Organize and Launch: Studio Vlog of a Sticker Shop

Organize and Launch: Studio Vlog of a Sticker Shop

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sticker Restock and Unboxing
  3. New Desk and Chair
  4. Designing Enamel Pin Backing Cards
  5. Product Photography
  6. Social Media Scheduling
  7. Taking Photos of Stickers
  8. Heart Mouse Mats
  9. Studio Location and Weather
  10. Conclusion



In this Studio Vlog, we will be taking a look at a huge sticker restock and unboxing, as well as the exciting addition of a new desk and chair to the studio. We will also be diving into the process of designing enamel pin backing cards and discussing the importance of product photography for our online shop. Additionally, we will touch on the topic of social media scheduling, the benefits of using custom camera settings for sticker photography, and the popularity of heart-shaped mouse mats. Lastly, we will explore how the studio's location by the sea affects working conditions and conclude with a summary of the vlog.

Sticker Restock and Unboxing

The vlog kicks off with a stack of stickers that need organizing and putting away. The narrator expresses excitement about the arrival of brand new stickers and plans to document the unboxing process. However, a mishap occurs, and some stickers end up scattered on the floor. Despite this minor setback, the vlog proceeds with the introduction of a new desk from FlexiSpot and the desire to have a standing desk for sticker production. The narrator also contemplates the decision to design enamel pin backing cards and considers the viability of offering greeting cards in the shop.

New Desk and Chair

The vlog continues with the assembly of the new desk and chair. The wooden worktop of the desk is praised for its aesthetic appeal and suitability for product photography. The versatile features of the desk, including a handy drawer and USB ports, are discussed. The narrator expresses gratitude to FlexiSpot for supplying the desk and chair, emphasizing the positive experience of working with their products. The comfort and design of the chair, particularly its memory foam padding and lumbar support, are highlighted.

Designing Enamel Pin Backing Cards

Next, the vlog shifts focus to the process of designing enamel pin backing cards. The narrator shows enthusiasm for creating a matching background for each enamel pin, aiming to elevate the overall presentation and visual story of the products. Using Procreate on an iPad, backing card designs with themes for Luna and Sprinkle, Pudding Cupid, and Bumblebook are showcased. The narrator explains the reasoning behind each design choice and expresses satisfaction with the final results. Test prints are produced and may serve as temporary backing cards for product photography.

Product Photography

The vlog then delves into the significance of product photography for the online shop. The narrator shares a time-saving technique of changing the aspect ratio on the camera to square, which simplifies the editing process. The advantages of using a dedicated vlogging camera, the Sony a6400, for product photography are highlighted. Props, such as miniature hats made from paper, are used to enhance the product images. The importance of cohesive branding and attention to detail in photos is emphasized.

Social Media Scheduling

The narrator briefly mentions the need to schedule social media posts and maintain an active online presence. The importance of consistent engagement with the audience is stressed, and the role of social media in promoting products and connecting with customers is acknowledged.

Taking Photos of Stickers

The vlog returns to the process of taking photos specifically for stickers. The narrator discusses the challenges of capturing accurate colors and highlights the benefits of using custom camera settings for sticker photography. The option to purchase studio-designed heart-shaped mouse mats is mentioned, with the narrator expressing admiration for how they complement the wooden desk.

Heart Mouse Mats

The heart-shaped mouse mats, previously unavailable due to a change in shape, are introduced. The narrator showcases the new design, described as rounder and chubbier, and expresses delight at how well they match the studio aesthetic. The narrator envisions the mats being used for cozy product shots and acknowledges their popularity among customers.

Studio Location and Weather

The vlog briefly touches on the studio's location, situated by the North Sea. The narrator remarks on the constant breeze and the impact it has on the studio's temperature throughout the year. The unique aircon-like effect is mentioned, with the narrator sharing their experience of feeling chilly in the studio. The scenic location by the sea is appreciated, with the narrator acknowledging how it adds to the studio's charm and atmosphere.


As the vlog concludes, the narrator expresses gratitude to their audience for the positive response to the enamel pins and concludes the vlog by promising more content in the future. The video ends with a reminder to stay tuned for future updates and vlogs.


  1. The excitement of a sticker restock and unboxing
  2. The introduction of a new desk and chair for improved productivity
  3. The process of designing enamel pin backing cards to enhance product presentation
  4. The significance of product photography and the use of custom camera settings
  5. The popularity of heart-shaped mouse mats and their suitability for the studio's aesthetic
  6. The impact of the studio's location by the North Sea on working conditions
  7. The appreciation for audience support and future content promises


Q: Do you ship internationally? A: Yes, we do ship internationally, although we currently use a different courier due to ongoing shipping challenges.

Q: Do you offer greeting cards in your online shop? A: We are considering offering greeting cards but would love to hear your opinion. Do you prefer to buy greeting cards online or in physical shops?

Q: Can I purchase the heart-shaped mouse mats? A: Yes, they are available for purchase in our online shop. These adorable mats add a touch of charm to any desk setup.

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