How this artist made $15k from digital products!

How this artist made $15k from digital products!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Challenges of Selling Physical Products
  3. The Power of Digital Products
  4. Printables as a Solution
  5. Educational Products for Artists
  6. Miscellaneous Digital Product Ideas
  7. Digital Art Brushes
  8. Digital Wallpapers
  9. Digital Templates
  10. Conclusion

The Power of Digital Products for Artists

In today's digital age, artists have more opportunities than ever before to monetize their art and create passive income streams. The traditional method of selling physical products, such as art prints, can be time-consuming and limit an artist's ability to focus on creating new artwork. However, the rise of digital products has transformed the way artists can generate income and grow their businesses.

The Challenges of Selling Physical Products

Selling physical products as an artist comes with its own set of challenges. The effort required scales linearly with the number of orders received. This means that the more successful an artist becomes, the more time they have to spend packaging and shipping orders. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed, with less time available to focus on creating art. It can also make taking time off or even sick leave difficult without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

The Power of Digital Products

Digital products offer a solution to the challenges faced by artists selling physical products. Unlike physical products, digital products only need to be created once and can be sold an infinite number of times. This means that artists can spend less time on the fulfillment and shipping process, allowing them to focus more on their art. Digital products also offer the flexibility to take time off or engage in other activities without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

Printables as a Solution

One popular type of digital product for artists is printables. Printables are files that can be downloaded and printed by the buyer. They eliminate the need for physical packaging and shipping. Artists can offer a wide range of printables, including art prints, stationery, recipe cards, coloring pages, and more. Printables are especially useful for international customers who may face high shipping costs or long delivery times.

Educational Products for Artists

Educational digital products are another avenue for artists to explore. These products can include ebooks, digital guides, video tutorials, lessons, and real-time painting processes with commentary. Artists can share their knowledge, techniques, and resources with their audience, allowing them to learn and improve their own art. Templates, such as email templates or notion templates, can also be valuable educational products that provide artists with ready-made tools to enhance their creative processes.

Miscellaneous Digital Product Ideas

In addition to printables and educational products, artists can explore a variety of miscellaneous digital product ideas. These can include digital art brushes, digital wallpapers, and digital templates. By offering their unique brushes, artists can share a part of their artistic process with their followers. Digital wallpapers allow artists to showcase their art in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way. Templates, whether for digital organization or email communication, offer convenience and value to customers.


The power of digital products for artists cannot be underestimated. They provide artists with the opportunity to create passive income streams and reduce the time spent on physical product fulfillment. Whether through printables, educational products, or miscellaneous digital products, artists can expand their businesses and reach a wider audience. By embracing digital products, artists can focus more on their art and create sustainable and fulfilling careers.


  • Digital products offer artists a way to generate passive income and reduce time spent on physical product fulfillment.
  • Printables, educational products, and miscellaneous digital products are all viable options for artists to explore.
  • Digital products provide flexibility and the opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Q: How can digital products benefit artists? A: Digital products allow artists to create passive income streams and reduce the time spent on physical product fulfillment. They offer flexibility and the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Q: What are some examples of digital products for artists? A: Some examples include printables (such as art prints and stationery), educational products (ebooks, video tutorials, templates), and miscellaneous digital products (digital art brushes, digital wallpapers, templates).

Q: Do digital products replace physical products for artists? A: No, digital products can complement an artist's existing physical product offerings. They provide an additional income stream and offer convenience to customers.

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