Inside My Etsy Craft Room: A Realistic Tour

Inside My Etsy Craft Room: A Realistic Tour

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Leather Engraving Area
    1. Color Application and Finishing
    2. Hat Press
    3. Leather Dye Storage
  3. Photography Setup
    1. Consistency in Photographs
    2. Different Background Options
    3. Natural Lighting vs Artificial Lighting
  4. Vegan Leather Storage
  5. Engraving Setup
    1. Dedicated Laptop for Engraver
    2. Upgrading the Graver
  6. Workstation and Storage
    1. Organizing the Storage
    2. Desk Area for Filming
  7. Leather Sewing Machine
  8. Sublimation Room/Kitchen
    1. Storage and Workspace
    2. Sublimation Printer
    3. Dedicated Computer for Sublimation Work
  9. Shipping Supplies Storage
  10. Conclusion

A Tour of My Etsy Shop: How I Set Up My Workstation

If you're like me and you're obsessed with seeing how other people set up their shops, then you're in for a treat. Today, I'm going to take you on a tour of my Etsy shop and show you how I have meticulously set up my workstation. Welcome to Chuch Ching, my name is Terry, and I'll be your guide through the Etsy maze and your partner in crime when it comes to all things small business.

Leather Engraving Area

Let's start our tour in the back corner of my workshop, where I handle most of my leather engraving work. In this area, I apply colors and do all the finishing touches for the genuine leather items I offer. Some clients prefer just the patches, while others want a complete finished hat. To fulfill their requests, I have an IQ360 hat press, which I consider the Cadillac of hat presses for leather work. I initially started with a $50 Amazon hat press, but as my business grew, I invested in the IQ360, which significantly elevated the quality of my hats.


  • Improved hat quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction


  • Higher initial investment

To ensure that I have a wide range of colors at my disposal, I have a dedicated storage area for leather dyes. This collection of leather dyes allows me to create unique and vibrant designs for my customers.

Photography Setup

Consistency is key in the world of online selling, and I firmly believe in maintaining a consistent brand image. That's why my photography setup always follows a specific style. The backdrop panels in my photography area are adorned with different designs, giving me the flexibility to switch things up whenever I want. However, I rarely deviate from my signature style, as I value the importance of consistency in showcasing my products.


  • Establishes a recognizable brand image
  • Creates a cohesive visual identity

However, I do have other backgrounds and setups that I use for flatlay photography, particularly for platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Adding variety helps capture the attention of potential customers and keeps the visual content engaging.

When it comes to lighting, I opt for natural light as much as possible. The lights in my workspace have a yellow hue and cast unflattering shadows when turned on. By utilizing the abundant natural light from the nearby window, my photos turn out much better. To demonstrate the difference, I can show you unedited images taken with both natural and artificial lighting.


  • Natural lighting enhances the appearance of the products
  • Saves on electricity costs


  • Dependent on weather conditions

Vegan Leather Storage

Moving on from the photography area, you'll find my vegan leather stash. Admittedly, it's a bit of a hot mess at the moment. Every few months, I find myself organizing and tidying up this section because, during my work process, it tends to get chaotic. If you'd like, I can create a helpful video in the future about organizing and managing storage efficiently. Just let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Engraving Setup

Adjacent to the vegan leather storage is my engraving setup. To ensure optimal performance and ease of use, I have a dedicated laptop solely for controlling the engraver. This setup eliminates the need for constant reconfiguration, as the engraver remains connected and ready to go at all times. However, I have plans to upgrade my current engraving tool and invest in a better model, particularly after the fourth quarter.


  • Streamlined usage with a dedicated laptop
  • Improved engraving capabilities with an upgraded model

Workstation and Storage

As you may have seen in my previous videos, my desk area serves as the hub for most of my YouTube content. This is where I film and share valuable insights and tips for small business owners. It's also where I handle administrative tasks and keep track of orders and inventory. Oh, and before I forget, allow me to introduce Esmeralda, a cute little crocheted character made by my daughter. She adds a touch of charm to my workspace.

Leather Sewing Machine

Growing up, my father always said, "There's an art in simplicity." This principle is exemplified in my leather sewing machine, which sits across from my desk. However, I must admit that I often neglect using it. It's one of those pieces of equipment that I know I should sit down and learn, but it gathers dust instead. Tell me in the comments if you have a similar guilty pleasure in your shop or home, waiting to be explored.

Sublimation Room/Kitchen

Stepping outside the leather realm, we enter my sublimation room, which doubles as a kitchen for quick coffee breaks. In this space, I have dedicated storage and a large wash sink for convenience. And of course, the coffee maker takes center stage as the most important device in the entire building. You can't create masterpieces without a bit of caffeine, can you?

This room is where the magic of sublimation happens. I have all the necessary supplies and equipment organized for ease of use. My sublimation printer, a 24-inch beauty, is the heart of this room. To streamline my workflow, I've set up a dedicated computer solely for sublimation work. This allows me to efficiently manage and network everything, creating a seamless and organized process.

Shipping Supplies Storage

Last but not least, I have a dedicated area for all my shipping supplies. Boxes and envelopes are neatly stacked and readily accessible, ensuring a smooth packaging and shipping workflow. A well-organized shipping station is crucial for a business like mine, as it streamlines the process and minimizes any delays.


And that's the end of the tour! I'm well aware that some of you may have even more impressive setups, but this is my reality. My workspace is where real work happens, where real messes are made, and where I find joy in the journey of creating and running my own business. Coming from a background of brick and mortar stores, transforming to this setup has brought its fair share of challenges and rewards. If you'd like to hear more about my experiences with brick and mortar stores, let me know in the comments.

Before we part ways, I'd love to hear about your own setup. Do you have a dedicated room in your house or perhaps a picturesque she-shed where you bring your creative visions to life? Maybe, like me, you have a workspace that needs to be shared with other aspects of your life. Share your stories and let's celebrate the diverse ways we pursue our passions. And don't forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed the tour and stay tuned for my upcoming videos on creating the perfect listing on Etsy.

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