Profit on Etsy with Zero Effort! Sell Digital Products in 2020!

Profit on Etsy with Zero Effort! Sell Digital Products in 2020!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started on Etsy without making physical products
  3. The benefits of starting an Etsy shop with minimal resources
  4. Choosing a niche for your Etsy shop
  5. Product ideas for digital downloads and printables
    • Printable games
    • Invitations
    • Gift tags
    • Travel planners
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly planners
    • Wedding planners
    • Blog planners
    • Business planners
    • Fitness trackers
    • Weight loss trackers
    • Meal planners
    • Budgets
    • Ebooks
    • Kids stories
    • Travel games
    • CV templates
    • Wedding signs
  6. Conclusion

How to Make Money on Etsy Without Making Anything Physical

Are you interested in selling on Etsy but don't have the skills or desire to create physical products like knitting or making soaps? Don't worry, because in this article, we will explore how you can make money on Etsy without needing any physical products.

Starting an Etsy shop with nothing but your phone is absolutely possible. You don't need a fancy camera, a dedicated workspace, or even supplies. With today's technology and the rise of digital products, you can create and sell digital downloads and printables on Etsy without the need for any physical materials. Let's dive into this exciting opportunity.

The Benefits of Starting an Etsy Shop with Minimal Resources

One of the advantages of selling digital products on Etsy is that you can start with very little money. Unlike traditional businesses that require significant startup capital, you can set up an Etsy shop for under 50 pounds, especially if you're focusing on digital downloads. Tools like Canva, which offers free templates and design resources, allow you to create high-quality products without spending a dime. Canva is particularly useful for printable art, party games, and other digital items that you can sell on Etsy.

Another benefit of selling digital downloads is the passive income potential. When a buyer purchases a digital product from your shop, they receive an immediate email with the product, eliminating the need for you to physically ship anything. This makes the process extremely passive, requiring minimal effort from you once the initial setup is complete. Of course, like any business, you still need to work on optimizing your Etsy shop, improving your SEO, and ensuring your products meet customer needs.

Choosing a Niche for Your Etsy Shop

Having a well-defined niche is crucial for your Etsy shop's success. Your niche, target market, and brand work together to determine how well your business performs. Your niche doesn't have to be overly complex or innovative; it can simply be your unique take on an existing product or concept. For example, if you want to create prints for new homeowners to commemorate their move or special dates in their lives, put your unique spin on it to stand out from the competition.

While exploring your niche, it's essential to research what's already available on Etsy. Look at similar products to gather inspiration and ensure that your idea fits into the market. However, remember to stay ethical and avoid directly copying other sellers. Be creative and put your own unique twist on your products to attract customers.

Product Ideas for Digital Downloads and Printables

Now that you understand the potential of selling digital downloads, let's explore some product ideas for your Etsy shop.

  1. Printable games: Create fun and engaging printable games for parties, events, or family gatherings. With themed party games and customizations, customers will appreciate the convenience of instantly downloading and playing these games.

  2. Invitations: Offer a variety of printable invitations for different occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and more. Customers will love the convenience of customizable invitations that they can instantly download and send to their guests.

  3. Gift tags: Design printable, editable gift tags to add a personal touch to gifts. These tags can be customized and printed at home, making them a practical and attractive option for any celebration.

  4. Travel planners: Create printable travel planners customized for specific destinations or general use. Travelers will appreciate having a well-organized planner to keep track of their itinerary, reservations, and important information.

  5. Planners: Develop daily, weekly, and monthly planners tailored to different needs and lifestyles. Whether it's for organizing work tasks, tracking personal goals, or managing family schedules, there's a demand for well-designed planners that customers can print and use.

  6. Wedding planners: Offer printable wedding planners to help couples stay organized throughout their wedding planning journey. From tracking budgets to managing guest lists and vendor details, a comprehensive wedding planner is a valuable resource for engaged couples.

  7. Blog planners: Create planners specifically designed for bloggers to help them organize their content ideas, post schedules, and social media plans. Bloggers often struggle with managing their blog's editorial calendar, which makes a printable blog planner a sought-after product.

  8. Business planners: Develop printable business planners catered to entrepreneurs, professionals, or those working from home. These planners can include sections for financial planning, goal setting, and day-to-day task management to help individuals stay focused and productive.

  9. Fitness trackers: Design printable fitness trackers to help individuals monitor their exercise routines, health goals, and progress. Whether it's tracking steps, calorie intake, or specific workouts, a well-designed fitness tracker can be a valuable tool for anyone on a fitness journey.

  10. Weight loss trackers: Create printable weight loss trackers that allow individuals to keep track of their progress, food intake, and overall wellness. These trackers can be customized to align with popular weight loss programs like Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are vast. Think about various aspects of people's lives and the challenges they face. Then, find ways to provide solutions through digital downloads or printables. Remember, the key is to offer convenience, customization, and value to your customers.


Selling on Etsy without making physical products is entirely possible and can be a lucrative business venture. By leveraging the power of digital downloads and printables, you can tap into a wide range of products that cater to various customer needs. From printable games and invitations to planners and trackers, there's no shortage of opportunities to explore on Etsy. Find your niche, create compelling products, and provide value to your customers, and success will follow.

Start your Etsy shop with minimal resources, let your creativity shine, and enjoy the rewarding experience of running a digital product business on Etsy!

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