Master Etsy SEO in 2021

Master Etsy SEO in 2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Changes in Etsy SEO for 2021
  3. Importance of Providing Accurate Information to Etsy
  4. Being Specific and Accurate with Keywords
  5. Understanding Etsy's First 1000 Listings
  6. Conducting Keyword Research
  7. Implementing Long Tail Keyword Strategy
  8. Targeting the Right Search Terms
  9. Factors Beyond Your Control in Etsy SEO
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to this guide on Etsy SEO for 2021! In this article, we will discuss the changes that have taken place in Etsy's search engine optimization and search placement algorithms. It is important to understand how the personalized and contextual search functions are affecting the way you need to approach Etsy SEO. Before we dive in, please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you find the information valuable, subscribe to my channel, and hit the notifications bell to stay updated with new content.

Changes in Etsy SEO for 2021

For Etsy sellers, it is crucial to realize that there is more to being found on Etsy than just having great SEO. Etsy's algorithm considers various factors beyond titles and tags. While the long tail keyword strategy remains effective, it is essential to explore different ways of getting discovered on Etsy. In October 2020, Etsy made some changes to its algorithm. These changes mean that even if you have excellent SEO for specific keywords, it does not guarantee being found in every search.

Importance of Providing Accurate Information to Etsy

To optimize your listings for Etsy search, you need to ensure that you provide accurate and specific information. Etsy's search algorithm looks at the information you provide in titles, tags, categories, and attributes. It does not consider your descriptions as extensively. While it's important to include keywords in your descriptions, Etsy's algorithm currently places less emphasis on them. Focus on writing well-formatted descriptions, front-loading keywords in the first 150-200 characters. However, keep in mind that Etsy's focus is on titles, tags, categories, and attributes, so prioritize those.

Being Specific and Accurate with Keywords

When it comes to choosing keywords for your listings, it is vital to be specific and accurate. Avoid using irrelevant or general keywords just because they might seem popular. Etsy's algorithm is designed to determine the relevance and accuracy of listings based on the provided information. If a keyword accurately describes your item, use it in both the title and tags. This will give your listing more visibility and relevance in Etsy's eyes. However, be cautious not to stuff unnecessary keywords that are not related to your listing.

Understanding Etsy's First 1000 Listings

Etsy's algorithm processes search queries by conducting a raw sweep of all listings. It first considers the information provided by sellers, such as titles, tags, categories, and attributes. From this data, Etsy selects the first 1000 listings that are deemed the most relevant and accurate. These 1000 listings are then subjected to additional factors that influence search placement. As a seller, it is crucial to ensure that your listings are among the first 1000 results for relevant keywords, as this significantly increases your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Conducting Keyword Research

To increase your chances of ranking within Etsy's first 1000 listings, it is essential to conduct thorough keyword research. There are various tools available, such as Marmalade, Google AdWords, and Keywords Everywhere, that can assist you in finding relevant, high search volume, and low competition keywords. These tools provide valuable insights into search trends, traffic volume, and competition level. By utilizing these tools, you can identify keywords that have good search and engagement, enabling you to target specific niches with lower competition.

Implementing Long Tail Keyword Strategy

The long tail keyword strategy remains crucial in Etsy SEO. It involves targeting niche, specific, and longer keyword phrases that have less competition. Instead of focusing solely on high volume, highly competitive keywords, long tail keywords allow you to tap into a more targeted market. By utilizing long tail keywords effectively, you have a higher chance of being included in the first 1000 listings for specific search terms. This strategy provides increased visibility and potential sales opportunities for your listings.

Targeting the Right Search Terms

To maximize your chances of being found on Etsy, it is essential to target the right search terms. Avoid competing for highly popular search terms with millions of listings. Targeting these keywords simply results in excessive competition, making it difficult for your listings to be prominently displayed. Instead, focus on lower competition, long tail keywords that accurately describe your products. By aligning your keywords with your target audience's search behavior, you increase the likelihood of your listings appearing in relevant searches and attracting potential customers.

Factors Beyond Your Control in Etsy SEO

While there are various factors within your control that influence your Etsy SEO, it is essential to acknowledge elements that are beyond your control. Etsy's algorithm also considers customer behavior and preferences. These factors include geographical location, search history, and customer engagement with similar listings. While you cannot control these aspects, you can optimize your listings by providing accurate information, targeting relevant keywords, and implementing effective SEO strategies. By focusing on what you can control, you improve your chances of success on Etsy.


In conclusion, Etsy SEO for 2021 requires an understanding of the changes in Etsy's search engine algorithm. To optimize your listings, provide accurate information in titles, tags, categories, and attributes. Be specific and accurate with your choice of keywords, ensuring they appropriately describe your products. Target long tail keywords to tap into niche markets with lower competition. By conducting keyword research and targeting the right search terms, you increase your chances of ranking within the first 1000 listings. Remember, while there are factors beyond your control, focus on what you can influence to maximize your success on Etsy.

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