Inside the Finances of a Content Creator and Small Business Owner

Inside the Finances of a Content Creator and Small Business Owner

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why I Decided to Share My Budget
  3. My Business Weekly Budget
  4. Tracking Business Expenses
  5. My Personal Weekly Budget
  6. Variable Spending
  7. Challenges and Setbacks
  8. Future Financial Goals
  9. Conclusion

My Budget: Tracking Business and Personal Finances


Hey budget fam, it's Jordan from Jordan, budget! Today we are going to delve into a topic that I've been asked about a lot - my budget. As a full-time YouTube content creator and Etsy shop owner, I've received numerous requests to share my income and expenses. While I was initially hesitant, I've decided to take the plunge and provide a detailed breakdown of my finances. In this article, I'll be sharing my weekly business budget, tracking my business expenses, outlining my personal weekly budget, discussing variable spending, and addressing any challenges or setbacks I encounter along the way. So, let's dive in and get a better understanding of how I manage my money as a content creator and small business owner.

Why I Decided to Share My Budget

When I first considered sharing my budget, I was met with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Many of you expressed an interest in knowing how much I earn from YouTube and Etsy, how much is deducted for fees and taxes, and how I manage my personal and business finances. While some individuals cautioned against revealing this level of detail, I couldn't shake the desire to provide transparency and helpful insights to those who may be navigating similar financial journeys. As a single woman in charge of my own finances, I want to share my experiences, successes, and challenges with all of you. So, let's break down my budget, starting with my business finances.

My Business Weekly Budget

As a content creator and Etsy shop owner, my income primarily comes from YouTube ad revenue and sales on Etsy. For the first week of August, I received a payout from Etsy for the period spanning July 24th to July 30th. The total income from Etsy during this period was $948.35. Additionally, I earned $89.77 from sales on my website, which is affiliated with Etsy. Combining these two sources, my total income was $1,038.12.

However, it's important to note that not all of this income directly reaches my personal account. Etsy deducts fees, shipping costs, and taxes from the total amount. In this week alone, $274.12 was deducted for expenses related to shipping, Etsy fees, and taxes. After accounting for these deductions, the amount that actually reached my personal account was $764.

Tracking my business expenses is an essential part of managing my budget. As a small business owner, I need to keep a record of my expenses, such as printing costs, software subscriptions, and other miscellaneous fees. This week, I spent a total of $204 on various business expenses, including Canva subscriptions, printing restock items, and app fees.

Tracking Business Expenses

Maintaining organized records of business expenses is crucial for financial clarity and future planning. Although this aspect of my budget is a work in progress, I'm committed to improving my tracking methods moving forward. Currently, I'm utilizing folders and binders to keep receipts and important papers organized.

In terms of Etsy fees, shipping costs, and taxes, the platform's reporting system provides limited insights on a week-by-week basis. However, I am diligently tracking these numbers manually to gain a better understanding of how they impact my overall revenue. Additionally, I aim to share more detailed breakdowns of expenses in monthly recaps.

My Personal Weekly Budget

Moving on to my personal finances, it's important to note that my business income partially contributes to my personal budget. In the week under review, I received $560 for personal use after deducting the $204 spent on business expenses. While this week's earnings were on the lower end, it's not an uncommon occurrence in my line of work.

As with any budget, bills and necessary spending take precedence. This week, I had bills for gas and the car payment, amounting to $28 and $405, respectively. In terms of variable spending, $232 was spent on groceries, slightly exceeding my budget. This can be attributed to previous weeks without grocery spending due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, a $6 Dunkin' run served as a small reward for completing tasks related to my business.

Variable Spending

Although I strive for a no-spend month to build savings and tackle business debt, certain expenses are unavoidable. This week, we spent a total of $671, surpassing our income by $111. However, this discrepancy was covered by funds already saved for bills, resulting in no immediate financial strain.

Looking ahead, an unplanned expense that awaits us is the cost of an upcoming oil change for our car. While this is an oversight in budgeting, it serves as a reminder to better prepare for such recurring expenses in the future.

Challenges and Setbacks

It's important to acknowledge that the nature of my work as a content creator and small business owner comes with inherent challenges. Factors such as increased competition in the budgeting niche and external circumstances, like disruptions to filming and order fulfillment, can impact my income and the growth of my business.

Future Financial Goals

Despite the challenges, I remain committed to improving my financial situation. In the coming months, I aim to focus on reducing my business debt, optimizing my budget to accommodate regular expenses like oil changes, and exploring new income streams. By maintaining discipline, tracking my finances diligently, and seeking professional advice when needed, I believe I can achieve these goals and foster long-term financial stability.


Sharing my budget and financial journey with you all has been both empowering and rewarding. By providing transparency and insights into my income and expenses, I hope to help others who may be navigating similar financial landscapes. While my income fluctuates, and I face challenges along the way, I remain dedicated to learning and improving my financial management skills. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more experiences and lessons in the future.


  • Delving into the finances of a full-time YouTube content creator and Etsy shop owner
  • Sharing a breakdown of business income, expenses, and deductions
  • Tracking personal finances and managing bills and variable spending
  • Addressing challenges faced by content creators and small business owners
  • Setting future financial goals to foster long-term stability and growth

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