Maximize Your ETSY Business: Shelves, New Items & Data!

Maximize Your ETSY Business: Shelves, New Items & Data!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Meeting in England
  3. The Future Direction of the Store
  4. The Experience at the Timber Yard
  5. The Listing Plan
  6. Different Colors and Widths
  7. The Importance of Visuals
  8. Economy of Scale
  9. Exploiting the Shelving Niche
  10. Selling Trends on Etsy
  11. New Products in the Store
  12. Shop Data Analysis
  13. Conclusion


Welcome to episode 9 of "Build an Etsy Business" with Nick and Lou. In this episode, we will discuss the future direction of the store and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Additionally, we will talk about Lou's recent experience at a timber yard and how it has influenced her listing plan. So, let's dive in and discover what makes this store unique.

Meeting in England

Before we delve into the details, let's discuss an exciting development. Nick will be flying to England in July to meet Lou in person, spend time together, and film some exclusive content for the viewers. This provides a fantastic opportunity to create content tailored to your interests. We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas for what you would like to see during their time together. So, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

The Future Direction of the Store

Lou is ready to share her vision for the store's future. She recently faced her fears and visited a local timber yard, which proved to be a fascinating experience. As someone with a background in the trade, Lou felt a sense of accomplishment while handpicking the timber for her creations. This experience has given her the confidence to expand her product offerings.

The Experience at the Timber Yard

Lou describes her visit to the timber yard as nerve-wracking yet exhilarating. Despite being a seasoned painter and decorator, entering the world of trade counters still made her anxious. However, with the assistance of Brian, a helpful staff member, she selected high-quality timber for her projects. Lou was pleasantly surprised to find that she could handpick the timber herself, which allowed her to ensure the best quality for her customers.

The Listing Plan

Lou has devised a unique listing plan that offers multiple variations of the same item. Rather than creating separate listings for each length of shelving, she will create individual listings for different colors. This approach allows customers to visualize the different color options and make informed decisions. Lou also plans to offer eight distinct colors, ranging from classic merustic pine to dark oak, ensuring there is a suitable option for every preference.

Different Colors and Widths

Lou's focus on providing customers with a wide range of choices extends beyond colors. She aims to offer different widths and thicknesses for her shelving products to cater to different spatial requirements. By implementing this strategy, Lou believes she can attract a broader customer base and become the go-to shelving seller on Etsy. These variations will be photographed individually, allowing customers to see each product in their desired color.

The Importance of Visuals

Lou recognizes the significance of high-quality visuals when it comes to selling her products. Although investing in numerous timber samples for photography purposes requires a financial commitment, Lou understands that visuals play a crucial role in driving sales. By showcasing the various color options and highlighting the craftsmanship of her shelving, Lou aims to entice customers and generate more orders.

Economy of Scale

Working together, Nick and Lou seek to take advantage of the concept of economy of scale. They understand that by streamlining the production process and offering a diverse range of shelving options, they can achieve greater efficiency and meet customers' demands effectively. This approach allows Lou to allocate more time and energy into creating larger, more intricate items, thus expanding the store's product offerings.

Exploiting the Shelving Niche

Nick emphasizes the importance of exploiting the shelving niche within the woodworking market. By providing unique shelving options, such as shelves suited for small spaces and unconventional room layouts, the store can cater to a wider array of customer needs. The potential for niche-specific designs and innovative shelving units excites Lou, and she plans to incorporate these ideas into future products.

Selling Trends on Etsy

It is essential to consider the selling trends on Etsy and how they influence the store's performance. With the marketplace experiencing a temporary slowdown during June, July, and August, Nick advises focusing on planning and development during this period. Lou's store, specializing in shelving and home improvement products, is expected to see increased demand from September to May, aligning with customers' focus on enhancing their living spaces during the winter months.

New Products in the Store

Let's shift our attention to the noteworthy additions in Lou's store this week. We are delighted to present two standout items: a pine wooden letter tray and a pine wooden key holder. These meticulously crafted pieces showcase Lou's talent and attention to detail. The letter tray offers a simple yet elegant organization solution, while the key holder combines functionality with exquisite design.

Shop Data Analysis

Now, let's dig into the shop's data and gain insights into its performance. The store has received a significant number of visits, primarily driven by YouTube. As the number of items in the store grows, we expect more organic traffic from Etsy's search feature and the app. The candle holder has emerged as the leading product in terms of views and customer favorites, indicating strong interest from potential customers. Lou's attention to detail and dedication to quality craftsmanship are evident in the growing popularity of her unique products.


In this episode, we learned about Lou's exciting experience at the timber yard, her innovative listing plan, and her vision for the store's future. By focusing on shelving and leveraging the niche market, Lou aims to become a sought-after seller on Etsy. We also discussed the importance of visuals, economies of scale, and the upcoming meeting between Nick and Lou in England. Stay tuned for more updates and growth in the store's product offerings.

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