Optimize Sales on Etsy: Keyword Search Volume and Product Analytics

Optimize Sales on Etsy: Keyword Search Volume and Product Analytics

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Keyword Search Volume
  3. Utilizing Auto Population on Etsy
  4. Using Everbe for Keyword Research
  5. Analyzing Keyword Search Volume Data 5.1. Gift for Nurse Graduation 5.2. Gift for Nurse Practitioner 5.3. Gift for Nurse Students 5.4. Gift for Nurse Mug 5.5. Gift for Nurse Graduate
  6. Product Analytics on Etsy
  7. Filtering Results for Graduation
  8. Sorting Listings by Total Sales
  9. Examining Top Selling Products 9.1. Necklace for Nurse Graduation 9.2. Bag for Nurse Graduation 9.3. Mug for Nurse Graduation 9.4. Stethoscope Jewelry 9.5. Candle for Nurse Graduation
  10. Competing Against Established Shops 10.1. Proof of Competition 10.2. Considering Shop Age
  11. Exploring Products from Newer Shops 11.1. Print-on-Demand Product 11.2. Tumblers for Nurse Graduation 11.3. Sweatshirts and Candles
  12. Conclusion

How to Utilize Keyword Search Volume and Product Analytics on Etsy


In this article, we will explore how to effectively use keyword search volume and product analytics on Etsy to make informed decisions about product selection. By understanding the demand and potential for a product, sellers can optimize their listings to attract more customers and increase sales. We will walk through the process of researching gift ideas for nurses as an example, demonstrating how keyword search volume data and product analytics can guide us towards profitable opportunities.

Understanding Keyword Search Volume:

Before delving into the specifics of keyword search volume and product analytics, it is crucial to understand their significance. Keyword search volume refers to the number of times a particular keyword or phrase is searched for within a specific timeframe, typically per month. By analyzing search volume, sellers can gain insights into the popularity and demand for a particular product category or niche. This information serves as a valuable resource when identifying potential products to sell on Etsy.

Utilizing Auto Population on Etsy:

When researching gift ideas for nurses on Etsy, one effective way to generate keyword suggestions is by utilizing the auto population feature. By typing in a generic search term, such as "gift for nurse," and allowing Etsy to auto-populate the search bar, we can gain insights into the various specific gift ideas that shoppers are searching for. Etsy's auto population feature attempts to make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for by suggesting popular and relevant search terms. As sellers, we can leverage this feature to our advantage by identifying potential product ideas based on the auto-populated suggestions.

Using Everbe for Keyword Research:

To conduct comprehensive keyword research and gauge the search volume for various gift ideas for nurses, we can utilize a tool like Everbe. Everbe allows sellers to obtain data on search volume by creating an algorithm that retrieves search volume estimates from its database. By inputting specific keywords, such as "gift for nurse graduation," "gift for nurse practitioner," "gift for nurse students," "gift for nurse mug," and "gift for nurse graduate," we can obtain an idea of how frequently these terms are searched for per month.

Analyzing Keyword Search Volume Data:

Based on the keyword search volume data retrieved from Everbe, we can evaluate the potential demand for different gift ideas for nurses. Let's start by examining the search volume for "gift for nurse graduation," which yields a search volume of 1058. In comparison, "gift for nurse practitioner" has a search volume of 171, indicating a lower demand. Similarly, "gift for nurse students" has a search volume of 1097, suggesting a higher potential demand. Analyzing these search volume figures can guide us towards the most promising product categories.

Product Analytics on Etsy:

Once we have identified potential product ideas based on keyword search volume data, we can delve deeper into the analytics provided by Etsy. By analyzing product analytics, such as total sales, reviews, and shop age, we can gain a better understanding of how well particular products are performing on the platform. These insights can help us make data-driven decisions about which products to pursue for our Etsy shop.

Filtering Results for Graduation:

To narrow down our search for gift ideas for nurse graduation, we can apply a filter on Etsy to only display listings that include the term "graduation" in their title or listing description. By utilizing this filter, we can ensure that the products we are evaluating are specifically targeted towards graduation-related occasions.

Sorting Listings by Total Sales:

To ascertain how well each product is performing, we can sort the listings by total sales. This allows us to identify the most successful products within the graduation gift category for nurses. By examining the top-selling listings, we can gain insights into their sales performance, customer demand, and potential competition.

Examining Top Selling Products:

Among the top-selling listings for gift ideas for nurse graduation, we come across various products such as necklaces, bags, mugs, stethoscope jewelry, candles, and more. By analyzing these products individually, we can evaluate their potential profitability and appeal to customers.

Competing Against Established Shops:

While evaluating the top-selling products, we may come across well-established shops that have been selling similar items for a significant period. Although their longevity on Etsy may initially seem intimidating, it is important to remember that competition is possible even against such established sellers. We can evaluate the performance of competing listings and determine whether there is still room for success.

Exploring Products from Newer Shops:

In addition to established shops, we can also explore product ideas from newer shops on Etsy. By filtering the search results based on shop age, we can identify listings from shops that have been operating for three years or less. This way, we can assess products sold by relatively newer sellers and potentially find unique opportunities with lower competition.


Utilizing keyword search volume and product analytics on Etsy is essential for making informed decisions about product selection. By combining data-driven insights from tools like Everbe and Etsy's product analytics, sellers can identify profitable opportunities, evaluate competition, and optimize their listings to cater to customer demand. Whether targeting popular graduation gift ideas for nurses or exploring niche product categories, understanding keyword search volume and product analytics ensures a strategic approach to selling on Etsy.

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