirt for a retro look.

American Eagle: Two-piece set

I always enjoy browsing American Eagle's collection because their clothes are not only fashionable but also inclusive. They have a wide range of sizes and use diverse models in their marketing campaigns. One of my favorite outfits from American Eagle is a two-piece set, consisting of a tie-front crop top and flowy pants. The print, color, and fabric of both pieces are perfect for the late summer and early autumn seasons. They are comfortable and versatile, making them an excellent addition to my wardrobe.

American Eagle: Jumpsuit and pants

Another amazing find from American Eagle is a rust-colored jumpsuit. The eyelet flowers down the legs and crochet-style top give it a unique and bohemian look. It's an ideal late fall and early autumn piece. I also purchased a pair of mom jeans from American Eagle, which have become my go-to jeans. The pleats above the pockets add a touch of style, and the fit is true to the mom jeans trend of the 80s.

Wrapping up summer, looking forward to autumn

As the summer season comes to a close, I'm excited to transition into autumn and enjoy all the things that come with it. I love the idea of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and visiting corn mazes. I'm also looking forward to wearing cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots. Autumn is a time of change and renewal, and I can't wait to embrace the season's fashion and vibes.


In conclusion, I am thrilled with the new additions to my wardrobe for the summer to fall transition. From the ModCloth items that I love to the custom-made dresses I purchased from Etsy, each piece reflects my personal style and passion for fashion. The BoxLunch Sailor Moon blouse and other random items add a touch of uniqueness to my collection. Finally, the American Eagle two-piece set and mom jeans are versatile and trendy pieces that I will wear regularly. As summer winds down, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of autumn and the opportunity to flaunt these fantastic clothing items.

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