Emily's Artistic Week: Pet Portraits and Shop Unveiling

Emily's Artistic Week: Pet Portraits and Shop Unveiling

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Starting the Artistic Week
    1. Filming the Art Process
    2. Introduction to Pet Portraits
  3. Creating Pet Portraits
    1. Watercolor Techniques
    2. Acrylic Backgrounds
    3. Custom Backgrounds
  4. Packing and Shipping Orders
    1. Artwork Packaging
    2. Personal Touch with Thank You Notes
  5. Acing Foundation Studies
    1. Achieving Distinction
    2. Upcoming Art Projects
  6. New Art Prints in the Shop
    1. Unboxing the Prints
    2. Shop Updates
  7. Handling Customer Orders
    1. Organizing Prints
    2. Packaging Postcard Sets
  8. Artistic Process: Friday's Pet Portrait
    1. Painting Fur and Eyes
    2. Choosing Backgrounds
  9. Last Pet Portrait Before Uni
    1. Pet Portrait Deadline
    2. Taking a Video Break
  10. Conclusion
    1. Recap of the Artistic Week
    2. Future Updates and Engagement

Emily's Artistic Week

Emily, an artist extraordinaire, takes us through her busy artistic week, filled with creativity, pet portraits, and new prints in her shop. Let's dive into her world, exploring her unique artistic process and the joy she finds in creating personalized pet portraits for her customers.

Starting the Artistic Week

In the beginning, Emily introduces us to her creative journey, explaining why she decided to document her week. Instead of focusing solely on drawing, she aims to add variety to her YouTube channel.

Filming the Art Process

Emily's choice to film her art process and give her audience a glimpse of her day-to-day activities is a refreshing change from the usual 'Draw with Me' videos. Her conversational style keeps viewers engaged, while her active voice helps convey her enthusiasm.

Introduction to Pet Portraits

In this section, Emily provides insights into her venture into pet portraits. She mentions that people commission her to paint their beloved pets. Emily's personal pronouns and engaging tone create a strong connection with her audience.

Creating Pet Portraits

Emily delves into her artistic process, focusing on her pet portraits done in watercolor with acrylic backgrounds. Her approach to these portraits is detailed, and she even discusses the background selection process with her clients.

Watercolor Techniques

Emily reveals her artistic technique of starting light and working dark with watercolors. Her rationale behind this approach is to avoid mistakes and achieve the perfect tone gradually.

Acrylic Backgrounds

In this section, Emily shows us her method of creating acrylic backgrounds. She explains her digital mock-up process and discusses how she ensures that her clients love the chosen background.

Custom Backgrounds

Emily's choice of background color is intuitive, often matching the animal's fur or adding complementary tones. She highlights the importance of the background in making the portraits unique and appealing.

Packing and Shipping Orders

Emily takes us through her process of packaging and shipping orders. She shares her enthusiasm for this aspect of her work and describes how she ensures her artwork reaches her customers in pristine condition.

Artwork Packaging

Emily uses cardboard and tissue paper to ensure that her artwork arrives undamaged. Her attention to detail in packaging is a testament to her commitment to customer satisfaction.

Personal Touch with Thank You Notes

She incorporates personal touches by adding thank you notes to her orders, expressing her gratitude for the support she receives from her customers.

Acing Foundation Studies

Emily shares the exciting news about her academic achievements. Her high distinction in her foundation degree reflects her dedication to her art.

Achieving Distinction

Emily's informal tone and personal anecdotes make her achievement relatable and impressive. She uses rhetorical questions and an engaging style to connect with her viewers.

Upcoming Art Projects

Emily hints at future videos where she plans to showcase all her work from her foundation studies. Her excitement is contagious, and viewers eagerly await her next video.

New Art Prints in the Shop

In this segment, Emily unveils her new art prints and shares her experience of unboxing them. Her excitement about these additions to her shop is palpable.

Unboxing the Prints

Emily's joy in receiving and unboxing the new art prints shines through her words. Her informal tone and active voice make the unboxing experience engaging.

Shop Updates

Emily invites her audience to explore her shop, highlighting new postcard size prints, landscapes, and a delightful orangutan artwork. Her friendly and conversational style makes her shop updates engaging and accessible.

Handling Customer Orders

Emily provides a glimpse into her order management process, showing how she organizes and packages the prints for her customers.

Organizing Prints

Her love for organizing and packaging orders is evident. She reflects her passion for art in every aspect of her work.

Packaging Postcard Sets

Emily takes us through the process of packaging a full set of postcards with her signature attention to detail and personal touch.

Artistic Process: Friday's Pet Portrait

Emily presents her creative journey during the week, featuring a pet portrait of a dog. She discusses her unique approach to painting fur and eyes and her careful selection of backgrounds.

Painting Fur and Eyes

Emily's artistic process is rich in detail. She explains her approach to painting fur and eyes, offering valuable insights for aspiring artists.

Choosing Backgrounds

Emily's explanation of the background selection process showcases her dedication to creating personalized and meaningful artwork.

Last Pet Portrait Before Uni

Emily talks about her impending move to university and sets a deadline for pet portrait orders. She also discusses her plans to take a brief video break.

Pet Portrait Deadline

Emily sets a clear deadline for pet portrait orders, ensuring she can fulfill them before starting her university journey.

Taking a Video Break

Emily's honesty about needing a break from creating videos demonstrates her commitment to producing high-quality content for her audience.


In the final section, Emily recaps the highlights of her artistic week and hints at future updates and engagement with her audience.

Recap of the Artistic Week

Emily summarizes her week, taking her viewers on a journey of creativity and passion.

Future Updates and Engagement

She looks ahead to future videos and plans to engage with her audience, maintaining the connection she values.


Q: How can I commission a pet portrait from Emily? A: To commission a pet portrait from Emily, you can visit her Etsy shop called "Art with Em." Choose a portrait option, and Emily will guide you through the process.

Q: What art materials does Emily use for her pet portraits? A: Emily primarily uses watercolors for the pet portraits and adds acrylic backgrounds. She discusses her technique for achieving the desired effect.

Q: How can I purchase Emily's art prints? A: You can purchase Emily's art prints through her Etsy shop. She offers various prints, including postcard sets, landscapes, and unique artworks.

Q: Will Emily be making more videos showcasing her art projects in the future? A: Emily hints at future videos where she plans to showcase all her work from her foundation studies. She is committed to sharing her artistic journey with her audience.

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