Exquisite Orchid Unboxing: Oncidium and Dendrobium Variety

Exquisite Orchid Unboxing: Oncidium and Dendrobium Variety

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Orchid Plants
  3. Special Offer from the Seller
  4. Careful Packaging and Quality Control
  5. Plant Varieties and Characteristics
  6. Watering and Moisture Management
  7. Tips for Unboxing Orchids
  8. Placing the Plants in the Right Spot
  9. Seller Information and Business Card
  10. Conclusion


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I will be unboxing some orchid plants that I recently purchased from Etsy. This is my second time buying plants from the same seller, and I'm excited to see how these orchids look. The seller has provided excellent packaging and high-quality plants in the past, so I have high expectations for this unboxing.

Unboxing the Orchid Plants

Let's open the package and see what's inside! The seller has packaged the plants in a long box, using newspaper to fill the gaps and prevent the plants from moving around. I'll be careful while opening it to ensure that the plants are not damaged. Slowly and gently, I unveil the first plant, which is called Osidium Heaven. It looks amazing, with some buds yet to open. The care and attention the seller put into packaging are evident.

Special Offer from the Seller

The reason I bought plants from this seller for the second time is because they had a special offer. They were selling three plants for $85, which I found to be a great value. Additionally, if I wanted blooming plants, the price would be $95 for three, including shipping. I couldn't resist taking advantage of this offer, especially since there were three specific plants I really liked.

Careful Packaging and Quality Control

The seller's packaging is extraordinary, providing multiple layers of protection for the plants. The first layer is made of styrofoam paper, followed by newspaper wrapped with masking tape. This makes it easy to open the package without causing any damage. The seller's attention to detail and commitment to quality control are also evident in the condition of the plants. They arrive in pristine condition, with no wrinkles or damage to the leaves or flowers.

Plant Varieties and Characteristics

I ordered three different varieties of orchids from the seller. The first one is called Osidium Heaven, which has beautiful buds and leaves. The second one is called Jobim Songkaia, and it features blue flowers and slightly wrinkled leaves. The last one is called Chocolate and has a unique outer layer of tape for extra security during transportation. Each plant has its own unique charm and adds beauty to my collection.

Watering and Moisture Management

Upon unboxing the plants, I noticed that the medium they are potted in was slightly dry. It's important to read the instructions provided by the seller to ensure proper care. If the medium is dry, it's recommended to water the plants as soon as possible. I will be using rainwater collected previously to water the plants and avoid getting the leaves wet. Proper moisture management is crucial for the health and longevity of orchids.

Tips for Unboxing Orchids

Unboxing orchids requires a delicate touch to avoid damaging the plants. It's best to start by gently opening the base of the packaging, followed by the top. This way, you can prevent any accidental damage to the flowers. The seller has done an excellent job of packaging the plants securely to prevent any shifting or damage during transit.

Placing the Plants in the Right Spot

After unboxing the plants, it's crucial to find the perfect spot for them to thrive. I have placed my orchids near a window facing east to ensure they receive indirect sunlight in the morning. Additionally, I have a grow light to provide supplemental light when sunlight is limited. It's important to find the right balance of light and shade for orchids to thrive.

Seller Information and Business Card

The seller provided their contact information and business card, showcasing their commitment to customer service. You can find them on Etsy under the name "Balm Botany." They also have a website and can be reached via email. I appreciate the personalized service provided by the seller, accommodating my specific plant preferences.


In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with my orchid unboxing experience from this seller. The packaging, quality control, and customer service have been exceptional. The plants arrived in excellent condition, ready to be cared for and admired. I am excited to watch these orchids bloom and add beauty to my collection. Thank you for watching!


  • Unboxing a variety of orchid plants bought from Etsy
  • Special offer of three plants for $85, including shipping
  • Careful packaging and high-quality plants
  • Different varieties of orchids with unique characteristics
  • Tips for unboxing orchids without causing damage
  • Placing the plants in the right spot for optimal growth
  • Seller contact information and business card provided
  • Satisfaction with the unboxing experience and anticipation for the orchids' bloom


Q: How much did the orchid plants cost? A: The orchid plants were priced at $85 for three plants, including shipping.

Q: Can I choose specific plants when ordering from this seller? A: Yes, you can let the seller know your preferences, and they will do their best to fulfill your requirements.

Q: How should I water the orchid plants? A: It is recommended to water the plants with rainwater or distilled water, ensuring the medium is moist but not soaking wet.

Q: Where can I find this seller? A: The seller can be found on Etsy under the name "Balm Botany." They also have a website and can be reached via email.

Q: What should I do if the medium is dry upon unboxing? A: If the medium is dry, it is recommended to water the plants as soon as possible to provide proper hydration.

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