Discover Trending Tags on Etsy! Boost Your Sales Today.

Discover Trending Tags on Etsy! Boost Your Sales Today.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Trends on e-rank for June
  3. Father's Day gift
  4. Stickers
  5. Handmade gift
  6. Minimalist
  7. Wall art
  8. Minimalist Decor
  9. Minimalist Jewelry
  10. Minimalist Wallet
  11. Minimalist Wedding
  12. Minimalist Resume
  13. Conclusion

Article: Uncovering the Latest Trending Keywords on e-rank


As the calendar flips to a new month, it's time to delve into the latest data on e-rank and uncover the trending keywords for July. By analyzing the popular keywords and search trends, we can gain insights and discover new opportunities for our Etsy businesses. So, let's dive right in and explore this month's steal-worthy keywords.

Trends on e-rank for June

To begin our search for trending keywords, we'll start by examining the data from June, the previous month. By looking at the keywords that were popular during this period, we can get an idea of what items were in high demand and what trends are emerging.

  1. Father's Day gift

As expected, Father's Day gift keywords spiked in search volume during May and June, aligning with the celebration of this special day. While it is too late to capitalize on this trend for this year, it's worth noting that Etsy shoppers do seek out Father's Day gifts. Consider incorporating this category into your future product planning to cater to this annual event.

  1. Stickers

The popularity of stickers on Etsy has been consistently high, making it a lucrative product category to explore. People love buying stickers as a fun way to personalize their belongings and show support for artists. Additionally, stickers can be sold not only on Etsy but also on other platforms like Redbubble. So if you're considering expanding your product offerings, stickers could be a viable option.

  1. Handmade gift

The demand for handmade gifts remains strong, with the keyword "handmade gift" consistently ranking high in search volume. This trend started in November and has continued to gain traction. It seems that shoppers on Etsy are interested in finding unique, personalized gifts that are crafted with care. Consider exploring various handmade gift options that align with your skills and creativity.

  1. Minimalist

The term "minimalist" has been a trending keyword for a few months now. While the search volume for this keyword has experienced a slight decline, it still garners a considerable number of monthly searches. The minimalist aesthetic is highly popular among Etsy shoppers, showcasing their affinity for clean, simplistic designs. If your products can be categorized as minimalist, such as minimalist wall art or minimalist furniture, there is a potential market for them.

  1. Wall art

Minimalist wall art, in particular, has caught the attention of Etsy shoppers. This suggests a strong demand for wall decor that embodies a minimalist style. Combining the concepts of minimalism and wall art can be a creative approach to cater to this trend. Explore different art styles that complement minimalism to stand out from the competition.

  1. Minimalist Decor

Expanding further on the minimalist trend, minimalist decor emerges as a popular category. While competition may be high in this segment, focusing on smaller items that can be used in a bedroom or other living spaces could offer opportunities. Consider creating unique minimalist decor pieces that align with current design preferences.

  1. Minimalist Jewelry

Jewelry enthusiasts are also drawn to minimalist designs. Minimalist jewelry is a sought-after category that continues to attract attention. If you're a jewelry maker, consider incorporating minimalist styles and exploring variations such as clip-on earrings. This additional option could cater to a wider audience, including those without pierced ears.

  1. Minimalist Wallet

A surprising trend within the minimalist theme is the demand for minimalist wallets. These compact and sleek wallets, often designed for easy card storage, have gained popularity. If you're skilled in leatherwork, woodworking, or metalworking, creating minimalist wallets could tap into this trend. However, be wary of copyright restrictions if incorporating the term "minimalist wallet" into product keywords.

  1. Minimalist Wedding

Weddings with a minimalist theme have become increasingly popular. Couples are opting for sleek, elegant designs and minimalistic decorations for their special day. While the wedding market is competitive, narrowing down your focus to minimalist wedding products could present opportunities. Explore wedding invitations, templates, decorations, and signs that embody the minimalist aesthetic.

  1. Minimalist Resume

With the job market back in full swing, job seekers are looking for ways to stand out. A growing trend is the demand for minimalist resumes. While the search volume for this keyword may not be very high, the competition is relatively low. If you have design skills or offer digital templates, consider creating eye-catching minimalist resume templates to cater to this audience.


By analyzing the trends and popular keywords on e-rank, we can gain valuable insights into the current market demand on Etsy. Whether it's exploring popular categories like stickers and handmade gifts or diving into the minimalist trend with products such as minimalist wall art and jewelry, there are opportunities to capitalize on consumer preferences. Remember to consider the competition and search volumes to find the sweet spot that aligns with your skills and creativity. Stay tuned for next month's trends and happy selling!


  • July trends on e-rank offer valuable insights into market demand on Etsy.
  • Stickers remain popular, providing opportunities for artists and designers.
  • Handmade gifts continue to be sought after by shoppers for their uniqueness.
  • Minimalist products, including wall art and jewelry, appeal to Etsy's audience.
  • Exploring niche markets like minimalist weddings and resumes can lead to success.


Q: How can I capitalize on the minimalist trend? A: Consider creating minimalist products such as wall art, jewelry, or decor that align with current design preferences. Additionally, explore variations like clip-on earrings or minimalist wallets to cater to different preferences and needs.

Q: Are stickers a profitable product category on Etsy? A: Yes, stickers are popular among Etsy shoppers as they offer a fun and affordable way to personalize belongings. Additionally, consider selling stickers on other platforms like Redbubble to expand your reach.

Q: Can I use the term "minimalist wallet" as a keyword? A: Be cautious when using trademarked terms or brand names. It's important to ensure that your product keywords do not infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks.

Q: Is there a market for minimalist wedding products? A: Yes, there is a growing demand for minimalist-themed weddings. Couples are opting for sleek and elegant designs, presenting opportunities for products such as invitations, decorations, and signs that embody the minimalist aesthetic.

Q: How can I stand out in a competitive market? A: To stand out in a competitive market, focus on unique and high-quality products that offer something different to customers. Explore niche markets within popular categories and find the balance between meeting market demand and showcasing your creativity.

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