Get Your Etsy Shop Ready for Holiday Success!

Get Your Etsy Shop Ready for Holiday Success!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Update Your Social Media Links
  3. Utilize Listing Videos
  4. Stock Up on Shipping Supplies
  5. Double-Check Inventory Numbers
  6. Sync Variants for POD Sellers
  7. Review and Update Shop Policies
  8. Set Guaranteed Holiday Shipping Deadline
  9. Get Ahead on Time-Consuming Tasks
  10. Plan for High Order Volume
  11. Create Gift Sets and Bundles
  12. Conclusion

Prepare Your Etsy Shop for the Holiday Sales Season

The holiday season is the most lucrative period for Etsy sellers, with a significant increase in traffic and sales. To ensure that your shop is prepared for the upcoming holiday sales season, it's essential to take specific steps. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of everything you should be doing to get ready.

1. Update Your Social Media Links

After Etsy introduced its new share and save program, it's crucial to track your shop or listing links correctly. Deducting 4% off your Etsy bill when a customer makes a purchase using your tracked link can save you money. To grasp the tracking link and update your social media accounts with the new version, follow the steps provided.

2. Utilize Listing Videos

Listing videos are a powerful tool to make your products stand out in search results. They not only make your products come to life but also assist in ranking on Google for the keywords used in your Etsy product titles. Discover how to optimize your listings with videos and their benefits in this detailed guide.

3. Stock Up on Shipping Supplies

Physical product sellers should ensure they have sufficient shipping supplies before the holiday season begins. Running out of essentials like boxes, bubble mailers, padding, and packaging tape during the Cyberweek rush can be disastrous. Take the time to stock up on these items and order more than you need to avoid any unforeseen delays.

4. Double-Check Inventory Numbers

Miscounted or misplaced inventory can lead to embarrassing situations when fulfilling orders. Before the holiday rush, it's highly recommended to perform a full audit of your workshop to ensure accuracy. This step is essential for physical product sellers and print-on-demand (POD) sellers who need to sync and check the availability of their variants.

5. Review and Update Shop Policies

Take the opportunity to review and update your shop policies to reflect any necessary changes. Additionally, consider adding important information that cannot fit into your policies section to your FAQs section. This will help customers easily find answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

6. Set Guaranteed Holiday Shipping Deadline

Major mail services will announce their holiday shipping deadlines in the coming weeks. While it's recommended to add a week to these deadlines, it's crucial to communicate your guaranteed holiday shipping deadline clearly. Add this date to your Etsy banner, shop announcement, FAQs section, listing descriptions, and even one of your photo slots to avoid any confusion.

7. Get Ahead on Time-Consuming Tasks

Tasks like prepping packaging, writing thank-you notes, and scheduling social media marketing content often require a significant amount of time during the holiday rush. Take advantage of the calm before the storm and get ahead by completing these tasks now. This will save you time and reduce stress when orders start pouring in.

8. Plan for High Order Volume

While it may seem like a fairytale scenario, receiving an unexpectedly high volume of orders is a possibility, especially if your products gain exposure through gift guides or media features. Prepare for the best and worst-case scenario by extending your processing and shipping times if you're already receiving more orders than you can handle comfortably.

9. Create Gift Sets and Bundles

Bundling some of your products together to create gift sets can be a smart strategy to boost sales. Shoppers often buy in bulk during the holiday season, whether it's for gifting purposes or other special occasions. Optimize your bundles for holiday time and offer a variety of options to cater to different customer preferences.


Preparing your Etsy shop for the holiday sales season requires proactive planning and implementation of key strategies. By updating your social media links, utilizing listing videos, stocking up on shipping supplies, and reviewing inventory numbers, you can ensure a smooth and successful holiday period. Additionally, setting a guaranteed holiday shipping deadline, completing time-consuming tasks in advance, and considering high order volume scenarios will help you stay ahead of the game. Finally, don't forget to create attractive gift sets and bundles to maximize your sales potential. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of Etsy's busiest time of the year.


  • Update your social media links to benefit from Etsy's share and save program
  • Utilize listing videos to make your products stand out and rank higher on Google
  • Stock up on shipping supplies to avoid running out during the holiday rush
  • Double-check inventory numbers to prevent embarrassing situations when fulfilling orders
  • Review and update your shop policies, and add important information to your FAQs section
  • Communicate your guaranteed holiday shipping deadline clearly across multiple channels
  • Get ahead on time-consuming tasks to save time and minimize stress later on
  • Plan for high order volume by extending processing and shipping times if needed
  • Create gift sets and bundles to attract bulk buyers and boost sales potential


Q: How do I update my social media links on Etsy? A: To update your social media links, follow the steps mentioned in the article and click on the provided link for detailed instructions.

Q: Are listing videos worth the investment? A: Yes, listing videos are worth it as they help your products stand out, improve rankings on Google, and enhance customers' understanding of your offerings. Refer to the linked video for more information on how listing videos work.

Q: How many shipping supplies should I stock up on? A: It's recommended to order more than you need to prevent running out of shipping supplies during the Cyberweek rush. Assess your requirements based on previous holiday seasons and consider any potential increase in sales.

Q: Should I extend my processing and shipping times in advance? A: If you already receive more orders than you can comfortably handle, it's advisable to extend your processing and shipping times before the holiday rush. This ensures that customers are aware of the longer wait times and helps in managing expectations.

Q: Can creating gift sets and bundles boost my sales? A: Yes, creating gift sets and bundles can be an effective strategy to drive sales during the holiday season. Shoppers often prefer buying in bulk, especially for gifting purposes, and offering attractive bundles can entice them to make larger purchases.

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