Master Your Productivity With Me

Master Your Productivity With Me

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Business
  3. Managing Orders and Customer Communication
  4. Designing and Mockups
  5. Printing and Packaging
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Balancing Business and Homeschooling
  8. Tips for Managing Etsy Messages
  9. The Importance of Preparing for the Week
  10. A Day in the Life: Work with Me



Hello friends! Welcome back to my channel (or welcome if you're new). In today's video, I want to take you on a journey of what it's like to get ready for a busy week in my small business. My husband and I sell laser-cut wood signs and personalized items, and we have a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming week. From managing orders and designing products to printing and packaging, there's never a dull moment. So, join me as I share the behind-the-scenes of running a small business and balancing it with homeschooling our two daughters.

Overview of the Business

Let me start by giving you an overview of our business. We receive a lot of orders, and currently, we have around 106 open orders. This means we have to design, cut, paint, stain, and ship these products to our customers. It's a constant process of creating, communicating with customers, and fulfilling orders. As you can imagine, it can get quite hectic, especially when new orders keep coming in.

Managing Orders and Customer Communication

One of the most important aspects of our business is managing orders and customer communication. Every day, I spend a significant amount of time responding to messages from customers. It's crucial to stay on top of inquiries, questions, and requests. Sometimes, customers want mockups of their orders, which adds an extra step to the process. However, it's important to ensure that customers are satisfied and that their designs meet their expectations.

Designing and Mockups

Designing orders is another essential part of our business. Many customers request mockups before finalizing their orders. This process can be time-consuming, especially when customers don't respond promptly. To stay ahead, I make it a priority to start designing orders in advance, checking notes, and ensuring that I have all the necessary information to create the perfect product.

Printing and Packaging

Once the designs are complete, it's time to bring them to life. We have a dedicated space for printing orders, where we have a large stack of orders and invoices. I cut thank you notes and handy labels, ensuring that each order is complete and ready for packaging. We take pride in our packaging and include a "Handle with Care" note to ensure that our products arrive in perfect condition.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is crucial to keeping our business running smoothly. We regularly check our paint colors, stained colors, and any other supplies we may need. It's important to stay organized and know when to restock items. By keeping track of our inventory, we can avoid any delays or issues with fulfilling orders.

Balancing Business and Homeschooling

In addition to running our business, we also homeschool our two daughters. This adds an extra layer of complexity to our daily routine. While our curriculum is flexible, it still requires planning and preparation. We try to incorporate crafts and projects, especially during special occasions like Christmas. Balancing both aspects of our lives can be challenging, but we've found ways to make it work.

Tips for Managing Etsy Messages

Managing Etsy messages can be overwhelming, especially when they come in rapidly. I've learned some useful tips to stay on top of messages and provide excellent customer service. One helpful feature is setting up an auto-reply. This message lets customers know that we've received their message and will respond as soon as possible. It also helps manage expectations when it comes to mockup requests or high message volumes.

The Importance of Preparing for the Week

Preparing for the week is an integral part of our routine. By getting a head start on messages, designing orders, and checking inventory, we set ourselves up for success. While some Sundays are more relaxed, we try to utilize the extra time to prepare for the week ahead. Having everything organized and ready to go gives us a fresh start and helps us manage our workload effectively.

A Day in the Life: Work with Me

In this video, you saw a glimpse of a typical day in our business. From heading outside to start the lasers and prepping the wood to cutting invoices and packaging orders, our days are filled with tasks that go beyond the physical creation of our products. It's essential to appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a business and managing customer expectations.


Running a small business requires dedication, organization, and flexibility. From managing orders and customer communication to designing and packaging, there's always something to do. As we navigate the challenges of balancing business and homeschooling, we continue to evolve and adapt our processes. It's a rewarding journey, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.


  • Balancing a small business and homeschooling can be challenging but rewarding.
  • Managing orders and customer communication is crucial for customer satisfaction.
  • Preparing for the week by organizing inventory and messages sets the stage for success.
  • Designing orders and creating mockups require attention to detail and timely communication.
  • Packaging orders and ensuring they arrive in excellent condition is an essential aspect of our business.


Q: How do you manage a high volume of Etsy messages? A: We set up an auto-reply to let customers know we've received their message and will respond as soon as possible. We also try to set aside dedicated times to check and respond to messages throughout the day.

Q: How do you balance running a business and homeschooling? A: It can be challenging, but we prioritize and manage our time effectively. We try to incorporate homeschooling tasks into our daily routine, and we also take advantage of the flexibility in our curriculum.

Q: How do you handle customers who request mockups but don't respond promptly? A: We do our best to reach out and remind them about the mockup request. However, if we don't hear back after a reasonable amount of time, we proceed with the order based on the provided information.

Q: How do you ensure your products arrive in perfect condition? A: We take pride in our packaging and include a "Handle with Care" note with each order. We also secure the packages using appropriate materials to protect the items during shipping.

Q: How do you stay organized with inventory management? A: Regularly checking inventory levels is crucial. We keep a record of our paint colors, stained colors, and other supplies to ensure we have enough in stock. This helps us avoid any delays or issues with fulfilling orders.

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