Revive Your Dead Etsy Listing!

Revive Your Dead Etsy Listing!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Issue: Dead Listings on Etsy
    • The common problem of dead listings
    • The need to be cautious when making changes to best-selling listings
  3. Analyzing the Reasons behind a Dead Listing
    • Seasonality and trendiness as factors affecting sales
    • Outside traffic and its impact on listing performance
    • Determining the search engine's role in presenting listings
  4. Guidelines for Reworking Dead Listings
    • Making a copy of the original listing
    • Evaluating the recency of the listing
    • Identifying specific reasons for the decline in sales
  5. Optimizing Keywords for Improved Search Placement
    • Using common sense to determine popular keywords
    • Utilizing keyword research tools for Etsy
    • Exploring trending keywords on Google Trends
    • Analyzing keyword performance in the stats of popular listings
  6. Enhancing Listing Visuals for Better Click-through Rates
    • Assessing the quality of listing photos
    • Deciding which photos to improve or replace
  7. Leveraging Descriptions and Additional Information
    • Understanding the role of descriptions in Etsy search
    • Making descriptions easier to find and read for customers
    • Utilizing the materials section and infographics in photos
  8. Letting Etsy Algorithm Analyze the Listing
    • Giving Etsy time to understand the listing
    • Importance of interactions and traffic in search placement
    • Using Etsy Ads or external promotion to drive traffic
    • Legal considerations when putting a new listing on sale
  9. Monitoring and Adjusting Keyword Performance
    • Analyzing keyword data and ensuring accuracy
    • Incorporating successful keywords into old listings if necessary
    • Considering whether to delete the old listing and focus on the new one
  10. Conclusion


Understanding and Reviving Dead Listings on Etsy


As an Etsy seller, you may have encountered the frustrating situation of a once-bestselling listing suddenly becoming stagnant or "dead." The decline in sales can leave you wondering what went wrong and how to revive the listing's success. In this article, I will discuss the common problem of dead listings on Etsy and provide guidance on how to rework them effectively.

Understanding the Issue: Dead Listings on Etsy

It is not uncommon for a listing to experience a period of high sales followed by a sudden decline. This phenomenon occurs due to the unique nature of the Etsy algorithm and customer behavior. Etsy's algorithm takes into account various factors, including keyword relevance, customer interaction, and outside traffic sources, to determine a listing's search placement.

When considering reworking a dead listing, it is crucial to exercise caution. If a listing was once a bestseller, it means there is something about that listing that Etsy likes and wants to show to potential customers. However, it is also vital to remember that customer preferences and trends change over time.

Analyzing the Reasons behind a Dead Listing

To effectively revive a dead listing, it is essential to understand the reasons behind its decline. Some factors to consider include:

  1. Seasonality and trendiness: Determine if the listing's declining popularity is linked to seasonality or a decrease in trendiness. If the listing was heavily promoted on a social media platform or relied on a specific trend, its decline may be expected.
  2. Outside traffic sources: Consider whether the listing's traffic was primarily from external sources rather than Etsy search results. If this is the case, making changes to the listing may not significantly impact its performance.
  3. The role of the search engine: Etsy's search placement goes beyond keywords alone and takes into account customer interaction. Changing aspects of a listing that affect how customers click through to it can potentially impact its search placement.

Guidelines for Reworking Dead Listings

When reworking a dead listing, several guidelines can help ensure success:

  1. Make a copy of the original listing: To avoid damaging the SEO and search placement of a best-selling listing, create a separate copy to work on.
  2. Evaluate recency: Consider the period since the listing was a bestseller. If it has been several months, making changes to the original listing may be acceptable. However, if the decline is recent, refrain from making any alterations.
  3. Identify specific reasons for the decline: If possible, determine why the listing's popularity declined. This can help assess whether it was primarily due to search engine factors or external influences.
  4. Optimize keywords for improved search placement: Utilize common sense and Etsy keyword research tools to identify popular keywords in your industry. Incorporate accurate and engaging keywords into the listing title and tags to increase visibility.
  5. Enhance listing visuals: Evaluate the quality of listing photos and consider improving or replacing them if necessary. While visuals may not impact search placement directly, they play a crucial role in enticing customers to click through from search results.
  6. Leverage descriptions and additional information: Although Etsy does not prioritize descriptions for search placement, they provide value to customers. Ensure descriptions are easy to read and consider utilizing other areas, such as the materials section and infographics in photos, to provide important information.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article, where we will explore the importance of giving Etsy time to understand the reworked listing, as well as monitoring and adjusting keyword performance.


  • Dead listings on Etsy can be revived by carefully reworking them without jeopardizing their search placement.
  • Analyzing factors such as seasonality, trendiness, and outside traffic sources can help understand the decline in sales.
  • Guidelines for reworking dead listings include making copies, evaluating recency, and optimizing keywords and visuals.
  • Descriptions play a role in customer engagement, and utilizing infographics and other sections can improve the presentation of information.
  • Giving Etsy algorithm time to analyze the reworked listings is crucial for search placement and sales revival.


Q: Can I make changes to a listing that was a bestseller? A: It is essential to be cautious when making changes to a best-selling listing. If the listing was popular, there is likely something about it that Etsy algorithm and customers appreciate. Consider creating a copy and working on it to avoid damaging the original listing's search placement.

Q: What should I do if I can't identify a specific reason for the decline in sales? A: If there isn't a specific reason for the decline in sales, it is still advisable to rework the listing by following the guidelines mentioned. Optimizing keywords, enhancing visuals, and improving the description can provide a fresh start for the listing.

Q: Should I delete the old listing if the new one starts selling well? A: Whether to delete the old listing or not depends on your preference. It is okay to have two identical listings in your shop as long as you can fulfill both orders. If the new listing is performing better, you might consider keeping only the new one and removing the old listing.

Q: How long should I give Etsy algorithm to understand the reworked listing? A: It is recommended to give Etsy algorithm at least a month to process and understand the changes made to the listing. This timeframe allows for sufficient customer interaction and search placement assessment by the algorithm.

Q: Can I put a new listing on sale immediately? A: Putting a new listing on sale immediately might not be legally acceptable in many places. Check the laws in your area regarding sales and promotions before offering discounts on new listings. It is generally advised to wait for a certain duration at the regular price before applying a sale discount.

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