Etsy Shop Journey: From Opening Day to Success

Etsy Shop Journey: From Opening Day to Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the Etsy shop
  3. Fulfilling the first orders
  4. Balancing work and personal life
  5. Excitement and energy
  6. Selling out and restocking
  7. Challenges and deadlines
  8. Wholesale orders
  9. Updating listings and guarantees
  10. Momentum and keeping the ball rolling
  11. Keychain production process
  12. Dealing with mistakes
  13. Keychain attachments and accessories
  14. Finalizing and packaging the orders



March 20th marked the beginning of an exciting journey for me as I opened my new Etsy shop. This is the story of my experience over the first 35 days of running the shop, facing challenges, and finding success.

Setting up the Etsy shop

Before diving into the details of my journey, let me take a moment to talk about how I set up my Etsy shop. I carefully selected the products I wanted to sell - Easter baskets and keychains - and created attractive listings for them. I added captivating descriptions and high-quality photos to make my products stand out among competitors.

Fulfilling the first orders

The initial days of running the shop were quite overwhelming. Just a few days after opening, I found myself with over 60 orders to fulfill. Despite the added challenge of it being spring break and having my kids around, my mom joined me as a reinforcement, helping me juggle between work and personal responsibilities. Together, we tackled the orders with utmost dedication and commitment.

Balancing work and personal life

While running an Etsy shop requires relentless effort and dedication, it's essential to strike a balance between work and personal life. This became especially apparent when I had to plan a double birthday celebration for my kids. I realized that as much as I am driven to succeed in my business, I never want it to interfere with special family moments.

Excitement and energy

Throughout this journey, I encountered moments of excitement and energy that fueled my motivation. recording my progress in this video, I wanted to share my positive energy with others and spread the excitement of my achievements. The support and encouragement I received from the online community were incredible, giving me the assurance that I was on the right track.

Selling out and restocking

In the first 35 days, I managed to sell out all 200 Easter baskets I had initially listed. The joy of this accomplishment was immense, but it also meant I had to restock quickly to meet the demand. Thankfully, my restock arrived just in time, allowing me to continue fulfilling orders without any delay. However, the pressure was on as I now had a limited window to sell the new stock before Easter.

Challenges and deadlines

Running a business is not without its challenges. I learned that it took 29 listings to get one product to take off successfully. While this provided valuable insight, it also meant I had to work harder to meet the upcoming deadlines. With Easter approaching, I had to sell 200 more baskets within a short timeframe. The pressure was on, but I remained optimistic and determined to make it happen.

Wholesale orders

As my shop gained momentum, I received my first wholesale order. A small boutique requested 30 keychains for Mother's Day and teacher appreciation. This opportunity expanded my business prospects and required me to adjust my production process. With Sarah’s assistance, we divided our focus between keychains and Easter baskets, taking advantage of the increased demand.

Updating listings and guarantees

To ensure transparency and manage expectations, I realized the need to update my listings. I wanted to clearly indicate the guaranteed ship-by date for Easter orders. With only a few days left to sell the remaining restock, it was crucial to communicate this to potential customers. Open and honest communication is key to building trust and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Momentum and keeping the ball rolling

Despite the challenges, I believed in the momentum we had built. With renewed energy and continued support from customers, I was confident that we could achieve our sales goals within the limited time frame. I remained focused and motivated, ready to face any obstacles that came our way.

Keychain production process

Alongside Easter basket fulfillment, we worked on producing keychains for the wholesale order. I found joy in creating keychains, especially the ones designed for moms. However, the process required individual attention to sticking letters on the teacher keychains, prompting me to consider alternative methods to streamline production and enhance efficiency.

Dealing with mistakes

I encountered a minor setback in my production process when I noticed that the laser score lines on some products appeared less than perfect due to a z-offset in my settings. Although not noticeable to most customers, I acknowledged the error and took measures to rectify it moving forward. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve.

Keychain attachments and accessories

To simplify the keychain assembly process and improve customer experience, I discovered keychain attachments called keychain thingies. These handy additions eliminated the need for manual key ring adjustments, reducing strain on fingers and increasing efficiency during high-volume orders. Small details like these can make a significant difference in the overall customer satisfaction.

Finalizing and packaging the orders

With keychains completed, I took the necessary product photos for future listings. This ensured that I had visual content readily available for future promotions. The final step was packaging and shipping the orders. Ensuring that each order was carefully packaged and sent off was crucial to maintaining a positive customer experience.


  • Successfully sold out all 200 Easter baskets in just 35 days
  • Received wholesale order for keychains, expanding business opportunities
  • Adapting production processes to meet increased demand
  • Updating listings to provide clarity and manage customer expectations
  • Overcoming challenges and gaining momentum in sales
  • Streamlining keychain production for efficiency and improved customer experience
  • Learning from mistakes and making necessary adjustments for future orders
  • Utilizing keychain accessories to simplify assembly process
  • Finalizing orders with careful packaging to ensure customer satisfaction


Q: How long did it take to sell out the initial 200 Easter baskets? A: It took 35 days to sell out all 200 Easter baskets.

Q: Did you face any challenges during the first month of running the Etsy shop? A: Yes, there were challenges, such as meeting deadlines and balancing personal life with the business.

Q: How did you handle restocking after selling out? A: Fortunately, the restock arrived just in time, allowing me to continue fulfilling orders without delay.

Q: Did you receive any wholesale orders? A: Yes, I received a wholesale order for keychains from a small boutique.

Q: How did you ensure customer satisfaction during high-volume orders? A: By streamlining the production process and utilizing keychain attachments, we aimed to improve efficiency and customer experience.

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